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90,000,000 Americans Functionally Illiterate

Earle Fox

90,000,000 Americans functionally illiterate - half the adult population -- from http://darrinrows.blogspot.com/
       I remember the banner headlines in 1993.  The figure is routinely mocked today, but the truth is that it can only have gotten worse, not better.  And that will remain the case until parents reassert their obligation and right to educate their own children as they see fit, and
we remove government from all connection to education, totallyFor the most part, parents love their children, bureaucrats love their power and their turf -- people are just numbers. 

       Quote from the above website (scroll down to about half way on the page, in the middle of other stuff): "Here's a fun factoid - about 90 million Americans (55% of the adult population) are functionally illiterate. That's from the National Adult Literacy Survey in 1993. Now, assuming that half the adult population hasn't been striving to get their read on in the past 12 years, it's safe to say it's around the same level now.
     Usually, I'd like to tell some kind of joke here, but I think this bears repeating - according to the National Adult Literacy Survey in 1993, 90 million Americans are illiterate. That's 90 million, which when written out looks like this: 90,000,000. That's the number of people who can't read. In America." 

      Here is the 1993 study, pdf format: http://nces.ed.gov/pubs93/93275.pdf

      The figures given in this report must be compared with homeschooled adults (PDF) & religious faithfulness  and with early American literacy rates, prior to government control. 

      Functional illiteracy means inability to do the things required to get along in society, read a bus schedule, write a check, simple things that we take for granted. 

This illiteracy was being tracked already by the military induction services.  The illiteracy grew substantially from the early 1940's to the present.  A greater and greater percentage of men had to be rejected because of poor education. 

      It had already in the 1980's been stated by officials  that that was the first generation in which children would not receive an education better than their parents.  Nothing has changed because officialdom does not want it to.  They want a controllable, not an educated, population (Thank you, John Dewey et al).  GET YOUR CHILDREN OUT of GOVERNMENT EDUCATION.... 

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Date Posted - 03/14/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 02/07/2013