What is Philosophy?
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Secular philosophy tries to study things without relating them to theology or God.  One can study any of them without referring directly to God, although (I would claim), one cannot get very far past the front door in any of them without being confronted with the "God" issue.   

Leaving God out of the picture leaves non-believers (both secular and pagan) only one option -- some form of evolution out of a pre-existing, unformed substance, the only alternative to the Biblical doctrine of creation.  That means the cosmos is essentially impersonal, and that persons are only accidents in the cosmic flow -- accidents trying to take charge of the chaos around us. 

Pursuit of this impersonal worldview has led us down the track from secular materialism, or "modernism", into the even deeper black hole of post-modernism, a trackless, uncharted wasteland (and unchartable -- how do you chart "relative" truth?). 

The only hope for the survival of a rational and free society is the recovery of our Biblical heritage.  But that means going back many centuries to correct the wrong path Christians ventured down by implicitly adopting the Greek view of philosophy -- that the cosmos is essentially impersonal, not personal.   The Bible begins with precisely the opposite assumption -- in the beginning, God, not in the beginning an unformed substance.   

The Biblical doctrine of creation is continental divide between the Biblical and non-Biblical way of understanding life.  Can we, then, show how the Biblical beginning point is the only rational one of the two?  That is our task. 

The task appears daunting because we have spent nearly 20 centuries fruitlessly pursuing the Greek model, wandering down empty rabbit trails on all the main issues.  The cosmos, in the Biblical model, has all the same stunning clarity and precision we are finding in the natural sciences -- making the secular evolution model absolutely and without remainder -- irrational.   There are already many resources "out there" spelling this out, and we will be gathering (or pointing to) them for your perusal.    E. Fox

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