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Man & Woman in the Image of God

For background to Man & Woman in the Image of God, see Yahweh or the Great Mother? 
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An audio tape (with VHS/DVD on the way) is available now.  This is the foundation of Biblical sexuality, rooted right in the creation story.  We are made in the Image of God, male and female.  That leads to some astonishing realities, about which the Judeo-Christian community is largely ignorant, but when discovered, will change the whole landscape of sexuality discussion. 

Check back occasionally to see if credit card capable Shopping Mall has this available yet.  Or order by mail from The Road to Emmaus


___MAN & WOMAN in the IMAGE OF GOD (Video or audio, 1 hr 45 min,  2 segments) Dr. Fox on the Biblical view of sex and gender relations.  Building on Yahweh or the Great Mother? in the Worldview library, the material explains the effects of Genesis 1:26-28 (being made in the Image of God, male and female...) on the whole range of sexuality issues.  The impact is enormous, giving the wherewithall to mount an offensive to retake sexuality issues back into Godly sanity. 

       (VCR video $22, audio $8 post paid).

     NOTE: videos being remastered and not currently available.)


Relevant Articles  --  See also the Sexuality Libraries

** Sex and Gender in California -- If you think this is not radical warfare against the Biblical point of view, you had better go back to grade school and learn all over again how to think.  Learn the Biblical way out of this horrendously destructive mess. 
            The explanation by Bruce Shortt pulls the evil out of the woodwork to be exposed to the light of day.  The language is cleverly disguised to look sleepy and innocuous.  They are good at what they do.  Too bad that what they do is evil.  Deliberate systematic deceit is always evil, and always leads in the end to one's own destruction.     E. Fox  

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