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Socialized Medicine in Japan
Not very encouraging...

[COMMENT:   Below is from an email by an eyewitness to conditions in Japan.  It agrees with what I have been saying, that socialization of a society leads to apathetic, dumbed down, and frightened citizens.  

What we gave Japan after the war, just like Germany, was not our Biblical form of government, but socialism, or as we say, "liberal democracy".  It turns out to be neither liberal nor democratic.  As the writer says below, it promotes murder and destroys freedom.      E. Fox]

Mr. Tanaka
I can never forget his face. He was looking up at me pleading for help.
I did my best, but Mr. Tanaka died, as healthy as he could be simply because he was too old and to Socialized Medicine no longer worth the investment.
I was born and raised in Japan and one of the special wonders of Japan is how well the young American's inspired by the New Deal and the optimism following the end of the war designed the country.
Two of those wonders are Medical Insurance and the Pension system.
Both are mandatory and are one of the key reasons when much of the Asia is in such difficult straights, Japan sails on.
Mr. Tanaka was a dear friend.
He had served in World War II and although 75 - still young by Japanese standards - he travelled the world, first to see it and second to say "sorry" for all the things that he had seen during the War.
He had just come back from another trip to Southeast Asia and had contracted Malaria while volunteering at a disaster site.
I rushed to the hospital to see him and was informed solemnly by the family and attending doctor that he was dying.
"You don't die from Malaria" was my first reaction and seeing his face, although unconscious seemingly pleading for help I began to move.
In answer to my question about why they weren't treating him the doctor coldly responded "We don't have any Malaria medicine."
"Well of course you don't - nobody gets Malaria in Japan these days - just check with one of the bigger hospitals and get some."
"We tried but it will take too long" he responded.
Now I could tell something was very wrong. My dear friend had contracted Malaria and of course the tiny local hospital didn't have anything for it, but the Doctor for some strange reason wasn't enthusiastic to help.
Realizing that the hospital was just next to an American Military Base I immediately called and of course located a supply of Malaria Medicine which they cheerfully said they could bring over in ten minutes.
Relieved, I went back to the Doctor and let him know.
Instead of thanks I got a much colder "Stop messing with our business. Nobody asked you to do that."
Now I was confused. I had located the medicine that would save my friends life and the doctor was mad.
I immediately went to his family and told them that he would be ok.
As we spoke, in stepped the doctor who coldly proclaimed "Are you going to believe him or me . . ."
I pleaded and pleaded but the confused family took the Doctors word that there was nothing that could be done and dear Mr. Tanaka, as healthy as could be, simply needing a Malaria shot, died.
As the debate on Health Care became news, I suddenly remembered my experience with my dear friend and for the first time put two and two together.
Mr. Tanaka died because while the Japanese Medical Insurance System is good in providing universal medical coverage, it is not accountable and there is an unwritten rule to not provide special help to the elderly.
There is another even more dangerous aspect of the health insurance system - it produces docile, obedient "citizens".
Finding their very lives in the hands of government, they become obedient, quiet and afraid.
Not only does it promote murder, it destroys freedom.
The current debate is not about providing health insurance to the uninsured - something must be done and can be done about that.
Rather, it is about trying to change the very culture of America. What is at stake is liberty itself.
Ken Joseph Jr.

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Date Posted -  07/28/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012