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Global Control & Spiritual Warfare
a Debate:
Olavo de Carvalho vs. Aleksandr Dugin

F. Earle Fox

I am responding to a reading of a debate which can be found at http://www.theinteramerican.org/blogs/olavo-de-carvalho.html

Prof. Aleksandr Dugin is leader of the International Eurasian Movement, which seeks to unify Russia with China as the answer to the world's problems.  (Believe it or not...)  He holds an influential position in the current Russian hierarchy of power.  Prof. de Carvalho describes Dugin as "the mentor of the Putin government and the brains behind Russian foreign policy".   That such a person would be found to engage in such a debate is itself astonishing.  But the astonishment takes another turn, for reasons given below.   At any rate, we have reason to believe that Dugin's comment represent what the Russian government wants the rest of us to hear, and at least some sense of what is behind the present Russian continuation of communism, that is, their new and revised brand of totalitarianism. 

Prof. Olavo De Carvalho leads the Inter-American Institute at http://www.theinteramerican.org, where the debate is posted.

The debate is a long read, but well worth the trouble if you are interested in some vital inside information on what is going on in the massive power struggle around the world. 


The debate as such never actually gets off the ground because Dugin is unwilling to accept de Carvalho's own description of what he himself believes.  So Dugin spends his time attacking something that does not exist.  But in doing so, Dugin quite candidly reveals himself and his own position.  Dugin and de Carvalho agree that the main contenders for power in the world are the Western globalists, Dugin's Eurasian Movement, and Islam. 

Dugin claims to be an Orthodox Christian, that is, a member of the Russian Orthodox Church.  That could happen only if the still very alive communists in Russia have been able to install one of their own as the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church who will reinterpret Orthodoxy into communist terms (perhaps the so-called "social gospel").  There has long been suspicion in my own mind that that had happened (like the controlled "Church" in China).  Such people are more interested in being "Russian" and in being in control than in being Christian, and will use anything they can manipulate to market their control of the world. 

Dugin makes only one reference to orthodox (small 'o') Christianity (that is, Christianity which holds to the orthodox Biblical worldview and Biblical Good News) and that was with a contemptuous wave of his verbal hand.  He considers it unworthy of attention. 

Dugin's contemptuous rejection of honest Christianity may be a sign of fear, that the enemies of truth and righteousness know somewhere deep down that a renewed Judeo-Christian world is their worst nightmare.  Dugin insisted that de Carvalho was really a part of the Western Globalist scheme of things, when that is patently not the case.  One has to conclude that either Dugin knows nothing of honest Christianity, or he willfully refused to discuss the topic. 


My deeper concern is, as de Carvalho notes, that Christians are not even in the war, we are typically asleep in our own "relevant", relative-truth, feel-good poppy fields, oblivious to the horrendous dangers surrounding us.   We clergy especially, are typically far more concerned with peace in our congregations rather than truth, and so have rendered ourselves and churches innocuous in the cosmic war.  We "dialogue to consensus", not to truth.  So we deserve some of Dugin's contempt. 

We hear talk about a "World War III" coming up.  But there has been a far more important cosmic war going on ever since the Fall.  The spiritual war, not much discussed in sermons, is the real war, which will end only with the return of the King.  Every military or culture war is but a subset of the spiritual war.  However, in the meantime, God has given us all we need to make a serious dent in plans of the Evil one, to drive him and his cohorts back into the caves and under the rocks.  They cannot tolerate the light of truth -- so we must become truth-seekers, truth-speakers, and truth-livers. 

Otherwise, there is no hope for the survival of the Christian Church, not, at least, in any way that it could affect the public arena.  We ourselves will be hiding  under the rocks and in the caves -- that is, unless and until we (1) recover the Biblical worldview, (2) learn how to explain the Gospel of Jesus Christ in terms which are no longer full of those contradictions and anomalies which have plagued us and divided us, at least since the debates between Augustine and Pelagius, and (3) most importantly, we become committed to the Way of the Cross, the pursuit of truth, and to Him who is the truth -- at any cost to ourselves.  Satan has so befuddled us that we have become rarely able to explain either our worldview or our Gospel in reasonable terms, let alone openly follow Him, in whose world and by whose Gospel, we live.  

That does not need to be the case, and helping to provide that intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity is the aim of both the Inter-American Institute and my ministry, www.theRoadtoEmmaus.org

We must become truth-seekers, not primarily position-defenders.  That is, we must understand that (1) the Bible has its own intellectual, philosophical integrity, which has rarely been, but can be, elucidated, (2) that the Biblical worldview is the only rational worldview there is, and (3) that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is demonstrably the only reasonable path for the human race.  Truth-seeking alone leads to the true position.  There is no other way.  Reason and revelation are by God firmly welded together, back to back, to make the sharp two edges of the Sword of the Spirit. 

Those are strong, some would say absurd, counter-cultural claims, but I have no doubt they can be sustained. 

Prof. de Carvalho, Jeffrey Nyquist, and other members of the Inter-American Institute are warning us of the great impending danger to the whole of Western (which rightfully means Christian) civilization -- a danger which looms larger and larger before us, oblivious though we be.  May God grant us the grace to wake up and take the offensive.

The remnants of the Christian West are not dead and gone, but neither are they very alive, hardly even luke warm. But by the power of the Spirit of God, who comes from a depth and from a height which the Enemy cannot touch, all this can change.

I will be presenting in a few weeks an online seminar on "The Theology of Civil Government - why Government Requires God" at www.ustream.tv.  (See also, http://www.emmausmall.org/seminars.html )  The material then will become a book.  Judeo-Christians MUST learn how to talk gracefully, reasonably, and persistently about why and how God is sovereign over all things, including over civil government.  No King but Jesus! proclaimed the American colonial preachers. 

 Churchill said that we should fight when there is still a chance of winning, but that there might come a time when there is no hope of winning, yet that we will have to fight because it is better to die fighting than to become slaves.  Or, as Patrick Henry ignited the Virginians to fight.... against the then globalist, King George III...

All three of the global contenders for power, Dugin's Eurasian Movement, Islam, and the Western Globalists, have it in mind to enslave the rest of us.  Only that Judeo-Christian view, which Dugin refused to recognize in Prof. de Carvalho, has any chance at all of uniting the people of the world in truth, righteousness, and love.  


Addenda: More comments following on the Final Remarks of both speakers --

The debate by this time has totally collapsed, there being no common ground between the two speakers allowed by Prof. Dugin.  Prof. de Carvalho concludes by elucidating the philosophical and historical background for the development of the current Russian position, that is, Dugin's Eurasian view of global conflict. 

Prof. de Carvalho describes in some detail the background of the Eurasian idea, and the "Sea vs. Land" opposition which appears to undergird the present Russian view of power struggle, going back perhaps to the Bolshevik revolution.  Whether that is just for public display or they really believe it is not clear to me.  But de Carvalho does a good job of showing why it does not hold together as a coherent theory of political struggle.  (I recommend reading the whole discussion on both sides.)  It suggests some ideas on why Communist Russia and Nazi Germany have a strangely kindred relationship.  The Eurasian theory rests on a metaphysical, semi-religious, not a secular, view of conflict.  So did Nazism. 


My answer to all of this is, again, that we Christians must - sooner rather than later - rediscover our Biblical worldview, and begin to market the Biblical view of civil government.  Without our worldview and understanding of Godly government, we Judeo-Christians stand intellectually naked in the public square, fatally deficient in presenting our faith.  The Biblical worldview and Good News towers intellectually, morally, and spiritually over its opposition, but one would never know that from hearing most public debate on the matter. 

Dugin ends with a further explication of his Eurasian ideas, equating them with all that is good and right.  He calls his new ideas the "fourth political philosophy" (the first being western liberalism, the second being the classical form of communism, and the third being national socialism and fascism).  The fourth philosophy is supposed to distill from the first three the essence of goodness and overcome the dominance especially of western liberalism.   That, I think, is a fool's errand -- because those first three are inherently deficient.  

The real global war is that between the Biblical world (God is both creator and sovereign over all that is) and all other beliefs, all of which boil down to some form of random-chance evolution as the final explanation of all things (the Perennial Worldview of all paganism and secularism).  Only the Biblical worldview can support a limited government for a free people.  The Perennial (secular/pagan) world will always drift toward a centralized and totalitarian government.  Whether it be right or left is of little consequence to the rational and Godly freedom of us, the people.  

The secular/pagan world is the Godless world of the Fall -- including Dugin's version of the Orthodox Church.  It cannot succeed.  Only if Judeo-Christians recover their worldview and Good News with intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity as truth-seekers will we be able to change the course of this debate to a positive direction, whether in academia, politics, economics, education, family life, or on the battle field.  Under the law and grace of God, it is a doable task. 

The good news is that increasing numbers of very capable Christian apologists are appearing on the scene.  Christians are rediscovering their intellectual credibility, and, if willing to do the hard and sometimes painful work of preparation, finding that they can indeed take on the opposition quite handily.  If this intellectual, moral, and spiritual renewal continues, there will be a powerful shift in our cultural tides.   Success will begin to draw the fire of persecution on ourselves, but we will, in the grace of God, as the early Christians with Rome, also begin to win. 


This debate is recorded at http://www.theinteramerican.org/blogs/olavo-de-carvalho.html

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Date Posted - 07/06/2011   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012