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Theology generally focuses on the revelation of God to man through the Bible.  But natural theology is an aspect of philosophy as well as theology, dealing with those aspects of God which we can know without God telling us, i.e., which we can reason to from observation of the world and of our own lives.  We are dealing with those aspects in the Philosophy Libraries. -- which see for further discussion on the task before us.   

It is not always easy to keep the distinction between theology and philosophy clear, and not terribly necessary, so we will be going back and forth at times.   The "freewill" library below could be in the philosophy library, for instance, but, in my view, freewill and theology are too tied together to put in the philosophy section.  A universe without God cannot explain the existence of freewill (and thus cannot explain much at all...  But that is an epistemological question -- hmm, back to philosophy.). 

These libraries will be growing over the next few years. 

Theology- related libraries






Ordination of Women



Theology of Gender & Sex

Yahweh or the Great Mother?


** Personality, Empiricism, & God  -- E. Fox's D. Phil. thesis from Oxford, 1994, rewritten in 2007 

** The Law & the Grace of God - a new book by F. Earle Fox on   

** The Law & the Grace of God --  an Invitation to a Wedding -- (PDF file)  Reconciling LAW and GRACE in Biblical Theology. 
         (Includes Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love' and Biblical Theology & Pelagianism in one book.)   How we can resolve issues such as the foundation of moral language and the supposed contradictions between freewill on one hand and the sovereignty and the grace of God on the other hand.  E. Fox 

** BIBLICAL INNER HEALING --  a Biblical challenge to the secular world on their interpretation of human nature and the central and necessary role of God in emotional healing.  For personal use as well as for classroom. 

** Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?  the Wedding of Truth to Compassion and Reason to Revelation -  perhaps the only comprehensive, Biblically reliable, and scientifically credible strategy for winning and resolving the enormously contentious sexuality debates among us.  Shows the theological foundations of human sexuality, how we are made in the Image of God, male and female, and how this is fundamental to understanding and living our sexuality without being self-destructive.  


** Definition of 'God'  --- 

** Definition of 'faith' --

** Definition of 'truth' --

** The Evolution of Justice -- a sermon by E. Fox at the Mustard Tree  9/25/05 

** Intelligent Design Conference - Biola University --  Summary & commentary by E. Fox 

** Putting Truth ahead of God  --  E. Fox

** Incarnation & Heaven!  --  Can You Imagine That??!!    Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, First Sunday after Christmas, 2008.    E. Fox  

** What is "Original Sin"?  -- F. Earle Fox  -  a topic hotly debated all through Christian history.  Is there a rational way of understanding such a concept? 

** How is God a Trinity?  --  <-Audio Version.  Sermon on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2009, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA     Printed Version (with theological commentary on "modalism" by E. Fox).

** Four Levels of Christian Unity -- and the Way There --  E. Fox     How can Christians approach the disunity in the Church with hope of reunifying?  How can people anywhere successfully seek unity?  Read Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17.

** The Baptism of the Holy Spirit <- Audio Version.   What is it? &, Is it for us Anglicans???   Day of Pentecost Sermon - E. Fox   Printed Version

** a New Reformation - a generic statement of the basics of the Christian faith.   

** Jesus, Miracles, & Reason <- Audio.  Are miracles real?  Are they rational?  Yes, and Yes.  E. Fox Sermon Printed Version Oct. 9, 2011  

** Ascension Theology - by Douglas Farrow (Prof. of Christian Thought at McGill U., in Montreal, Canada).  A brilliant and needed essay on the critical importance of the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the heavenly places after His resurrection, death, and the harrowing of hell.   It is not just a metaphor for a way to get off-stage a savior who has done his job and can now go home.  It is a crucial (and somewhat frightening) part of the continuing story of redemption and salvation.  Farrow brings up some scary issues which need clear spiritual direction.    Book Review by E. Fox  

Communion: the Nature & Limits - the Rev. Sam Edwards, ESA  --  See also Earle Fox's  the Four Stages of Communion

Christian Classics Ethereal Library -- link to a resource for early Christian history and thought

Anthony Flew, world-class philosophical atheist, becomes deist -- an interview with Gary Habermas. 

Water from His Side -- by Edward John Craig -- National Review Online -- an essay on the water flowing from Jesus' side at His death on the cross. 

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