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Biblical Inner Healing

F. Earle Fox

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This access to Biblical Inner Healing is put here for Crusade for Life members interested in, or engaged in, pro-life counseling of persons who have been traumatized by their experiences with abortion. 

That could include women who have had abortions, men who have participated in them, doctors, nurses who have participated in them, even survivors of an attempted abortion.

In one case, a woman had nightmares of red clouds swirling around her.  In her mother's womb, an abortionist had attempted to kill both her and her twin brother.  The brother was killed, but the girl survive in a bloody birth.  It turned out that the red clouds was the blood swirling around her as her brother was cut to pieces next to her.  Something in her infant spirit sensed the deadly, nightmarish danger and desperately panicked.  That panic continued to control her life later on. 

But with the help of a counselor, we can walk back with Jesus into such memories, who will show that He can be one's savior right in the midst of the most horrendous of circumstances. 

That is called "the healing of memories".  Memories which we have pressed down and hidden from our consciousness nevertheless leak up and poison our lives.  Only if we can give those memories into the hands of God can they be fully healed, and we be set free to be the children of God which God has in mind. 

Biblical Inner Healing is about that process. 

The chapters most relevant would be I, II, III, and V.  But the rest all adds to the fullness of one's understanding of the extraordinary power which God has to touch us at our deepest levels. 

Inner Healing (despite the length of the book...) is quite simple, even children can pick it up.  "Mommy, I had a bad dream...."   "Well, what if Jesus came into the dream....?"   That sets the stage.  Children understand often more readily than adults because children are still close to their imaginations.  Too many adults have had any trust in their imaginations drummed out of them by a secular, depersonalized understanding of reality.  We must put our imaginations into the hands of God just as we must put our minds, wills, and bodies there.  We do that partly by learning how to imagine the truth of the Gospel, the presence of God, in our particular circumstances. 

The healing of memories ought to be standard teaching in every family and every church, another standard aspect of the Biblical spiritual life. 

Biblical Inner Healing can be purchased at www.emmausmall.org in the Printed Materials section.

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Date Posted - 07/06/2011   -   Date Last Edited - 09/27/2012