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Insight into China


[COMMENT:   An email from Don Hank (  ) from a friend of his -- regarding the secularized Chinese culture and values.  More and more of this is coming out.       E. Fox] 


Forward from Janet Barnes:


Everyone has had a swing at the speech Obama gave today at the Pacific Rim conference.  I have had some unique experiences that I believe will shed a different light on his words.  The first thing to note is that He admits that he is a "citizen of the world"  which amounts to him not being loyal to or identified with America and the result is that he speaks to each audience what they want to hear.  He tells them what they believe since he has no real heartfelt beliefs of his own, he says what is expedient, what will gain him favor and admiration.

Thus he said to the Chinese what they believe about Americans.  I worked for a Chinese company here in Indiana for three years.  I can tell you that the Chinese supervisors swear at the American workers and call them lazy regularly, daily, constantly..  You see the Chinese citizens of this company live in company provided housing.  They work 16 hour days.  If the company needs a worker to go to America.. well they just send them, family is left behind, the worker has no option.  Once in America (the work assignments are 6 mo and 1 year) the workers are housed in dump motels or cheap apartments.  They sleep 6-8 to a two bedroom apartment and they are picked up every morning and driven to work in a company van.  When the work is done (this does not mean just an 8 hour shift)  they are returned to the dorm apartment to sleep.  They end up living in filth and squalor.  While in America they never go to a movie, the zoo or even the mall.  They are given a small stipend for necessities, but their salary of $8.50 per hour is held by the company.  When they return to China they receive their pay, but in yen, not in dollars. 

In the Chinese housing at the mainland China factory they had a rash of suicides and even had to put chain link fencing along a raised bridge to prevent more. BTW this is where all of the electronics are made; Apple, Dell, X-Box, HP, ALL of them are made in one factory!

There is a savage racism among the Chinese and they regard blacks with great contempt to the point that blacks are not allowed to enter the office areas, they are to stay on the factory floor where they belong. [Where have you read about THIS in the media?? Don] The American work force is 80% temp workers who are not employees, receive no benefits and can be laid off at a moment's notice.  They are so low paid they are at the mercy of the  company.  When you keep a person at less than subsistence wages so that they are barely hanging on.. they will do whatever they can to keep their job.  Did I mention that illegals are hired through the temp services (when they are hired through a service the company can plead innocence).  Once there was to be an ICE raid and the office received a call an hour before they arrived.  The shift was sent home and only the American employees were left when ICE arrived.  Employees in the factory represented over 100 countries even Myanmar and spoke every language including Click language.

The Chinese culture is a Godless one (unless you count the superstitious veneration of the Chinese buddha) and one of the stark manifestations of that is the human sexual trafficking that is accepted among the upper management.  There is a bevy of very thin, meticulously groomed and fashionably dresses young women who are hired to do menial office work by day and sexual favors by night.  One heartbreaking incident which I saw with my own eyes involved a young married woman who had a 2 year old daughter.  Mary was sent to our factory from China for a short 3 month assignment to work on a large accounting project.  When she arrived she cried often in the restroom, she told me she missed her husband and daughter.  She was a slight mousy girl, quiet and very plainly dressed, with  natural, uncurled hair and little make-up.   Her assignment was extended for an extra three months, but she returned to China at the end of the year.  I was happy that she would be back with her husband and toddler.  But at the end of January, she returned.  She had been given a total makeover; hair, make up, clothes and spiked heels made her look like a runway model and I later found out that she was now the concubine of the plant manager.  Her husband was given an expensive cell phone so that she could talk to her daughter.  In their culture this is acceptable and they are carrying on their culture in America. 

After this incident occurred I knew that I could no longer work in this evil place.  My office had been in the same room as the Buddha shrine and I heard the little man come in every morning to carry out the rituals to appease the idol (which was supposed to bring prosperity), once a month at the crescent moon a long table was placed before the shrine and covered with very fragrant food which was left for half an hour or so and then was eaten by the managers.  I later found out that the Buddha's glass case had a circle cut out in front of his face so that he could smell the food offered to him.  I had scripture verses posted around my cube and spoke freely of the Lord, ministering His truth as I had opportunity, but I could no longer stay when I knew the real depth of the depravity that was being practiced. 

Yes, Barack is a "citizen of the world', but it isn't the Christian world where each person is valued and respected and possesses inalienable rights.  His world is a world of the powerful abusing the poor, the haves taking advantage of the helpless, of taking what isn't yours and pain and sorrow.

I know what the Chinese mean when they call Americans "lazy".  They mean that Americans aren't willing to be used and abused.  Americans will not quietly accept bondage.  We expect a fair wage for a hard day's work and time off to spend with family and rest.  Americans think for themselves and they speak their mind.  They expect to be treated as humans not chattel. 
Yes, the Chinese think Americans are lazy, but then all slave holders have contempt for uppity slaves.  I'm sure that the Chinese leaders were nodding their heads in agreement at Barack's words of scorn for those he governs.

The question remains then will Americans follow Obama's words and become the slaves of the Chinese or will Americans once again rise up, rebel against tyranny and take our destiny back into our own hands, work hard, earn our way out of this debt rut and forge a new American future in freedom with liberty and justice for all?  Or will we willingly become the slaves of evil men who desire to become rich from our labors?

America once again you must decide: freedom or bondage.  Which will you choose?  Are you willing to pay the cost?

In His service,

Janet Barnes

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Date Posted - 11/15/2011   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012