Baptists Getting Ready...
to Get Children Out of Public Schools

        [COMMENT:  The Baptists are one of the largest religious denominations in the US, and their substantial withdrawal from public schooling will have a tremendous effect, not only on the schools directly, but by the momentum and collateral damage to an iniquitous system. 

        James Dobson at Focus on the Family has made the same recommendation. 

        Go to for further information on how to accomplish withdrawal. 

        May God bless their efforts.    E. Fox] 

> COLUMBIA, SC, Nov. 7 /Christian Wire Service/ -- When Dr. Voddie Baucham and Bruce
N. Shortt first presented their resolution to the SBC's 2005 Annual Meeting urging
Southern Baptists to investigate whether their school districts are collaborating
with homosexual activists, Baucham and Shortt didn't foresee that the 2005 Annual
Meeting would unanimously pass a resolution substantially similar to theirs or
that it would inspire Baptist leaders in conventions covering at least 28 states
to introduce similar resolutions. They also didn't expect that Dr. Albert Mohler,
the SBC's leading theologian, would publicly state in response to the issues
raised by the Baucham-Shortt resolution that it is now time for responsible
Southern Baptists to develop an exit strategy from the public schools.
> Homosexual activists claim that nearly 3,000 public middle and high schools have
homosexual clubs, and public schools are rapidly adopting curricula and policies
teaching that the homosexual lifestyle is morally acceptable. Consequently, the
sponsors of the state resolutions see a pressing need for continuing the debate
over homosexual activism in public schools that was begun by the Baucham-Shortt
> Roger Moran, a prominent Southern Baptist leader from Missouri and member of the
SBC executive committee, calls for bold Christian leadership in education:
> "One of the great tragedies of American Christianity has been the near universal
failure of its leaders to boldly proclaim the inherent dangers lurking within
America's government owned and controlled schools. But now, in the context of
Southern Baptist life, that is beginning to change. We are beginning to understand
with increased clarity that the worldview into which our children are being
educated in the public schools matters supremely. The secular worldview taught in
our public schools has not only laid the foundation for a 'new morality,' but with
the aid of liberal activist judges has cleared the way for pro-homosexuality
activists in their massive effort to recruit America's young people to the
homosexual lifestyle."
> Bruce Shortt, co-sponsor with T.C. Pinckney of the Christian Education resolution
that was submitted to the 2004 SBC Annual Meeting, notes that attitudes among
Christians about education are changing rapidly:
> "For years the public schools have been the 'golden calf' of American
evangelicals. Many leaders and pastors have been afraid to speak out about the
ways in which public schools are destroying our children because of the influence
within their congregations of public school teachers, administrators, and parents.
Today, however, it is almost impossible to conceal the virulent pathologies of the
government schools, and a sea change is occurring in how Christians view the
government's schools. There can be no better evidence of this change than Dr.
Mohler's statement that responsible Baptists should begin developing an exit
strategy from the public schools. Dr. Mohler is absolutely right and should be
commended for his leadership and courage. Another clear sign of mounting awareness
and concern over the harm public schools are doing is reflected by the fact that
the number states covered by Christian education resolutions has nearly doubled
over last year."
> Dr. Baucham points out that by rescuing children from government schools that
collaborate with homosexual activists Christians are both helping the least among
us and carrying out the Great Commission:
> "Children from low income or single parent families are often most vulnerable to
the lies of homosexual activists. Our churches need to intervene to provide those
children with a Christian education. The mission field is not just overseas; it is
right here. And this mission effort requires a more serious commitment than just
handing out tracts or sharing a testimony. No passage in the Bible suggests that
God is concerned about our churches having large sanctuaries or elaborately
produced music. He will, however, hold us accountable for our stewardship of our
> Mark Cole, a Texas homeschooling father and conservative activist, also puts it
> "Christian parents are increasingly concluding that the profound decline in moral
standards in many public schools make them unfit places for Christian children.
The betrayal of our children by school districts that allow homosexuality to be
portrayed as an acceptable lifestyle is just the latest manifestation of this.
Public schools should strive to provide children with an excellent basic education
without undermining traditional morality."
> Like the Baucham-Shortt resolution, the state Christian education resolutions
typically point out the dangers inherent in the homosexual lifestyle, note the
ways in which school districts are collaborating with homosexual activists, call
for parents and churches to investigate their local school districts, and set
forth standards that parents should observe in choosing how their children will be
> The SBC state conventions have their meetings in late October through mid
November, and the sponsors of the state Christian education resolutions plan to
have their resolutions debated at their state conventions.
> Additional information, including the text of a typical state resolution, can be
found at

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