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Christology Library

Atonement -Salvation Series     Shroud of Turin

The most important question we face is the one Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do you say that I am?"  On our answer to that question hangs our worldview, our cosmology, our belief in the possibility of a good (the best of all possible...) universe, and our participation in it.     


** The Law & the Grace of God --  an Invitation to a Wedding -- (PDF file)  Reconciling LAW and GRACE in Biblical Theology. 
         (Includes Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love' and Biblical Theology & Pelagianism in one book.)   How we can resolve issues such as the foundation of moral language and the supposed contradictions between freewill on one hand and the sovereignty and the grace of God on the other hand.  E. Fox 

Sermons, Articles

** Incarnation & Heaven!  --  Can You Imagine That??!!    Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, First Sunday after Christmas, 2008.    E. Fox  

** How is God a Trinity?   Sermon at St. Luke's Reformed Episcopal Church, Santa Ana, CA - Trinity Sunday, 2009   E. Fox 

** Christ the King  <-Audio.    Printed.  -- Sermon by E. Fox at St. Luke's Church, Santa Ana, CA, Sunday Next Before Advent, 2009.  How Abraham's conversation with the King of kings over Sodom & Gomorrah shows God's plan of confession, repentance, and salvation. 

** What it Means to be a Somebody - "& you shall call His name Yeshua"...   <-Audio Version.  Printed.  Sermon, Christmas I, 12/27/09  St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA  .   E. Fox.  

** Jesus: the Sacrament of God...   <-Audio Version.   Printed.    Christmas Eve sermon at St. Luke's, Santa Ana, CA  -- 2009 AD. E. Fox 

** 'Justified'...  What's That???  & Who Needs It???  <- Audio.   Printed   What is the meaning of 'justification', why we need it, and who can supply it?  E. Fox Sermon Christmas 2 - - Jan 2, 2011.

** Jesus - Circumcision & Name <-Audio.   Printed.   What is the importance and meaning of the circumcision as the sign of the Covenant between God and the Hebrews?  Why is that linked to both Abraham's name and Jesus' name?   Jan. 1, 2012

** The Uniqueness of Christ - -- Can we reasonably say that Jesus (and only Jesus) is the Way, the Truth, and the Life?  Yes, the evidence is clear....  --   E. Fox 

** The Uniqueness of Christ - Emmaus News, July 1997 article on "General Convention Issues", Part III, on "The Uniqueness of Christ" 

** Only the Innocent can Die for the Guilty - <-Audio.   Printed.  Why can only the innocent die for the guilty?  What's the connection?  And what kind of innocence is meant?  There are two ways to be guilty or innocent -- for my being (who I am), and for my doing (my behavior).  What's the difference?  and why is that distinction vitally important for understanding salvation?  Sermon Mar. 25,2012


Shroud of Turin 

** 2 Shrouds - Resurrection Day, 2010  Audio.   Printed.    E. Fox sermon.  April 4, 2010

** I'm Coming Back!  -- the Sudarium...  Audio.  Printed.  What is the Sudarium, and of what importance for identifying the Shroud of Turin?  Astonishing.  E. Fox sermon      E. Fox Sermon   April 24, 2011

** How Do We Know? ...that Jesus was raised from the dead.  <-Audio.  Printed.  Easter sermon April 8, 2012

Shroud of Turin - Was the image of Jesus projected on the shroud as a quantum hologram as Jesus' body was resurrected?   What does the science tell us?  


** Born Again <- Audio.  Printed.  How fathering and mothering is the core of our identity, and our being made in the Image of God.  Start of a Lenten series on the basics of Christian faith.   Sermon E. Fox   Mar. 13, 2011   

** Justification by Faith Alone <- Audio.   Printed.  What is 'justification', and why faith "alone"???  2nd Lenten sermon on Salvation.   E. Fox  Mar. 20, 2011  

** "I Am With You..."  the Mothering Gift <- Audio.  Printed.   How gender is an essential aspect of God in the Bible.  How the Bible redefines the whole meaning of sex and gender, mothering and fathering.   Sermon - E. Fox  Mar. 27, 2011 

** Why Jesus had to die...  <- Audio.  Printed.   What was the point of the killing of the only innocent person ever?  E. Fox sermon -  Apr. 3, 2011

** The Price Jesus Paid <- Audio.  Printed.  There was a price.  It was demanded.  And it was paid.  Why so?  To whom?  And what did that accomplish?  There are surprises.  E. Fox Sermon   Apr. 10, 2011

** Dying Well <- Audio.  Printed.  Palm Sunday Sermon -- Why Jesus went to the cross - to teach us how to die well.  You can live well only if you know how to die well.  -  Apr. 17, 2011 


** 2 Shrouds - Resurrection Day, 2010  Audio.   Printed.    E. Fox sermon.  April 4, 2010

** I'm Coming Back! <- Audio.  Printed.   Resurrection Day Sermon - on the Sudarium and the Shroud of Turin, and why they are important.   E. Fox  Apr. 24, 2011.   

** How Do We Know? ...that Jesus was raised from the dead.  <-Audio.  Printed.  Easter sermon April 8, 2012  

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