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Education -- (See Education Library)

** The Leipzig Connection, by Paolo Lionni -- a short review by E. Fox of an excellent book on how American education has been taken over by charlatans with no interest in education, only in control, and how the militant secularist movement was so enormously successful in commandeering education for its own evil mind-control purposes.

                                 IS PUBLIC EDUCATION NECESSARY
These two books make an excellent history of the devious development of public education.

Moore, Ray -- LET MY CHILDREN GO - Why Parents Must Remove Their Children From Public Schools

Carlson, Jill -- WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS READING? - The Alarming Trend in Today's Teen Literature

Eakman, B.K. --    EDUCATING FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER - on the mind-control techniques used
     in schools --  the story of Anita Hogue and her family in southwestern Pennsylvania.
CLONING OF THE AMERICAN MIND - Eradicating Morality Through Education

Iserbyt, Charlotte -- two websites:  American Deception #1  and   American Deception #2  

Gatto, John Taylor -- THE UNDERGROUND HISTORY OF AMERICAN EDUCATION -- A Schoolteacher's Intimate Investigation into the Problem of Modern Schooling.  Gatto was "teacher of the year" in New York city and state until he quit to write this book.  A must read for info from the "inside".   (ISBN 0-945-70004-0  Available from Oxford Village Press, New York, or The Odysseus Group 212 529-9397) 

Bloom, Alan -- THE CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND -- a damning critique of the American education system and of American intellectual credibility.    Was a runaway best seller.  

The Harsh Truth About Public Schools --  Bruce Shortt -- one of the Baptist proponents of the recommendation at the recent Baptist conference to get Baptist children out of government run schools.   Individual copies of Shortt's new book THE HARSH TRUTH ABOUT PUBLIC SCHOOLS
     > can be ordered at http://www.chalcedonstore.com/ . For bulk purchases, contact
     > chorders@goldrush.com  or call (209) 736-4365 

Education Websites:   (see also Ed Website Page)

Network for Educational Opportunity (now replaces The Alliance for the Separation of School & State - www.sepschool.org )  This is one of the most exciting ventures afoot to pry education loose from  government control.   Led by Alan Schaeffer.     

Exodus Mandate -  www.exodusmandate.org

PABBIS - Parents Against Bad Books in School  -  www.pabbis.com 

Get the Kids Out - www.getthekidsout.org - on the Baptist resolution to do just that. 
            For the Baptist resolution, go to http://getthekidsout.org/resolution.php






Sexuality -- (Sexuality Libraries)

See extensive Bibliography for Sexuality Issues

Beverly Eakman - a writer who does her  homework -- with several articles listed on sexuality issues.


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