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WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY?   Philosophy is related to theology, and sometimes goes under the name of "natural theology" (as against "revealed theology").   Natural theology (as we are using the term) is the study of what we can know without God telling us -- such as what we might discern about God from the study of His creation.  Revealed theology is the study of what we can know only if God tells us, such as His will concerning things.    Read more....






Intelligent Design

See also Apologetics in the Public Arena Library

For Evolution/Creation issues, see Science  and Intelligent Design libraries.         

Miscellaneous Items

** Personality, Empiricism, & God -- on the metaphysical (Biblical) foundations of empirical science. 

** Definition of 'Science'  --  the underlying issue of the Intelligent Design debate -- & without which there can be no resolution. 

** A Brief History of Religion vs. Science --  on the Science Page  E. Fox 

Socrates, Dying, & Truth-Seeking

Anthony Flew, world-class philosophical atheist, becomes deist -- an interview with Gary Habermas. 

Aldous Huxley lets the cat out of the bag....  Philosopher Huxley gives his reasons (political & sexual license) for denying the existence of God and thus of moral meaning in the universe.  

A Free Man's Worship -- Bertrand Russell -- his testimony to his own atheism and faith in himself.  

The Problem of the One and the Many -- R. J. Rushdoony --  uses the Trinity as a gateway and a solution for the discussion. 


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