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What is it?   

(Continued from Epistemology Library....)

We are all inherently epistemologists, we all have some notion, however primitive, of how we know what we know.  If asked, we will respond often with something like, "I was there and I saw it."   And we almost always take that as good reason for knowing the matter in question, even though we are all aware of times when eye witnesses to the same event differ radically on what happened.  Eye witness, as problematic as it can get, is about the best we can do in most circumstances.  And, in the end, even the most sophisticated of testing procedures may come down to someone's expert testimony - but a fallible expert  because short of God, that is all we have. 

It is one thing when the issue is whether the light was red or green, and can be much more complicated when the issue is the speed of light, or whether that object "out there" is a planet or a star, or a nebula.  Or whether God gave us the Decalogue, or Moses just made it up.  Or whether Julius Caesar really crossed the Rubicon. 

Each field of inquiry has its own methods of establishing the truth in that field.  Physics is quite different from metaphysics.  Theology is different from mathematics.  And all of those are different from finding out which child took the cookies out of the cookie jar. 

Science is epistemology in sophisticated, fine-tuned practice.  (Visit the Science Library.)  We have a science when we have neutral rules of evidence which can be publicly agreed upon and put to work, so that different persons can make the same tests on a given issue.  That is called peer review. 

Science is all about finding the truth of a matter.  We have sciences in all fields of endeavor where neutral rules of evidence can be established.  Theology used to be called the Queen of Sciences.   It still is, but most people do not know that.  Science, epistemology, philosophy, and worldview are all overlapping studies. 

This library will be exploring some of the most basic and fundamental issues of "how we know what we know", and how that is inherently and unavoidably related to the Biblical notion of 'faith'.  

Stay tuned. 

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