The Barna Update: 12/1/03

[COMMENT:  the collapse of the Biblical worldview in the West is one of the major keys to the almost total collapse of Christendom over the last two centuries.   The appalling loss of intellectual integrity among Christians in the West is explained in Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? (see chapters II and III)  We had first to be dumbed down in order to be sexualized.   Thanks, largely, to our government run schools.  

What is the Biblical worldview?  If all goes well, presenting that will be a major project on the theRoadtoEmmaus==>> for 2006.  Stay tuned.   E. Fox]

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 Only 4% of Americans possess a biblical worldview - and the impact on people's beliefs and behavior is stunning. Review our new research on the effect of a biblical worldview and the course of action that most effectively facilitates the development of such a means of addressing life. This free report is now accessible at our website (

 ACCESSIBLE WORLDVIEW DEVELOPMENT. George Barna's new book on how to develop a biblical worldview - entitled Think Like Jesus - is our special sale item this week. Already in widespread use as a small group tool, a Sunday school text and the foundation of sermon series across the nation, this is a guidebook for Christians as they strive to make decisions that reflect their faith and lead to behavior that is consistent with biblical principles. For the first two weeks of December our website special sale is this hardback book for 20% off - just $16 (plus shipping and tax, if applicable). To order a copy click on the "Site Only Sale" icon on our home page.

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