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Dialogue in Darkness
("Dialogue to Consensus")

Scientific Debate?
("Dialogue to Truth")

Dialogue in Darkness  or  Scientific Debate
is now available in booklet form from Emmaus Ministries at $6.75 post paid in USA. 
Emmaus Ministries page for contact information.   

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I wrote this booklet leading up to the 1994 triennial Episcopal General Convention in Indianapolis, at which sexuality issues were rampant. 

The Episcopal Church had sold its soul to the homosexual agenda, a part of the larger collapse into pseudo-liberalism (liberalism which does not liberate with truth, only wants to feel good).  Prior to the convention, I had been asked to do a conference at a church in Midland, Texas, which wanted to know how to handle the issues.  The subject was how to handle "dialogue to consensus" (vs. dialogue to truth).  Dialogue to consensus is in fact dialogue in darkness.  The aim is to get agreement that we are all "together", but truth is factored out of the discussion (see booklet), and the goal is simply to be united in our good feelings of (a pseudo-) togetherness, not in the truth. 

That is a prescription for disaster and mind-control.  (See "The Other Education".)

The material in this book was a large part of what I presented at that Midland, TX, conference.  I had been presenting this material as I had developed it since 1987 at each General Convention, but to no avail.  Not because the pseudo-liberals (who do not liberate anyone) would not listen to me, but because the pseudo-conservatives (who could not conserve anything) were either stubbornly ignorant, pathologically polite, or cowardly, and would not take on the opposition. 

At no point in the last half century (at least...) have allegedly conservative, orthodox leaders had an offensive strategy.  As Napoleon observed, the logical end of defensive warfare is surrender. 

That is exactly what has happened to the Episcopal Church (I am writing now in June 2008).  Churches are leaving right and left, partly because the situation has indeed become intolerable if you are raising children, but even more, they are leaving because they do not want to, or do not know how to, fight the battle before us. 

They want to get away from it all -- because it looks like a hopeless cause.  It has been hopeless because we have not obeyed God -- not only in sexuality, but even more importantly, in matters of truth-seeking, i.e., honest science and honest theology.   

This book was written to help remedy the almost total lack of leadership in forming an offensive strategy based on truth-seeking rather than "dialogue to consensus" or "position-defending".  Orthodox Christians are in a very winnable war because we have all the live ammunition -- logically and empirically demonstrable truth, but our side is not shooting.  It does not know how to handle logical or empirical (i.e., scientific) evidence, and sadly in most cases does not want to find out how.  The other side is shooting, but it has only blank ammunition -- lies and deceit and ignorance.  But all the racket scares our side half to death.

Until we learn how to reunite both reason with revelation and truth with compassion, we can plan on continuing to lose the sexuality battles.  Science is not the enemy of Christians, it is a gift from God to sharpen the Sword of the Spirit, but we have rejected it and are therefore left to wandering in the desert. 

For a much more extended discussion of uniting reason with revelation and truth with compassion, see Winning the Sex & Gender Wars...

The (currently) winning pseudo-liberal folks do not know how to discern truth or prove their case any more than the losing conservatives, but they are much better at pretending -- mostly at pretending to hold the moral high ground.  In this case, "pretending" is the same as "lying". 

When truth-seekers on both sides of the fences decide that truth is more important than feeling good, personal comfort, or tradition, that we need to pick up our crosses daily and follow Jesus (give up our right to "be right", and let truth and the Lord of truth speak for themselves), we will indeed begin again to win the battle for sexual sanity. 

The booklet is available in the Shopping Mall

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Dialogue in Darkness  or  Scientific Debate
is now available in booklet form from Emmaus Ministries at $6.75 post paid in USA. 

Emmaus Ministries page for contact information.   

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