How the Church
Lost the 20th Century

This page in the Apologetics Library lists various articles showing, directly or indirectly, how Western (i.e., Christian) civilization was lost by the unfaithfulness of God's own people.   God's greatest problem has never been the pagan or secular people, but always His own who call themselves by His name.   In that respect, nothing has changed since the turmoils of ancient Hebrew history.  

    We Christians have failed in just about every possible public and private area of our religious, political, educational, sexual, and psychological life.   Most of that has come about because we have not been able to explain how we know what we know, and have not trusted that God can prove His own case, and will use us to do so if we will allow Him. 

The question before us is whether Christians will, with truth, righteousness, and love rebuild Christian civilization in the 21st century....   It is both possible and mandatory. 


Episcopal Church

The End of the Church & Triumph of Denominationalism --  What is happening to the Episcopal Church???  -- by Philip Turner

Challenge to Episcopalians from Fr. Sam Edwards -- & Response by Earle Fox 

**Clarity, Encouragement, and Hope -- Reuniting God's Two Books -- on the devastation of the Episcopal Church. 


Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr - "A World Split Apart..."  Harvard Graduation, 1978

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr -- Tribute to a Great Man of the 20th Century -- in our new History Library 

In Defense of a Despised Faith -- Christianity -- Bruce Walker.  A superb piece on Christianity in world

 **Satan, Pascal's Wager, and Clarity -- in the Spiritual Warfare Library

Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That's what Christians do now.  Why Christians lost the battle for the 20th century.  

Dennis Prager, Jewish commentator: Which Will the World's Future Be:  Muslim, European, or American?

**The De- (and Re-)construction of Western Civ.  --


 **Ethical Monotheism -- Why Christians Cannot Rightly Not Back Down ---  Another piece on Judge Roy Moore -- to the Washington Times. 

E. Fox Letter to Washington Times -  Highest Law -- God or Federal?   

Judge Roy Moore - defends his actions -- magnificently!!! 

**Bruce Fein attacks Judge Roy Moore  --  letter to the Editor - Washington Times

Roy Moore vs. the Fed -  Constitutional Crisis -- Alabama Supreme Court Judge defies Fed on Decalogue - E. Fox commentary


Road to Civil War - by Adam Graham -- Comment by E Fox 

 **Letter to Editor - Washington Times (Published August 12, 2003) - Constitutions: US vs. EU.  

One-World Government???  Do we need one?  Should Christians participate?

A List of Communist Goals from 1963 -- how many already accomplished in America? 

A World Effectively Controlled by the UN  -  Lincoln Bloomfield in 1962 lays out strategy for coercive world government.  Commentary by E. Fox.  

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