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a Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei
Vol. I:
Personality, Empiricism, & God (PEG)
the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God
as the Metaphysical Bedrock of all Empirical Science

F. Earle Fox

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Volume I of A Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei is close to being published,
Personality, Empiricism, & God (PEG). 

It is the first part of my D. Phil. thesis at Oxford U. in 1964.  Hard to believe that 45 tumultuous years have transpired since then.  But the text is now revised and available online here.  It will be available for reading until publication date sometime hopefully late 2013 or early 2014, after which only select sample pages will be available.  So read it while you can.

 The book should be useable by any well-educated high school graduate.  Well, OK, ...with some steady persistence and determination.   

  After finishing Law & Grace in Imago Dei there remains in PEG only to complete an index, study guides, and then on to publication.     

 The 3-volume set is called A Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei... because I am saying that the basic entities of the cosmos are not things, not atoms, quarks, or strings, but persons.  That is defendable ontological fact, not religious fluff.  The course of philosophy from Plato on has made this conclusion inevitable -- believe it or not (read it and see...).  God is the Great Philosopher in the sky, and, like anything else, when we do philosophy His way, it works.  And when we don't, it doesn't.  We can, for example, solve Socrates' problem of "the meaning of man" (see Law & Grace, the appendix to Part I on Greek philosophy).  

 The source of the cosmos is God, who is the Person of all persons.  And we lesser, created persons, so far as we know, are His chief creation.  God, the Creator, is, of course, what is given by Genesis 1:1 ff, that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and then us.   

 The whole cosmos is thus designed for habitation by persons who form the community which God is building, the Kingdom of Heaven (see Isaiah 45:18-19).  The creation is here for persons.  Ironically, or perhaps one should say, expectedly and predictably, secular scientists have had to propose the "anthropic" principle, that the universe appears to be designed for human habitation (because the incredibly finely tuned cosmos fits that purpose).  Most of them do not want to speculate about the identity of the Designer, fearing that might just seduce them back into that dreaded "religion" stuff.  But the only logical candidate available is the God of the Bible.   

 My aim is to show
(1) that the cosmological argument for God is stabile, compelling, and is the reliable philosophical/metaphysical answer to secularized chance, random evolution as the explanation for the cosmos -- complementing and supporting the work of the Intelligent Design community which is working on the empirical evidence

(2) that the Biblical worldview is logically consistent, and perhaps the only logically consistent worldview there is;

(3) that science (though usable by anyone) was given to us by God specifically to arm Judeo-Christians in their intellectual, moral, and spiritual warfare against forces of deception and evil;  and

(4) that the personal nature of the Biblical worldview makes a stunningly human-friendly picture, especially when teamed up with the Gospel which emerges out of the tough-love judgement which the Creator has for His creation. 

    Volume II, The Substance of Science & Epistemology will take the principles of Vol. I and apply them in Part I of Vol. III (The Substance of Natural Science), to subjects such as small particles, relativity, quantum mechanics, and evolution.  Then in Part II of Vol. III, (The Substance of Epistemology), we apply Vol. I to the issues of how we know what we know, and the inherently symbiotic relationship between faith and reason -- neither one of which will survive without the other.
   Volume III, Yahweh or the Great Mother?, will carry on the principles of Volume I into theology and philosophy, including the Biblical vs. pagan worldviews and anthropology, and the Biblical notions of atonement and salvation. 

        The Road to Emmaus Website is beginning to take on its originally intended shape to provide substantial resources for Christian apologetics in our Western World of coming collapse.  Western Christendom has already nearly collapsed, which means we are headed into serious disarray politically, economically, and spiritually.   

        The overt anti-Christian stance of the Obama administration is a sign that the Globalists believe they already have sufficient control (through education and media) of the American mind and so are coming out into the open, and that Christians are incompetent to mount a resistance, let alone an offensive.  To judge by the state of the institutional Church (the Church Debilitated), they can make a good case.   

        But -- they know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.  They have no awareness of the Church Militant which God is re-building.  They are oblivious to the fact that the power of God to renew all things comes from a level far below that which they can even touch (sadly, so are most Christians, but that is slowly changing).  There is nothing, I think, that the opposition can do to stop an intellectually, morally, and spiritually healthy Church.  But it may take decades, even centuries, to rebuild what our Christian ancestors once built for us. 

        We are working on a page to show how to use the Road in a systematic way to begin to lay for yourself a foundation upon which you can reach out to those about you with consistent and compelling responses, and how you can take the offensive -- force the opposition to respond.     

        We Christians must learn how to take the Good News, intellectually, morally, and spiritually, into the camp of the opposition.  No compromise of truth and no dilution of love, with reason and revelation wedded.  It can be done.  And when we begin to do so, the whole landscape of Western Civ. and of the world will change.  There will be stunning clarity, which will bring enormous conflict.  That is the road ahead for the people of God.

The largely Calvinist-Reformation theology which dominated and inspired the American colonies and revolution was beginning to wane by the end of the 1700's, collapsed during the 1800's.  Christian faith was thrashed during the 1900's.  A primary task today is the rewriting of Biblical theology so that it can stand toe to toe with modernism and post-modernism, with intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility.  That is our aim here at the Road to Emmaus.  

That can be done by mining Scripture itself, not by compromising to conform to the norms of secularism or neo-paganism.  If we do not accomplish this task, we Christians can count on remaining in the backwaters of Western Civ.... as it collapses into oblivion.  PEG is about undergirding the effort to rebuild the intellectual credibility of Christians. 

Personality, Empiricism, & God (PEG) was my D. Phil. thesis at Oxford University on the relation between science and theology (1964).  It has sat on the shelf for over 40 years, but that may have been the Lord's plan, because it now puts PEG right in the thick of the Intelligent Design (ID) versus Evolution debate.  


 To the right is a picture of the Rt. Rev. Ian T. Ramsey, who became bishop of Durham after I left Oxford in 1964.  It was he, as Nolloth Professor of Theology, who guided me through my D. Phil. efforts at Oriel College, Oxford, probably the only person alive who could have done what he did for me.  Deo Gratia!  This picture was no doubt taken shortly after he was consecrated bishop.  He died not long after in 1972. 
(Visit Wikipedia at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Ramsey for his history.) 

Visit here for the Ian Ramsey Center for Science & Religion at Oxford University.

  Click here for preview of the emerging PEG --  The text of Vol. I is essentially finished along with study guides at the end of each chapter. 

Index is unfinished.  Typos, etc., will be taken care of.  But I would appreciate the reader's letting me know if the text is unclear, or other suggestions which might help readers.  Contact me at embus@theroadtoemmaus.org

      PEG will be very relevant to the evolution debate because it shows the logically necessary theological undergirding of all natural science (well, I, at least, think it does).   No God, no science -- or more accurately -- no Biblical God, no adequate explanation for why science works.  That is true historically as well as logically.    

     PEG (in Vols. I and II) will provide the foundation for Vol. III of A Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei, namely, Yahweh or the Great Mother? -- on the two basic competing worldviews -- Biblical versus secular/pagan. 

[PEG is in pdf format.  If you need the free Adobe pdf reader, go to www.adobe.com, and click on the appropriate box.] 


Some interesting Side Lights -- 

          The BioCentric Universe Theory --  Refers to Geo. Berkeley, and issues in Personality, Empiricism, & God

          Biocentrism: How Life Creates the Universe --  Robert Lanza and Bob Berman -- attempting to find the secret of the cosmos in biology rather than God.  Can they do it?  Compare with PEG. which tries to answer many of the same questions. 

         The Dawkins Confusion --  In Christianity Today, Alvin Plantinga takes on Richard Dawkins -- two well-known and very capable philosopher/scientists types who disagree completely on the "God" question.    
       This is an super assessment of Dawkins' passion against God, and of some issues involved in the Intelligent Design vs. Evolution debate. 
        As the above notes, I am in the midst of revising my doctoral thesis at Oxford granted almost 50 years ago, on the relation between science & theology, in which I show (I think) that empirical science, as a logical fact, could not have arisen in any but a Biblical culture. 

    Common Sense Science -- a newly emerging challenge to the astonishing collapse of secularized (now paganized) science.  See especially David

Personality, Empiricism, & God is relevant to the conflict between Evolution and Intelligent Design, and will, I think, help clarify many of the metaphysical issues.    
        For the same theme from a superb sociologist, read Rodney Stark's The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, & Western Success.   Also his For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch Hunts, and the End of Slavery.     E. Fox  

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