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Pagan Worldview -- Yahweh or the Great Mother Outline

the Biblical Worldview
- Yahweh or the Great Mother? -

Yahweh or the Great Mother?  (also Seminar Outline Page)

Biblical Worldview Diagram - *.pdf file     Secular/Pagan (Perennial") Worldview

Chart of   Biblical   vs.   Perennial   characteristics  (pdf file)  (If you cannot open pdf files, click here)

For another description of this worldview, see article on the Ordination of Women

The Biblical worldview (below) is distinguished from its opponent (the secular/pagan worldview) by its proclamation of a cosmos created from nothing (ex nihilo) by the most complete, most personal, and most particular/concrete being possible.   These two worldviews are the two ultimate choices we have about life. 

God, in the Biblical view, is a Person, a Someone, not a something, an essence, or an unformed substance.  In the Biblical worldview, persons are the basic building-blocks of reality, not things, such as atoms.  Persons do not "evolve" out of an original stuff, but are each unique creatures of God.  

In this cosmos, all the impersonal "things" created are the stage, the backdrop, the context in which persons form their relations and communities, most importantly with God Himself.  

A book, Yahweh or the Great Mother? is planned comparing the two ultimate worldviews. 

Get these worldviews under your belt, and you will be able to talk to the world around you about your Christian faith much more reasonably and convincingly. 

The Biblical worldview can be graphically pictured as follows below: 

 The Biblical cosmos is an "open circle" or "open system" because there is an exchange of information and energy between those in the circle and God outside the circle.   The pagan world is a closed system because there is no such exchange (since there is nothing outside the circle with which to exchange). 

 This difference springs from the fundamental and defining difference between the two, that the source of all existence in the Biblical view is a personal cause of all things, the Creator, who is already complete and formed, the primary object and the primary subject of all reality who rationally determines His creation and makes Himself known to it.  

On the other hand, the secular/pagan cosmos begins in exactly the opposite manner, coming from an unformed, impersonal, indeterminate, and unknowable primordial substance. 


Click for seminar outline on Yahweh or the Great Mother?


Biblical Worldview

Two primary of all human life stabilities - (1) ontological/personal (Hand of God). and (2) moral (Voice of God).  We know who we are, and where we are going.   Pagan world can supply neither of these.  

The Biblical worldview is quite simple -- the Creator, His creatures, and the relationship of Creator to creature.  The Biblical definition of 'God' is 'creator & sovereign'.  God is sovereign because He is creator.  Our Creator alone determines our reason for existence, and is logically thus also Sovereign over all things. 

The Voice and Hand represent our Primary Circuit of communication (with God), and the two arrows between Adam and Eve are the Secondary Circuit of communication (between ourselves and the world around us).

The open circle is the sacramental world-space between the Hand and Voice of God where we live and move and have our being, where we relate to God and one another.  It is meant to be heaven on earth -- and was until we opted to step off the Hand of God to pursue our own autonomous ways, and fell into the secular/pagan world

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For a fuller description of the Biblical worldview and gender, see article on the Ordination of Women.

For how sexuality plays itself out in this worldview, go to
Man & Woman in the Image of God

Pagan Worldview -- Yahweh or the Great Mother Outline

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