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American Deception (#1)

Charlotte's Website
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Charlotte Iserbyt  (See #2)

[COMMENT:  The email below came from a friend recommending the website www.AmericanDeception.com   by Charlotte Iserbyt. 

Occasionally an extra-special resource comes along which does the almost undoable -- in this case, document the long history of subterfuge and treason in government.  The history goes back as long as there has been history, but Iserbyt documents the history of America going back to our founding.  (See also Is the American Government Out of Control???

Charlotte is a long-time warrior in the education field, a rock-solid researcher, and an honest person committed to getting fact and logic on the table.   She is gathering mounting numbers of original source documents, many from past and present original plotters of the conspiracy for a One World Government.  The accusations come out of their own mouths as they discuss among themselves their plans to centralize control into their own hands.

Only the super rich could hope to pull off such a scheme.  But riches are not enough.  They require secrecy because the know that the spirit of Godly freedom keeps hounding them, welling up in the people from depths the evil ones cannot touch -- the undergirding Hand of God. 

Such behavior for an American citizen is treason, betrayal of the constitutional covenant by which we have formed our government.  (See Ordered Freedom Amendment.)   But it is routine behavior at all levels of government, and has been since the Fall. 

We need not be surprised at "conspiracy".  The power struggle of the fallen world will not stop until Jesus returns.  Then the jig is up.  In the meantime, we must be eternally vigilant, or we lose what many have given their lives to preserve. 

We must give our lives to preserve what God has given us, as He has given His life to preserve ours.  The preservation will be effective only under the law and grace of God. And we will be effective only so far as we are determined to pursue truth and righteousness with a loving spirit -- at any cost to ourselves.  That last part is always the sticking point.  We tend to reach a point where comfort-seeking overrides truth-seeking. 

So let us renew our Baptismal covenant with God, pick up our crosses, and get to work with the Great Commission.   

And pray for Charlotte.  Such people put themselves in harm's way for our sakes...  

See American Deception #2.   E. Fox]

[From an email.]

Many people have lamented the difficulty of locating and/or having someone
send them personal copies of information that has been accumulated by
numerous researchers and authors over 50 years now, and which would answer
many questions raised by those new to watching what is taking place daily
across the country, in schools and governments and media..

One of the more recent books by a long-time researcher in both education
and government (Charlotte Iserbyt) is now available as a free download on
her website -- all 700 pages of it!:


Charlotte and her son have gone further, and have gathered up from many
sources much material that was not currently available on the 'net.
Congressional investigations, reports, old columns outlining various
aspects leading to where we are today.  Because of the large expense of
setting up this site -- which will be continually added to as more
documents are located -- they ask that people pay a modest $15.00 per year
to have unlimited access to the site contents.

Information is available at:


Charlotte and her son have already invested thousands of dollars in setting
this up -- and plan to continue searching and adding to the large volume of
contents they have already posted.  The modest subscriber fee will help
with the added continuing costs for them.

Please share this information with as many others as possible.  Even those
of us who worked hard (but not as hard as Charlotte and others) will find
the site a great resource.  It will be a great energizing mechanism for
people new to being concerned, and not knowing how much groundwork was
already laid for their concerns.

(See #2 and her website)

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