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The Bible is the bedrock of Christian belief, guided in its writing by the Spirit of God.  But the Bible has fallen on bad days in our culture, losing its respected place as the source of our knowledge of God.   Restoring the intellectual credibility of the Christian community will rest largely on restoring the Bible as a credible witness to the acts of God in history and to the giving of truth about who God is and what He plans for His creation. 


** The Evolution of Justice -- a sermon by E. Fox at the Mustard Tree  9/25/05     How does God resolve the tensions between freewill, justice, and compassion? 

** Education and the Bible -- some Biblical quotes and commentary 

** Islam, Epistemology, & the Koran -- analyzing the epistemology of Islam.  How does Islam know what it knows about God?   E. Fox 

** Satan in the Bible - & How to Conquer Him <- Audio Version.  The Cosmic Spoiled Brat - We can become invulnerable to him and take the offensive in the same sense that Jesus was and did -- by God restoring our two primary stabilities.   Sermon at St. Luke's Church -- E. Fox.  Printed Version

Is Revelation Propositional?  Does God reveal Himself in words or in actions and events only...? by Canon D.B. Knox, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Phil. Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia. 

Water from His Side -- by Edward John Craig -- National Review Online -- an essay on the water flowing from Jesus' side at His death on the cross. 

"EXODUS REVEALED"  - [CAUTION! -- THIS MAY SADLY BE A FRAUD...  LOOKING FOR VERIFICATION.  For further information Google "Brad Sparks Exodus Revealed"  Sparks has done some research on the issue.]   a stunning archeological video report on where the Exodus event actually happened, with solid [???] empirical evidence for the crossing of the Red Sea.  This is one of the best examples of Christians doing their scientific homework I have run into -- with the predictable results -- success!  Deo Gratia!!!  
            Go to http://www.amazon.com/Exodus-Revealed-Searching-Red-Crossing/dp/B00005AUE2  or http://www.questarhomevideo.com/shopdisplayproducts.asp?Search=Yes 

      A more recent event, with Brad Spark speaking, the first gathering of Egyptologists who have looked for Egyptian parallels to the Exodus event and the stay of Hebrews in Egypt.  Some startling things found.    (Published on Jun 11, 2013 UCSD EXODUS CONFERENCE "Out of Egypt: Israel's Exodus Between Text and Memory, History and Imagination"  May 31 -- June 1, 2013) 

Bibles in China --  From http://www.theblaze.com/stories/shocker-guess-which-country-is-the-largest-producer-of-bibles/   
     "When one thinks of China, Christianity, and the Bible are likely two of the furthest things that come to mind. “Communism,” “forced abortions,” one-child policy” and other terms are, more generally, what’s the nation is known for. But now, a shocking new development has come to the forefront: China, a country that makes many products consumed in the U.S. and abroad, is now also the world’s largest Bible producer.
     "Amity Printing Company is the only outfit in China that is permitted to produce Christian Bibles. While the Chinese government doesn’t have the most stellar record when it comes to religious freedom, Amity Printing has been fast at work, with the company’s chairman, Qiu Zhonghui, announcing that the business published its 100 millionth Bible in July."  (I think these Bibles are almost all for export, to bring cash to China, not to convert Chinese...  But God does His work regardless of the resistance.  E. Fox)

Authority of Scripture - printed version of Part I available at the Shopping Mall 

** The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age -- Part I  -- Can the Bible stand on its own two feet again -- in the midst of a world which seems to have passed it by?  In what possible sense can Biblical revelation be considered trustworthy in an age of science, materialism, and now paganism and post-modernism? 

** The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age - Part II  --   On what source is Biblical authority based? 

** Emmaus News - July 1997 - See article on "General Convention Issues", Part I, on "The Authority of Scripture" 

        See also the June, July, & August 1999 issues of Emmaus News. 

** St. Paul & the Bible on Truth....     on Putting Truth ahead of God.....  YES!    Commentary by E. Fox 

** ..Who has caused all Holy Scripture to be written for our learning...   <-Audio.  Why were the Scriptures written, and why are they so wonderful?   Printed Version - Sermon Advent 2 - Dec. 4, 2012.

** The Bible and Truth-Seeking -- are they compatible???   They are not only compatible, the Bible mandates truth-seeking.  How God uses reason... 

Is Revelation Propositional?   by Canon D.B. Knox, B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.Phil. Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia.  Does God reveal Himself in words or in actions and events only...?  Test your wits on this one.  Does Knox have a good argument, or would you side with The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age?   See also Epistemology Library

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