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Copyright Information


Materials posted on the ROAD to EMMAUS==>> web site by outside authors are the property of the author of that particular page unless they already belong in the public domain or are clearly quoted from other sources. The standard rules and courtesies of intellectual property and copyright apply. Unless clearly meant to be copied or otherwise indicated on the page by the author, permission must be obtained from the author to copy.

Materials posted by Earle Fox or Emmaus Ministries on the ROAD to EMMAUS==>> are copyrighted (usually, but not always, indicated at the end of the page), but they may be copied (as follows, unless otherwise stated) if proper credit is given (see below).

Unless otherwise noted in the article, single copies of materials by Earle Fox or Emmaus Ministries may be made for personal use only.  They are be duplicated and distributed for study groups and similar events, so long as the url source of the item is clearly shown.  

The following notice should be appended to articles and items other than short quotes:

"Copyright <date (if available)><author> 
From:  http://theRoadtoEmmaus.org... [with full url included]

References, footnotes, endnotes, etc., must be included. 
    Alterations of any kind are not permitted.
    Serialization (running long articles in parts) is permitted, so long at the whole length of the article is complete and available in a reasonable length of time.
    No items may be offered for sale, or included with items offered for sale without written permission.
    Items may be posted on other websites so long as the item is marked with its url link and proper credits given.


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