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Law & Grace in Imago Dei
An Invitation to a Wedding

The Foundations a Theology of Atonement
& thus for
Moral & Political Order

- an Essay on the Power & Sovereignty of our Triune God -

See also, Original Sin, Atonement

F. Earle Fox


(L&G)--- is now (11/16/09) posted online (pdf format).  The text is available (approx. 210 pages).  Index and some formatting remain to be finished.   Also the study guides.  When finished, it will be available for sale at www.EmmausMall.org.  You can read it here online until it is published -- after which there will be only selected sample pages available.   

Two articles written long ago, Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love'  and Biblical Theology & Pelagianism, are now combined into Law & Grace.....   These two articles, published in The Journal of Religion in the 1950's become now Law & Grace in Imago Dei - an Invitation to a Wedding.  

[You will see notes to myself and red change bars in the margins (indicating recent changes in the text).  They will all disappear as formatting, etc., get finished. 

Comments regarding unclear passages would be welcomed (embus@theroadtoemmaus.org ).] 

Law & Grace in Imago Dei is built on the foundation of the cosmological argument for God (see Personality, Empiricism, & God), and is the theological foundation for a coming book, The Theology of Civil Government: Why Government Logically Requires God

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Preface - an introduction to the logically necessary connection (1) between moral and theological issues,
and (2) between personal salvation and the public arena.

Part I - Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love'  --  The logical case for saying that all moral and ethical language is based on the law of God, our purpose for existence -- which only a Creator can give. 

Only if we understand these foundations of moral language can we adequately deal with the theological debates over grace and freewill, the heart of the Pelagianism debate. 

Discerning the difference between the "good" and the "right" in resolving many apparent contradictions and inconsistencies in ethics. 

 Part II - Biblical Theology & Pelagianism --  on the Augustinian-Pelagian Debate concerning freewill vs. grace, and the sovereignty of God. 

     A study of the Bible, Greek Philosophy, Augustine, Pelagius, William of Occam, Thomas Aquinas, and Martin Luther -- on the issues of grace and freewill, the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the sovereignty of God.   Contrary to most of Christian history, these categories are in no sense opposed, but work seamlessly together as the law and grace of God.  Getting these notions logically together should be a sizeable boon to the publicly perceived intellectual integrity of the Christian faith. 

Part III - Hieros Gamos: the Wedding of Law & Grace  -- ('Hieros Gamos' means 'Sacred Marriage') -- on the moral, social, and political fallout of the demise of the Biblical worldview, leading to the failure of Biblical government and the secular/pagan takeover of the public arena.  This was due mostly to Christian inability to explain the law of God, and hence the rise of "positivist" law beginning in the middle 1800's.  Personal salvation is the foundation for political integrity in the public arena.  Biblical government has been effectively destroyed in America because Christians lost their ability to reasonably explain personal salvation, which is the necessary foundation of cultural and political salvation.  The theological foundations of Biblical thinking must be restored so that the Biblical understanding of salvation can again become the foundation for a sane public arena. 

See also, Personality, Empiricism, & God, Vol. I of A Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei for the cosmological foundations for the above -- the cosmological argument for the existence of God. 

Law & Grace - a Wedding -  Sermon on law and grace.

The Theology of Civil Government  is a coming sequel to The Law & the Grace of God, putting L&G into practical terms, live government issues. 

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