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Gender and sex are foundational issues for all people at all times.   They are the warp and woof of all creation, not merely add-ons, not merely happy-but-accidental evolutionary occurrences.   They have to do with the very nature of creation.  See the Worldview Library, and Law & Grace in Imago Dei


** Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? -- perhaps the only book available with a strategy for winning the sexuality wars.   See also sample pages

** Making Love --  the Purpose and Meaning of Sexual Intercourse --  Some answers to perhaps the most profoundly misunderstood aspect of human life -- even, sadly, by most Christians....   E. Fox 

** Sexual Freedom <-Audio.  How does God free us from sexual bondage?  "3 steps" to sexual freedom and maturity.   E. Fox  (No printed version)   May 15, 2011 

** Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women - on the meaning of femininity and the feminine role.

Radical Femininity - Jean Zampino  -- Superb! 

The Truth About Men and the Church -- an astonishing Swiss report on how the fathers determine the religious sympathies of their children. 

Ballroom Dancing and Gender Roles -- Fr. David Baumann, Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA.     (Yea and Amen... E. Fox) 

Leon Podles -- a Super Website on Gender Issues... and the recovery of Masculinity - Femininity balance.  Get free copy of The Church Impotent 

The Mother Heart of God - Nancy Hicks

Judith Reisman on Alfred Kinsey --  "20th Century Sex Science and the Law."  Kinsey was a psychopathic molester of small children, as shown by his own writings.  Watch this video by Reisman -- the world expert on Kinsey and the so-called sex revolution.  And the world bought it.  We Christians must turn it around in the name of truth and of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The evidence is overwhelming and damning.  

   How Addictive is Porn? -- Judith Reisman  (Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Study of Social Trends, Human Rights and Media Forensics at www.theInterAmerican.org).   All sexual pleasure can become addictive if it is separated from Godly and righteous relationship. 

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