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The Holy & Undivided Trinity Library

The Holy Trinity is a subject not much discussed today, partly out of embarrassment, I suspect, because the Church has done so little to make sense of the "3 in 1" part of the doctrine.  I believe that the matter has much to do with the early Church using impersonal Hellenic philosophical categories rather than dynamic, personal, Hebraic categories.  That is a matter much in need of discussion. 


** How is God a Trinity?  --  <-Audio Version  Sermon on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2009, St. Luke's REC, Santa Ana, CA     Printed Version (with theological commentary on "modalism" by E. Fox)   .     
        See also, Personality, Empiricism, & God, for more on the Biblical worldview in which the fundamental categories are personal, not impersonal.  

** The One, Holy, & Undivided Trinity -- in a Personal & Biblical Mode..  <= Audio Version.   Getting the doctrine of the Trinity down into the lives of the people...   Sermon Trinity Sunday, May 30, 2010, E. Fox    Printed Version

** The One, Holy, & Undivided Trinity -- How 3 in 1???  <-Audio.  (No printed version.)   Sermon at Christ Our Savior Anglican Church, Torrence, CA, June 3, 2012  

** How do we Live this Life in the Trinity?  <= Audio Version.  The liturgical Trinity Season gets ignored because our understanding of the Trinity has been so abstract and thus hard to related to actual life.  Need not be that way....    June 6, 2010 Trinity 1 Sunday, Sermon E. Fox -- Printed Version

** Ascension Day -  (no Audio)   Jesus' home-coming.  Why the Ascension, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday are the High Point of the Christian year.  Everything else builds toward that.   Sermon E. Fox  Printed Version June 5, 2011    

R. J. Rushdoony - The Problem of the One and the Many --  The Trinity - 3 in 1.  Rushdoony was working in the right direction, but there is much more to say on the subject.   See the sermons above given on the subject.   E. Fox

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Date Posted -  06/07/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 05/23/2013