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No, that is not a misspelling.   'Religio' is the Latin for 'religion'. 

The ancients had the right idea about religion -- and we have screwed it up.  

'Re-lig-io' refers to something that binds together, as in 'lig-ament'.   A religio (our religion) is that which binds people and society together. 

Religion is not that privatized, sanitized, internalized foolishness which we imagine today -- that we are forbidden to bring up in the public arena.  The public arena is all about religion.  It is never a matter of whether we have a religion, but only which one.   

Every society has a religio, i.e., a religion.  Any society is defined by its common moral and legal boundaries.  Any legal system is always based on prior moral commitments, i.e., on  'religio'.  Without those boundaries, it will have no identity, and thus cannot survive.  

Hence, there can be no such thing as separation of religion and state (in the sense we are told today).  Every state has its religion, like it or not.  America has, by Supreme Court edict, a secular religion (1962 Engel v. Vitale, outlawing prayer in schools).   The public schools are the State Church of Secular Humanism, which our children are, for the most part, coerced to attend.  There is no separation of church and state, only of Biblical church and state.  Secular religion rules supreme -- and at gun point. 

Ironically, both our Supreme Court and the Humanist Manifesto recognizes secularism as a "religion".   (Check out the Humanist Manifesto #1 in the Apologetics library.)

That is why, on the Road==>>, we are separating our subject matter into the two streams, the first and deeper being that which binds together, the religio for the day-to-day aspects of life of the public arena.  On the Top Page or on the Road Map, see the Philosophy and Theology libraries which provide the "religio" underpinning for the rest of the Libraries.  See on the Road Map, below the alphabetical listing of libraries, the listing according to the Road paradigm

See also "Humanism is a religion"

"Evolution vs. God"

** Definition of 'Science' 
--  the underlying issue of the Intelligent Design debate -- & without which there can be no resolution. 

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