Pharaoh, Let my children go....
a Baptist Exodus???

I attended a meeting (May 20, 2004) of some friends with one of the authors of the Southern Baptist proposed resolution to get their children out of the secularized, paganized, and now homosexualized public school system. 

The annual Southern Baptist Convention is nearly upon us (coming in June, week of the 14th, in Indianapolis), so the strategy is to lay the groundwork for next year if the resolution does not win this year. 

There is no more important systemic change necessary in America than getting government totally out of education, and returning the control of education to parents, and to the agencies chosen by them.  That alone would undercut the hammer-lock secularism/paganism has on America by providing a free-market of education and ideas -- something almost totally lacking in the West today. 

We will keep you posted on these events. 

And in the meantime, get your children out of the public school system -- which is neither public nor education. 


UPDATE: 6/18/04

Sadly, the Southern Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly to not get their children out of government-run schools.  The public education system has too strong a hold on our minds and feelings.  We feel it would be unAmerican to stop the public school system.  

The truth is exactly the opposite.  Government-controlled education attacks the very heart of freedom -- the separation of powers in government.  See the Real Wall Between Church & State.   It is not what you probably think. 

Personal friends who were at the SBC meeting report that the Baptists are just like the rest of western Christendom, lost in the civil religion of poor thinking and feeling-orientation.  Just with a Baptist flavor. 

But God is raising up His Gideon army.  You are invited.  We will try again next year.  And the next.   And the next, until Pharaoh lets our children go. 

See websites on this issue.

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