Letter to School Board Member
on Homosexual Strategy
by E. Fox

        [COMMENT:  This letter was inspired by Rosemarie Avila's recent letter to the Orange County (California) Register.  Mrs. Avila severely took to task the school board, and spelled out the dangers of accepting the SIECUS and Planned Parenthood version of sex education.] 

Dear Mrs. Avila, 

I received an email with your article in the Orange County Register on the "gay" agenda being imported into the Santa Ana school system.  Thank you for standing up.   I have been involved in these struggles in the Episcopal Church since 1987, watching the Church self-destruct, largely because the conservative leadership would not draw a line in the sand and would not go on the offensive. 

Napoleon rightly observed that the logical end of defensive war is surrender.   That is essentially what the conservative forces everywhere in America have been doing since the battle began.  America is on the same path as the Episcopal Church, and, if it continues, will similarly self-destruct. 

We have been fighting a war in which one side has no live ammunition (no fact or logic on its side) only blanks, but they are shooting and making a huge noise, while the other side has an armory full of live ammunition (fact and logic) but are scared to shoot.  This is a war which should have been won right at the beginning, and which will be won one day.  But it may not be until the price to be paid by our children and grandchildren will be much higher than we will have to pay now if we should go on the offensive. 

We could begin to turn the tide almost immediately if we would use the ammunition we have right at our disposal and aim at their strategic jugular vein, that is, by forcing the other side to admit publicly its true aims.   In the four or so decades of this discussion, the real issue has never been put on the table. 

Perhaps you have read After the Ball by Marshall KIrk and Hunter Madsen, the two key strategists for the homosexual agenda.  They outline what they candidly admit is a propaganda program, ie. brainwashing, for the American public.  They have all but accomplished their goals, largely through the public school system.  Every school  is America is targeted. 

I wrote a book several years ago documenting the same issues, Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?   the Wedding of Truth to Compassion and Reason to Revelation.   But the conservative public has not seen fit to pick up on the real issues.  The subject of homosexuality scares them half to death. 

More recently, David Kupelian has written The Marketing of Evil, in which he identifies the strategies employed by people such as Kirk and Madsen, and others, to portray evil as good to the public.  We have all but bought it, hook, line, and sinker.  And, for the most part, it has been our own apathy, comfort-seeking, etc., which has allowed this to happen. 

The issue Kirk and Madsen, and the whole pseudo-liberal agenda, have successfully kept hidden is astonishing -- the key issue of all, the very thing which homosexual advocates want to sell the public.  They have successfully sold America a pig in a poke.  The issue is not compassion, love, or inclusiveness.  The item they want approved is homosexual behavior.  Conservatives have been too prudish, too cowardly, or too ignorant to force the subject onto the table.  But it must be done. 

It is absurd that homosexual behavior can be taught openly to our children in Massachusetts (and other) public schools, and yet our leadership is not willing to say out loud, or even force the homosexual advocates to say out loud, what they are really up to.   Small wonder that the children of conservative parents have little respect for them, and are leaving the faith of the parents at the rate of about 85% by the time they leave the family nest. 

If "our side" ever actually forces the behavior issue onto the table, there will be a fire storm, and then it will be all over.  The homosexual agenda cannot survive an open and honest airing of the facts of the matter.  Evil cannot survive in the light. 

Attached is a *.pdf article which gives the strategy for forcing that discussion truthfully and gracefully.   It need not be done with anger or vengeance, just honestly, gracefully, but no quarter asked or given on the matter of truth.  If we are wrong, we should want to know, but so should they.  Homosexual behavior is ugly, it is addictive, and it is lethal.  But most of the public has been persuaded that it is benign. 

I use a two-liner when talking with people on the other side:

You and I are on opposite sides of the homosexuality issue, but if the evidence should show that God approves and that homosexual behavior is healthy, I will stand with you;

On the other hand, if the evidence should show that God does not approve, or that homosexual behavior is not healthy, would you be willing to reconsider your position? 

I have never failed to make serious contact with a person when I make myself vulnerable to the truth, whatever it may be (see Elijah on Mount Carmel, I Kings 18:17 ff.) and invite them into an honest discussion in this way. 

You might want to visit my website, http://theroadtoemmaus.org, which specializes in Christian apologetics, and look at the Homosexuality Library  (http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/PnSx/HSx/00HoSx.htm ) for further info.  You can also see my bio at http://theroadtoemmaus.org/EM/Fox/EFox.htm 

If I can be of help in your situation, please get in touch with me. 

Earle Fox
**Emmaus Ministries - a School of Christian Apologetics
**791 Valley Crest Dr., Vista, Ca  92084  760 295-8061

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