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Our worldview is how we "picture" the shape of the world, the cosmos, the universe.  The ancients (though not all) tended to see the earth as flat, with a blue bowl (sort of) upside down overhead, called (in the Bible) the firmament (because, I suppose, it was firm, not an infinite void).   You could build a tower up to it and get on the other side where the gods were (as in the tower of Babel - Genesis 11), to which the gods generally did not take kindly.   (Read more...)

Resources --

See the Women's Ordination Library for the monumental significance of worldview issues on gender.  The world in which we live makes a big difference.

See also Intelligent Design Library, for more on differences between the two Views.

See Personality, Empiricism, & God, on the philosophical foundations of the doctrine of creation, the cosmological argument for God, and the relation of Biblical theology to science. 

Yahweh or the Great Mother?  -- the coming book...   See also, Yahweh or the Great Mother? - outline of Video Streaming presentation

See Summit Ministries Worldview Chart -- a good comparison of the Biblical worldview with five others.  The chart does not do what our material below does, simplify into two basic categories (Biblical and pagan/secular), but it is an excellent tool for understanding worldview issues.  See cover story on their Journal issue of January 2012.  

A Universe without a Purpose - LA Times article.  "The illusion of purpose and design is perhaps the most pervasive illusion about nature that science has to confront on a daily basis. Everywhere we look, it appears that the world was designed so that we could flourish."   So begins the article.  Read it well and remember its main points.  They are, in my humble opinion, all wrong, but they are what you will encounter "out there" from secular writers.  This why we Christians MUST learn how to defend our worldview

As a  counter to the above, see www.CommonSenseScience.org for info on a new revolution coming in science -- revoking much of relativity and quantum physics.  I think these people will win their case.  Relativity and quantum mechanics have serious conflicts with the two most basic principles of a rational world:  (1) the law of non-contradiction and (2) the principle of sufficient cause.  Both of these principles are explained and used in Personality, Empiricism, & God.

Compare the Two Basic Worldviews
"One false premise - & logic does the rest..."

Biblical --  Yahweh - Open System

Secular/Pagan -- "Perennial" - Great Mother - Closed System

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For Evolution/Creation issues, see Intelligent Design Library. 

** What is "Science"???  a short essay by E. Fox 

** A Brief History of Religion vs. Science --  on the Science Page  E. Fox 

** What is Philosophy?    E. Fox

** Evolution vs. God -- E. Fox response to the San Diego Union-Tribune article on Evolution vs. Intelligent Design.    See Intelligent Design library for other articles.  This is a winnable battle.  

** The Purpose-Driven Cosmos -- an essay on the Power of Purpose, submitted in a contest.

** Critique of the Bush 2004 re-election -- and a look ahead -- E. Fox

** Relationship with God -- & "Jewish" Psychotherapy  --  Peter Toon with commentary by E. Fox on worldview. 

** An Atheist Faith - B Russell & W E Henley -- Compare & Contrast with Biblical view of faith....

Common Sense Science - a striking New Way of Looking at the Universe -- from Common Sense.   This view Reverses much of Einstein's Relativity Theory and much of Quantum Physics - back to Common Sense..  Prediction: this new understanding of science will change our future dramatically, and be found quite compatible with the Biblical view of Reality.  E. Fox

George Barna on the collapse of the Biblical worldview

George Barna on the powerful effect of having a Biblical worlddview 

Another take on worldview issues - at the Institute for Theonomic Reformation -- 

Anthony Flew, world-class philosophical atheist, becomes deist -- an interview with Gary Habermas. 

The Truth Project  --  Focus on the Family --   Worldview issues are catching on...! 


Continued from above

Secular materialism is another (but related) worldview, believing that physical matter is the ultimate substance of life, out of which everything else "evolved". 

The Biblical worldview tells us that the divine being is a Someone, not a Something, and that He wants to have a personal relation to His creation. 

There are, in the final analysis, only two worldviews, that of the Bible and that of paganism/secularism -- although there are many cultural and personal expressions of these two ultimate choices.  

Secularism is a hybrid offshoot between paganism and the Biblical worldview.  It is pagan in being a closed circle (self-sufficient, with no creator God outside of itself), and Biblical in believing that the cosmos is orderly (hence science is possible) and history has meaning and direction (as with Marxist economic determinism, etc.) but that meaning has no objective foundation and so always yields to tyranny (rather than a moral order) to make it work. 

The continental watershed between the two basic views is the question whether (as the Bible says) the cosmos was created by the most complete, full, personal, and individual being there is -- an Original Somebody,
        or whether the cosmos (as the pagan/secular view says) evolved out of the least complete, full, personal, or individual stuff -- an Original Cosmic Soup -- sort of. 

Once that distinction is understood, one can handle the worldview issues much more easily.  

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