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Winning the Sex and Gender Wars
with Truth and Compassion 
 at http://theRoadToEmmaus.Org

Strategy for Turning the Homosexuality Tide -- on Brochure Page
html or pdf (1-sheet, 2-page) -- copy & distribute to your friends, clergy, politicians, educators, study groups.

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#1 Bring this Seminar to

Your Church

"The Biblical Agenda              
      for Human Sexuality
                        in the Image of God"
- a Seminar -
a story
of gender & sex
you would be proud to tell your children

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#2 Read these four books:

                                  Book #1

                  Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? 
                           the Wedding of Truth to Compassion & Reason to Revelation
                                    -- by Earle Fox & David Virtue --

(Paperback - 550 pp.) perhaps the only resource with a comprehensive, Biblical, and scientifically sound strategy for winning the sexuality debates in the public arena.  Your one-stop resource for dealing with homosexual issues.   When truth wins, everybody wins.....
Details and Bulk Discount page.

 -- Christian apologetics in the trenches...    

See David Virtue's Virtuosity website at
and sign up for his email Anglican newsletter

Book #2

Dialogue in Darkness - or - Scientific Debate?

         (Booklet 60 pp.)   An in-depth investigation of the strategy and mind-control techniques used by homosexual activists and others promoting the sex revolution, in public education, and in the Church.  Excellent complement to Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?
(Call Emmaus Ministries for bulk prices.)

Book #3

Biblical Sexuality & the Battle for Science

        (Paperback 208 pp.) Basic text on dealing with the "new morality", homosexuality, "inclusiveness", science and religion, pluralism, sex and gender roles, the extraordinary failure of Kinseyan sexology, and many other issues. ($5.00.  See Bulk Discount page.  Excellent for study groups who want to dig into the issues.)                             

Book #4

Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women
a study on Gender Roles

        (Booklet 32 pp.)   Based on the Biblical worldview and Genesis 1:26-28, examines the necessary and built-in "space" relationship between masculine and feminine, male and female, father and mother, husband and wife - for the raising up of children for God.  The study looks then at gender in creation and in God, at the need for separate and distinct gender roles, the a-symmetry and complementarity of masculine authority and feminine power, two kinds of mothering, and the archetypal feminine role.  Such a description may look imposing, but the reality is quite down to earth and common-sense.   

More book details in the Shopping Mall Gender & Sex section
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