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Yahweh or the Great Mother?

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A book by this title will become the foundation of most of the theology expressed on the Road to Emmaus.  Coming soon (hopefully in 2013).  Some video resources will be available shortly.  See below also on Video presentation

There are only (when all is said and done) two ways to look at life: the Biblical way and the "other" way, as my college prof., Edmund Cherbonnier (see picture), used to tell us.  He claimed that the Biblical way is the only logically consistent worldview there is.  All others fall somewhere into contradiction.   Yahweh or the Great Mother? will elucidate that theme.  (See also the Philosophy Library where I develop my D. Phil. thesis, Personality, Empiricism, and God (PEG).) 

For some of Cherbonnier's writings,
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Our failure to hold onto our Biblical worldview beginning soon after the "rise of science", culminating in our collapse under the weight of the theory of evolution, ended the long decaying dominance of Christianity in the West. 

But Western Civ. is essentially Christian Civ.  It may take a long time, but it will be restored.   We have entered a new Dark Age, adequately symbolized by the recent collapse of the Episcopal Church into pansexualism.  That, too, will change.  The orthodox Church will again be raised up by the living God to an intelligent, graceful witness.  God owns the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground (all three), and is inviting the rest of us to stand there with Him.     E. Fox

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