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 Atonement Library

Atonement is a subject which has been in great disarray among Christians for centuries. 
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.  See The Law & the Grace of God for clarification on the disarray... 
Salvation Series in Christology Library

** The Law & Grace of God - Foundations for a Theology of Atonement - book in progress, text available online...

** Who I Am, What I Do, & Original Goodness....   <-Audio  Printed.  Sermon by E. Fox, St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA.     

** The Law & the Grace of God - a Wedding -  <-Audio.  Printed.  Sermon, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA.  How law and grace are absolutely united, wedded. 

** Jesus & "Works" <-Audio.  Printed   Are Jesus and Paul in conflict?  Sermon  August 14, 2100  

** The Kingdom -- Relationship Reality is Among You.  <-Audio.  Printed.  God is not "incomprehensible" or beyond understanding.  Because God is among us, the Kingdom is among us.  Sermon Mar. 18, 2012.

** Only the Innocent can Die for the Guilty - <-Audio.   Printed.  Why can only the innocent die for the guilty?  What's the connection?  And what kind of innocence is meant?  There are two ways to be guilty or innocent -- for my being (who I am), and for my doing (my behavior).  What's the difference?  and why is that distinction vitally important for understanding salvation?  Sermon Mar. 25,2012

** Ascension Theology - by Douglas Farrow (Prof. of Christian Thought at McGill U., in Montreal, Canada).  A brilliant and needed essay on the critical importance of the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the heavenly places after His resurrection, death, and the harrowing of hell.   It is not just a metaphor for a way to get off-stage a savior who has done his job and can now go home.  It is a crucial (and somewhat frightening) part of the continuing story of redemption and salvation.  Farrow brings up some scary issues which need clear spiritual direction.    Book Review by E. Fox  

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Date Posted -  11/08/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 10/16/2012