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The Mother Heart of God

Nancy Hicks

[COMMENT:   This is an extraordinary piece -- relevant to the theme of Salvation, Psychology, & the Ordination of Women).    See also, Law & Grace in Imago Dei, which is about the Hieros Gamos - the Sacred Marriage between masculine law and feminine grace.       E. Fox] 

The Mother Heart of God is a pdf file.  If you need a free pdf reader, go to www.adobe.com and click on the appropriate link. 

See also Radical Femininity by Jean Zampino.  These are two superb articles on womanhood. 

Christians MUST recapture the initiative and the offensive on gender and sexual issues.  We have betrayed our Godly heritage because we had no good reason to lose this battle -- other than we were busy being position-defenders rather than truth-seekers.  (See The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age for how we lost the culture war in the West, and how to regain moral and spiritual leadership.) 


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Date Posted - 11/11/2010   -   Date Last Edited - 05/21/2013