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"He commits high treason against the faith who fears the results of any investigation,"
Frederick Temple, a 19th century scholar and the father of the great William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury.

If the primary commandment behind all others is, "Thou shalt be a truth-seeker" (because without that, no moral or spiritual, or scientific task can succeed), then epistemology is a necessary study for all of us because we need to know how to find the truth.  

Epistemology (e-pis-te-mo-lo-gy -- yes, sorry, six syllables long), is the study of "how we know what we know", or at least what we think we know.   It is a fairly abstract subject, but it need not be as esoteric as sometimes made out to be.  Most of it is common sense.   Actually it is not an abstract subject (except when you get into the philosophy of it - as in this Library).  Children know what you mean when you ask, "How do you now that....?"    (Read more...)

The Epistemology Library is logically tied to the Science Library (see also definition of 'science') because science (from the Latin 'scio' = 'I know', is about how to find out the truth about a given area (physics, chemistry, history, logic, mathematics, theology, etc.).  Science (as understood and practiced in Western culture) is an intellectual and moral discipline for finding the truth. 

For Evolution/Creation issues, see Science and Intelligent Design Libraries
See also Apologetics Library, "Truth is the strategy"  section

** Truth-seeking before Position-defending --

        ** Putting Truth ahead of God ---   Heresy???   Not according to God. 

        ** Truth-Seeking before Position-Defending -  Only truth sets us free.  

** The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age --  On the Meaning of 'Faith'  -  the Biblical answer to the
       Epistemological problem.  
For a first glimpse of a definition of 'faith' and a version of "infallibility" which
        can stand up with credibility, see  especially Part A, "The Faithful Bible" and Part E, "The Infallible Bible".    
Or, see Chapter I, "The Way, the Truth, & the Life -- How do We Know?" in
        Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?   Sample pages and study guide available online. 

** What is "Science"???  --  E. Fox 

** The Two Basic Laws of all Science - Non-Contradiction & Sufficient Cause.   [On its way...]

** What is Philosophy?   

** What is Truth?  -  the definition of 'truth' 

** What is Truth? and How do we Know It? <-Audio.  The Vital Question facing Judeo-Christians today.  Sermon  Printed Version.  Sept. 11, 2011. 

** Putting Truth ahead of God  -- becoming truth-seekers rather than position-defenders.    E. Fox

** What is Faith?  -  the definition of 'faith'   

** Faith vs. Reason - a talk at Biola University conference on Intelligent Design

** How Do We Know the Truth About God?

** Infallibility & Intellectual Integrity...  E. Fox 

** A Brief History of Religion vs. Science --  on the Science Page  E. Fox 

** Spiritual Warfare in our Pseudo-Scientific Culture  -  A Day with the Clergy in Episcopal Diocese of Quincy -- 

** Critique of the Bush 2004 re-election -- and a look ahead -- E. Fox

** St. Paul & the Bible on Truth....     on Putting Truth ahead of God.....  YES!    Commentary by E. Fox 

** Islam, Epistemology, & the Koran -- analyzing the epistemology of Islam.  How does Islam know what it knows about God?   E. Fox 

** The Virtue of Faith <- Audio Version --  Printed Version.   Sermon at St. Luke's REC Church, Santa Ana, CA, Lent II, Feb. 28, 2010.   Why faith is not arbitrary, and is the foundation of science, not the enemy of it.    E. Fox 

** Four Levels of Unity - & the Way There...   Knowing the truth.  How Christians can unite with each other and with non-believers, and to what extent...   E. Fox 

** ...the Time of Thy Visitation - & Believing from the inside-out  <-Audio.  Printed Version.  The tragedy of not knowing the day of your visitation by the Lord, and the two ways we can know that day.  Sermon E. Fox.  August 28,2011 

** Jesus, Miracles, & Reason <- Audio Printed Version.  Are miracles real?  Are they rational?  Yes, and Yes.  E. Fox Sermon -  Oct. 9, 2011  

** Incarnation - Christmas: Making God Imaginable  (no audio)  Printed Version  Why is God so hard to imagine?  What does God do to overcome that problem?   Advent IV - Dec. 20, 2009

Common Sense Science -- an astonishing article by David Bergman ("Conflict of Atomism and Creation Science in History") on how secular science is intellectually collapsing (and has been for half a century), and how the Biblical worldview is totally compatible with science.    
      This has been my message for 40 years -- that the science is inherently and inevitably Biblical.  It arose out of the Biblical mindset, focusing on the world of time and space, not on the Hellenic world of Ideas and Abstractions.  And, yes, it was greatly aided by the Hellenic gift for abstract thinking.  But the abstract nature of its worldview (and/or downgrading the empirical world) prevented science from being developed by the Greeks or Romans. 

The Misery of Diversity -- by Ilana Mercer -- Worldnet Daily  --  "When an academic discovers what ordinary mortals have known for eons, it's called science.  Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam has found that diversity is not a strength, but a weakness; the greater the diversity in a community, the greater the distrust.  Professor Putnam's five-year study was reported last year by the Financial Times and is finally percolating down to others in the media and blogosphere."   
     The real question is "relative truth..." and the failure of truth-seeking.   Nothing much will change unless Christians understand that you cannot be a disciple of Jesus if you are not first a truth-seeker.  We must stop being position-defenders and become truth-seekers -- the only way to the true position.

Common Sense Science - a striking New Way of Looking at the Universe -- from Common Sense.   This view Reverses much of Einstein's Relativity Theory and much of Quantum Physics - back to Common Sense..  Prediction: this new understanding of science will change our future dramatically, and be found quite compatible with the Biblical view of Reality.  E. Fox

The Wisdom of Crowds - a rather extraordinary discovery on wisdom, very much favoring home-schooling.

Anthony Flew, world-class philosophical atheist, becomes deist -- an interview with Gary Habermas. 

Doublethink & the Church (& the West...)  --  The Revs. Paul Zahl  and W. B.  Two superb articles on the necessary foundations of truth for any coherent civilization.  

Kurt Goedel was a brilliant mathematician who is alleged to prove that mathematics is incomplete, that, for example, it cannot be proved that 2 + 2 = 4.  Mathematicians have generally accepted that conclusion -- which cuts the bottom right out from under the certainty of most of what we call science.  But science goes on anyhow because it appears to work so well.  Go here to read Goedel's mathematical version of the Ontological Argument for God.  Be ready for some heavy stuff.  You will be led to further links for completing parts of the article. 
        This has serious implications for science as a whole and its relation to theology, etc.  For more on science and theology, visit Personality, Empiricism, & God   (PEG)  as it takes shape on the Road to Emmaus.   PEG will be dealing with this uncertainty in coming chapters. 

Is Revelation Propositional?  Does God reveal Himself in words or in actions and events only...? by Canon D.B. Knox, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Phil. Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia.  Test your wits on this one.  Does Knox have a good argument, or would you side with The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age?  

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