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Obama's Goal

[COMMENT:   This is from Dick Morris, TV In the Morning.  He is right on target economically with some good insights.  But, I think, he does not see the spiritual issues.  This is primarily about: Who owns the world, the cosmos?  The spiritual rules the economic and the political because God owns it all. 

We have only two choices: God or civil government.  Only government looks Big Enough to take the place of God.  And then the power hungry flock to government levers of control.  

The front lines of battle are not an ocean away from America anymore, they are right at our front door.  They always were at our front doors, but we Americans especially thought we were the good guys and had defeated the bad guys in WW 2.   No, the bad guys were right here at home, and had been subverting our Biblical government before the ink was dry on the Constitution.  

And being fallen also, we "good guys" ourselves have our problems -- with which we must first deal before changing the rest of the world.  We must first be faithful servants of the Lord before we can be converters of the world (get ourselves grafted into the Vine, the Son of God.....)  In the world, the power-mongers hold all the high cards.  But with God, we can hold the aces.   E. Fox] 


Click here for youtube online version of Obama's Goal - http://www.youtube.com/v/LdTyUvY66Mw?version=3   (Quicker download)

Click here for same version right here on the Road.  But use this only if previous url does not work, because this one will take a couple of minutes to download:  Obama's Goal 

For more on government takeover of society, go to http://www.JackMcLamb.us/


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Date Posted - 10/04/2011   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012