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National Center for Science Education
NCSE's Talking Points for "Science Ed"

[COMMENT:   NCSE is not talking about education, but about mind-control.  Government has control of so-called "education", which is about control, not a freemarket of ideas -- the only way to have honest education.  And lobby groups like the NCSE have a good deal of control of the government.  All of this nonsense is approved, and often guided by the Globalists (Bilderbergers, etc.). 

The item below is from a defender of honest education, taken from the NCSE's plan of action for defending "science", i.e., secularized science.  Science is not about being secular, it is about being truthful and accurate -- whether or not that turns out to be secular or "religious".   The secularists win votes by turning the Intelligent Design advocates' quest for honest debate into a hidden code for inserting "religion" into "science".  No doubt there are believers who do just that.  But that does not excuse secular folks doing the same thing from their end.

Secularism is itself a religion (a "religio"), with its own (faulty) metaphysical assumptions (see PEG).    E. Fox]

I thought some of you might like to see the NCSE’s “Talking Points” for Texas which expressly promote scientism and expressly deny the existence of the supernatural. They state:

 “Science posits that there are no forces outside of nature. Science cannot be neutral on this issue. The history of science is a long comment denying that forces outside of nature exist, and proving that this is the case again and again. There is simply zero scientific evidence for forces outside of the natural world. Scientific experiments do not rely on “magic” in order to explain their results. Magic—as magicians Penn & Teller and James Randi hasten to point out—does not exist. ... By implying that there exist explanations outside of nature, [a scientist skeptical of Darwinism] posits supernatural, mystical phenomena. The assumption that “the only explanations that count are those that rely on nature” is indeed an important part of science; in fact, this is a foundational axiom for any rational thinking.” (Steven Newton, NCSE "Preparatory Materials for Speakers at the 21 January 2009 Texas SBOE Meeting," pp. 32, 44)

 Sure sounds like scientism to me.  I blogged about this today at:


 The document is available at:


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Date Posted -  03/30/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012