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Gender in God
& a Male-Only Priesthood?

To the modern ear, the suggestion of a male-only priesthood seems bizarre and outlandish.  But modernism has produced many problems, and the blurring of gender roles is one of the most serious of those.  Below is a discussion on the issues.

See also the Worldview Library for more on gender distinctions and their theological basis. 

**Gender In God   -   by Earle Fox   --   A Male-Only Priesthood?   Contains a concise explanation of how we are made in the Image of God -- male and female, of the relation between "sex" and "gender", and why only men should be ordained to be clergy.  
    For a fuller treatment, listen to the audio tape, Man and Woman in the Image of God, in the Shopping Mall 
See also Radical Femininity, by Jean Zampino. 

The Biblical Vision regarding Women's Ordination - Rodney Whitaker  --  One of the best summaries of the issues available.  Goes through the various Biblical texts in detail --  excepting the Genesis account.  For the Genesis account, see above, Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women.

Priestesses in the Church - by C. S. Lewis

Rationality and Revelation: C. S. Lewis and Lambeth - by David C. Mills - from Mandate, July/August 1998.

The American Anglican Council (AAC) on Women's Ordination

Forward in Faith Library - FiF defends the male-only priesthood. 

Elizabeth Keaton -- her feminist theology of sexuality --

Louis Tarsitano - Scriptural References with Commentary -- (former priest at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Savannah, GA )

Woman as Masterpiece of God's Creation --  Pope John Paul II, General Audience, November 24, 1999, Vatican City

Jennifer Ferrara, former Lutheran pastor, accepts Roman Catholic view of women's ordination

AMiA (Anglican Mission in America) - has affirmed the male priesthood. 

Radical Femininity - by Jean Zampino --  a superb article on the meaning of womanhood. 

Women Leaders & Sarah Palin -- Link to a Biblical view of the matter.  See also, Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women.

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