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Culture War

There are issues which do not seem to fit neatly in politics, economics, or some other library.  So we now have a Culture War library. 

Culture war (just as military war) is a subset of spiritual warfare, dealing with the social and political issues of life.  How, then, do we deal with such issues from a Biblical perspective?  See also Apologetics Library;   The Americas;   US History.         Diversity 


American Culture
Govt. Centralizing
Iserbyt, Charlotte
Western Civ. 




See Conservative Collapse in the Spiritual Warfare Library...

  Truth-seeking before Position-defending --

       ** Putting Truth ahead of God ---   Heresy???   Not according to God. 

       ** Truth-Seeking before Position-Defending -  Only truth sets us free.  

** Harry Potter and the Baptized Imagination --  Commentary by E Fox 

** What is "Common Sense" Christianity?  Good Question...   <---Click for the answer....

 “When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin....”  remark by Dutch theologian and statesman.   We are in the battle for America today, 2012. 

The Man who 'Murdered' Slavery --  Mark Steyn & Eric Metaxas.  

When the Music Stopped...   at a theater in Iraq as our National Anthem was being played prior to a movie.....   Awesome!   Our soldiers are America's best advertisement.

John Newton - on Humility in Confronting the Enemy

On the Day I Die - A powerful story of death, freedom, tyranny...., and a glimmer of hope.  With comment.

Spong Betrays the "Liberals" - Why Griswold et al, Cannot abide Spong 

Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That's what Christians do now.  A perfect description of why Christian are failing, failing, failing in the public arena. 

The Picture of Doria Gray --  a modern parable about feelings and relationships... 

Insight into the corruption in China, being imported into America.   

Facts on the Economy... Perry Willis at www.DownSizeDC.org  

Bishop E. W. Jackson -- All Christians to leave Democratic Party...   YES! 

How Missouri handles illegals...   effectively...!    

"If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power."   -- DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, speech, Mar. 6, 1956  

Jailed for Facebook Comments, Marine Sues...   God bless him!  Standing up for truth.  Watch the video with the Rutherford Inst. interviewed.  They do not say it out loud, unfortunately, that this is not merely "paranoia", as they say, it is deliberate intimidation in support of a mind-control program already long under way.    E. Fox. 


** Passing on our Faith & Heritage <- Audio Version sermon.  July 11, 2010  Why we Christians are losing 85% of our children to secularism and paganism -- and how to change that...   Printed Version.   E. Fox  

** Multiculturalism does not make Vibrant Communities, but Defensive Ones --  Steve Sailer.  Comment by E. Fox

** The Community of Revelation & Faith  <- Audio.  The passing on of our worldview and faith requires a community of revelation and faith which carries on through thick and thin.  E. Fox sermon.  Printed Version May 22, 2011    

** Jesus & Truth <-Audio.  Is the Bible concerned with truth-seeking and truth-speaking today?  Yes.  The prophetic voice of the Bible needs to be applied to the present time.  When so applied, we find the American civil government to be apostate and treasonous.  This government, once under God and of, by, and for the people,  has rejected both God and the American people.  It has become no longer our servant, but our taskmaster.  As with the Hebrews, it is our own fault, but we can turn it around, if we repent of our own sins.  Printed Version.  Oct. 30, 2011.

 ** Romney and the Republican Party vs. America --  Romney's apparent capturing of sufficient votes to ensure his getting nominated as the Republican candidate ensures that growing Marxism tyranny and  will continue for the next several generations.  Not because the politicians are sold out to evil, but because the American people are sold out.  It means that the majority of the American people have lost any serious capacity to decide between right and wrong, between Godly and unGodly, between American and anti-American.   E. Fox...   (Read more..

** Is America Exceptional?  Norman Podhoretz in Imprimis from Hillsdale College - with commentary by E. Fox... 

End of the American Dream -- Dick Lamm, former Governor of Colorado... 

The Detroit-ification of America --  Detroit is America-in-Preview.   Once the richest city in America, now probably the most destroyed -- by political and industrial power-struggle, greed, and mismanagement.  The rest of America stands ready to follow suit....  IF we continue on the present Obama-led political course. 

Cultural Elites - the Next Unreached People Group -- Eric Metaxas - PDF document.  On evangelizing the cultural elites, most of whom think themselves above the Biblical worldview and Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Berit Kjos' website - Crossroad - Excellent info on state of culture war, education, occult, etc.   

Reconstructionist Warfare - Gary DeMar et al, Good but not Quite...  

Freedom Lost - Chuck Baldwin -- 2008 presidential candidate for the Constitution Party.   America is no longer the most free nation on earth... we barely make into the top 10....    And we are headed progressively downward.   It can be reversed, but only with a deep spiritual renewal, repentance, and reformation within the Church of God, especially the clergy.     E. Fox 

The New Sovereignty - excerpt from R. J. Rushdoony's book.  Powerful and accurate description of the enemy we Judeo-Christians face. 

Thomas Sowell - on the Culture War -- Hard Hitting.

Why is California Broke???   From the LA Times.   Of all places!!.   

Engaging the Culture: Not Easy, Not Optional -- from Summit Ministries  

Bishop E. W. Jackson -- All Christians to leave Democratic Party...   YES!

What it Was Like when Men were Free -- Beverly Eakman --  Looking back on a better past.  The past had many faults, but, in our warped pursuit of dealing with those faults, we are losing the good that was there.  All this is by design, not accident.  We are not evolving by chance, we are being criminally designed to fail.  See Centralized Coercion vs. Limited Government


Still One Nation?   --  Dr. Harry Ellis -  Diversity & Survival  

The Misery of Diversity -- by Ilana Mercer --  "When an academic discovers what ordinary mortals have known for eons, it's called science.  Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam has found that diversity is not a strength, but a weakness; the greater the diversity in a community, the greater the distrust.  Professor Putnam's five-year study was reported last year by the Financial Times and is finally percolating down to others in the media and blogosphere."     
     The real question is "relative truth..."  and the failure of truth-seeking.   Nothing much will change unless Christians understand that you cannot be a disciple of Jesus if you are not first a truth-seeker.  We must stop being position-defenders and become truth-seekers -- the only way to the true position.  Only that an put an end to the silly nonsense of relative truth and "diversity" of truth.
     I think Mercer is at fault in her article by seeming to affirm the rejection of "getting to know each other".  But she is right that social planners cannot do the work of getting people to meet and love one another.  God can and does, when we follow His mandates to love our neighbor, including the sojourner.     See also Pluralism in the Constitution Library, and Multiculturalism does not make Vibrant Communities, but Defensive Ones  E. Fox

 Mental Health, Education, & Social Control  --  Dennis Cuddy  --  link to article on use of drugs in school, and drift toward mandatory "mental health" screening.  The noose is tightening against any free market of ideas.  The illusion of "diversity" is a camouflage for mind-control.   We are not a healthy society, and we have little chance, given this truth, of being much help (e.g.) to the Iraqi's.   I am beginning to believe that the war against Saddam Hussein has been mainly a diversion from focus on our own evils.  See article on abortion just above this one.   See also other Dennis Cuddy articles: http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennisA.htmt  

the Wretched Lynching of George Zimmerman -  What looks like an astonishing case of willful lies and deceit on the part of the media et al  The truth did not come from the controlled media, but from the Internet.  No wonder some folks want to control it. 

EDUCATION - See Education Library 

** Freemarket Education vs. the Wall between Church & State -- Government education of children is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral (i.e., contrary to the law of God...)   

** The Leipzig Connection, by Paolo Lionni -- a short review by E. Fox of an excellent book on how American education has been taken over by charlatans with no interest in education, only in control, and how the militant secularist movement was so enormously successful in commandeering education for its own evil mind-control purposes.  

** The Other Education - David Brooks on Bruce Springsteen -- Commentary - E Fox on spiritual warfare

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  -- Charlotte Iserbyt --  (PDF file) Again the raw evidence.

Hillsdale Reinvents Teacher Education - Daniel Coupland (Hurrah!) --   Under pressure, Hillsdale improves its already excellent program and shows that accreditation doesn’t matter if you’re good.  Teacher certification is not the same as teacher education.  Hillsdale, forced to choose between them, chooses education.  There is NO good reason for government teacher or school certification.  It all becomes a control mechanism, mind-control, not education.  

A horrid development -- Sodomy violence in our high schools and lower.  You perhaps thought that homosexuality was benign...   We are seeing how homosexual behavior can be used by heterosexual persons to inflict violence and degradation on others -- as it has often in previous pagan "civilizations".  

 The Truth in American Education - Website with the real story of what is going on.  Read about our "new" Common Core education, which really     began at least as early as the 1960's.   


Civilization Depends on the Health of the Traditional Family --  Rod Dreher. 

"Fathers into Felons..."    Steve Baskerville  ---   on the coming cultural crunch.  An amazing statement of the nature of marriage and what we have done to it.   When the men wake up to what is being done, watch out.  Christians, where are you in this fray??? 


** Censorship - On the Internet (and elsewhere)

** Jesus or Civil Government -- who is Lord?   An exchange with a relative....  E. Fox 

** The Crisis of Capitalism & Socialism -  Jeffrey Nyquist - a superb moral/psychological analysis of Marxism and government centralization generally at http://www.theinteramerican.org   E. Fox commentary.

** Cracking the Code -- by Peter Eric Hendrickson -- a review by E. Fox   Go to www.losthorizons.com

** Jesus is Lord - Personal & Political <- Audio  "Jesus is Lord" is a political statement -- as all early Christians (and Caesar) knew.  Why are we Christians today so silent about that???  And what are the consequences???  Sermon.   Printed Version.   Oct. 23, 2011 

Warrentless Spying -- against America...   If this is not treason against the citizens, what is? 

Judge Andrew Napolitano - YES!  on defending our freedoms from the criminals in our government. 

God or Mammon? - Alan Keyes -  a bit of truth-telling about the American political situation, and what we, the people, must do.  

 What is "Cultural Marxism"?  by William Lind, an excellent short description of how Marxism gained control of America.  

War on Terror - or - War on Freedom???  Chuck Baldwin. 

Are We Witnessing the Rise of the Fourth Reich?  ---  Pastor Chuck Baldwin -- "...any western nation will rise or fall according to the attitudes and actions of its Christian leaders and churches.  ....while any nation might survive corrupt politicians, greedy merchants, and sinful citizens, it cannot survive cowardly, compromising churches! As the churches go, so goes the country!"  Baldwin is exactly right.  The corruption of the West is the fault, primarily, of the Church, not the politicians, and just like in Germany, can lead to totalitarianism. 

 The New Sovereignty - excerpt from R. J. Rushdoony's book.  Powerful and accurate description of the enemy we Judeo-Christians face. 

What refugees from Communism say about the "Occupy" movement...  PJ Media correspondent Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest official who has ever defected from the Soviet bloc. In 1989 Romanian tyrant Nicolae Ceausescu was executed at the end of a trial whose main accusations came out of Pacepa's book Red Horizons (Regnery Publishing, 1987), subsequently republished in 27 countries.
     NOTE:  As early as the  1960's I was hearing people from Europe, with both Nazi and Communist backgrounds, warning Americans that what they lived through in Europe was beginning here.  They were ignored, of course.   Well, here we are.  We can still get back America, but only if we turn back to God.  E. Fox. 

High Treason from Panetta and Obama vs. the Black Robed Regiment -- so called by the British during our war with George III.  The clergy wore black robes, many of whom preached fiery sermons against King George for his violation of the laws of God concerning how rulers should govern.  We appear to have a new King George for whom the Declaration of Independence fits -- read the list of complaints.  Sound familiar?   Some in Congress are preparing for an impeachment of Obama. E. Fox 

I Like Oklahoma...  Yes, indeedy.  Standing up against the treason and tyranny of our pseudo administration in Washington. 

Yuri Bezmenov - former Soviet agent - on How the Soviets planned to subvert America.   A stunner.  Video interview by Edward G. Griffin. 

Congressional Reform Act - 2012 ---  What the founders of America wanted from their governors.

2nd Amendment - the "well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..."  Devvy Kidd interviews Edwin Vieira on that security of a free state.   About 45 minutes of the best discussion available on the necessity of that Militia (of the people, not of the government) for the state to remain free.   WELL WORTH LISTENING TO....   45 minute powerful Constitutional lesson on why owning and being trained in using a gun is necessary.  Switzerland does it, and remained free through two world wars raging around them.   In WW 2, Japan did not seek to invade America because they heard that our citizens were armed.  E. Fox     

Homeland Security???  "Recently, the Department of Homeland Security purchased 750 million rounds of ammo.  Our military went through only about 70 million rounds per year during the Iraq War!   If you're as outraged as I am, I hope you'll take a few moments to read Senator Paul's email below and take action to help RANDPAC lead the fight to disarm federal agencies that have no legitimate law enforcement functions."   
    Read the Email from Senator Paul Rand's secretary -- one of the true Constitutionalists in Congress.  This ammunition is meant to threaten the citizens.  There is no other possible reason for DHS to purchase such absurd amounts of ammunition.  They are scared to death of the armed citizens in America.   
       Germany voted itself into a tyranny from which it could not vote itself out.   We Americans are being led down that same primrose path.   E. Fox 

America's most Biblically Hostile President Ever...   Must be read by every Christian and Jew.  But it is more important to be for Jesus than against Obama.  The best option is to set the two along side of each other for comparison.  No contest.   See two articles: The Middle Class - & Imago Dei, and Centralized Coercion vs. Limited Government   Our present administration is leading us directly into tyranny. 

99 Year War to Destroy America?   Dick Young...  

Guns and the Culture Cycle --  The evidence continues to be consistent and clear.  Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens leads to less crime, not more.  Objectors please explain why you continue to hold your anti-gun position.  

Jailed for Facebook Comments, Marine Sues...   God bless him!  Standing up for truth.  Watch the video with the Rutherford Inst. interviewed.  They do not say it out loud, unfortunately, that this is not merely "paranoia", as they say, it is deliberate intimidation in support of a mind-control program already long under way.    E. Fox. 

Iserbyt, Charlotte

Charlotte Iserbyt Page -- Go to this page for more information -- Iserbyt is a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order on the destruction of Christianity and its freedom in America and the world.  Visit her extraordinary website which stores original documents on this mess.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is.  Visit the Iserbyt Page for more info.   You can download her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.  Or, view it here on the Road


The Pope on Islam - an anniversary to be honored.  9-11 is now a decade ago, but we live with it today --  by the design, I think, of those who really were responsible.  
      The Pope does not recognize the extent of the evil of that day of infamy.  He rightly speaks for honest dialogue and discussion, but that has been effectively shut down, for most people, about who and what caused the event   One keeps hoping that truth will prevail, but the likelihood of that in our mind-controlled America is very small.  That will not change until Judeo-Christians become truth-seekers rather than position-defenders.  Then we will recapture the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground.  Nothing will be able to stop a spiritual renewal of mighty proportions across the West.    E. Fox.  

** I'm a Recovered Muslim - Bosch Fawstin.   A former Muslim speaks his mind on what is the true Islam and what is the new "friendly Islam".    E. Fox commentary. 

What Really Died at Auschwitz?   a reflection on the present course to disaster in the West. 


** Are Children "Infected" by Judeo-Christian Values? --  LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!  A piece from England with America right behind.   Christians and Jews had better get their intellectual, moral, and spiritual ducks in a row, or plan on being shut down for a long dark night of persecution.   Both the homosexual agenda and Islam are winning because of the apathy, stupidity, and cowardice of Judeo-Christians.   We are in a winnable war against both of these totalitarian movements, and against the globalists who are making "useful idiots" of them!    Commentary by E. Fox

** Is All Morality Subjective?  - letter to Washington Times from E. Fox

** Letter to Washington Times -- Government not the source of morality  

** The Beatitudes & the Saints <-Audio   All Saints Day Sermon - What does it mean to be a "saint"?  Maybe some surprises...    Printed Version - Nov. 6, 2011 

 The Truth About Men and the Church -- an astonishing Swiss report on how the fathers determine the religious sympathies of their children.  So, you think fathering and religion do not go together?   Wrong!   Men! Get your butt to church!  

"The Degenerate Generation..."  a British Medical Assn. study on the state of youth. 

"The Case for Judeo-Christian Values"  -- Dennis Prager (Jewish writer)

The Rise & Fall of Civilizations -- the sexualization of culture --  from Summit Ministries The Journal (www.summit.com )

Diana and Sainthood - Commentary on the cult of idol worship --  **What does it mean to be a "somebody"?

Anne Graham -- We Reap What We Sow --    A MUST READ 

Sen. Zell Miller -- "The US in Decline"    MUST READ -- yes there is hope for America.  Stand up with him.

"Civilization without Religion" - Russell Kirk (1992)   Where is Western Civ headed?   Do you have an answer for this picture? 

Societies  *Worse off*  "When They Have God on Their Side"  --  Can we rescue the reputation of God?

Stop Apologising for Being Christian!   --  says English Atheist  -- It's time Christians felt the same way. 

The Truth Project  --  Focus on the Family --   Worldview issues are catching on...! 

Village Atheist Meets Village Idiot -- Don Feder  - reflecting on Bill Maher...

Silencing the Christians --  How could Christians have allowed themselves to get to this state of affairs???   Can you say "brainwashing"?  or "cowardice"?   or "ignorance"?  among our pseudo-conservative leadership??? 


Human Trafficking ....  Another American Horror Story.... 

Albert Ellis now thinks homosexual persons not emotionally OK.   Part of an article from a Jewish point of view.   See also Dennis Prager's article

Dr. Scott Lively on the coming Homosexualist Attack on the Church Stern warning of a coming donnybrook -- against an almost totally unprepared Church.  Pray for the pastors, priests, elders, bishops to rise from the spiritually dead.  Sometimes it takes a persecution, a hard spanking from God to wake us up.   It will happen, the arms of the enemy are too short to box with God.  Either we force the discussion of homosexual behavior, or we will continue to lose this battle. 


** Western Civilization in Disintegration  --  What is Western Civ?   What are the stakes of the culture war?

** The Beatitudes & the Saints <-Audio   All Saints Day Sermon - What does it mean to be a "saint"?  Maybe some surprises...    Printed Version - Nov. 6, 2011 

The Death of an Age & Its Faith...  R. J. Rushdoony    A superb assessment of our current situation.  Humanism, not the world, is in its last days.  But it will almost for sure be a violent death with all of us caught in the carnage.   

The Big Picture: Our Curiously Failing Civilization --  from American Thinker.  Our tragically failing civilization...!  It need not have been happening -- if Christians had not lot their intellectual credibility -- along with moral and spiritual.  The article is good at the problem, but no sign of a solution.  Such as "Jesus is Lord".  The consequences (spiritual, moral, political, economic, cultural....) of Jesus being Lord are unavoidable.   It will happen whether anyone likes it or not, so we'd best get on with it.   E. Fox  

Move over insipid Christianity -- Paganism is the coming Western religion

"Killer Culture -- a Call to the Churches" -  by Bob Just --  A CALL TO ARMS.   PLEASE READ.

"Roots of American Culture & Community in Disarray" - Rep Bill Wood on Antonio Gramsci in House Ways & Means Committee.   SUPERB assessment of  the war within America.  Do you know the name -- Antonio Gramsci?    See Politics Page

Vishal Mangalwadi - Must the Sun Set upon the West?  From Michelangelo to Freud - the Devolution of Human Dignity.   This is a powerful discussion of the meaning of Western Culture from an Indian scholar.    

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