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Gender in God
(was Psychology, Salvation,
& the Ordination of Women)
(Shopping Mall)

Ordination of Women-Theology       

To the modern ear, the suggestion of a male-only priesthood seems bizarre and outlandish.  But modernism has produced many problems, and the blurring of gender roles is one of the most serious of those.  Below is a discussion on the issues or the relation between spiritual authority and spiritual power. 

**Gender in God    -   by Earle Fox   --   contains a concise explanation of how we are made in the Image of God -- male and female, of the relation between "sex" and "gender", and why only men should be ordained to be clergy.  

The booklet, Gender in God, is available from Emmaus Ministries.  See Old Shopping Mall

For a fuller treatment, listen to the audio tape, Man and Woman in the Image of God, available in the Old Shopping Mall 

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Date Posted -  09/17/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 05/21/2013