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Communism in CA School?

[COMMENT:   A Bill on Schwarzenegger's Desk will apparently open the door to teaching Communism in Government Schools.  Go to Capital Resource Institute -- to call into the Governor's office and express your opinion -- http://capwiz.com/capitolresource/callalert/index.tt?alertid=11770716    Go to www.leginfo.ca.gov (do search for SB 1322) to read the bill.  It is very difficult legalese reading -- lots of cross references to other documents, so you hardly know what is being said.          

  My  take on the matter: Communism is NOT dead, as the bill says.  The dangers are just as great as ever.  Only the Soviet Union is dead, but Communism is alive and well in a more "friendly" guise -- Antonio Gramsci's "long subversive march through our institutions".  The drift toward socialism, centralization of coercive force, and control of more aspects of our lives means -- tyranny.  It matters little whether we label it "communism" or "socialism".  Our grandchildren will not thank us. 
        The "Democrats" (now run by many who favor something close to Communism) want to lower the defenses against Communism, but forbid us to teach Christianity, Communism's worst enemy. 
        This mind-control is what happens to education whenever it is controlled by the government rather than a freemarket --- we no longer have a freemarket of ideas.  And we no longer have a democratic constitutional republic. 
        Communism is just as much a "religion" as is Christianity (it has its own worldview, morality, politics, culture, etc.), but there are no laws on the Governor's desk to make it easier to teach Christianity -- which gave us our Constitutional freedoms.  Is it not clear where the Democratic Party is going?  A centralized, tyrannical government is in the making in America. 
        We are in a war where only one side is shooting.  What is the matter with our side???  Where are our spiritual leaders?   See Collapse of Conservatism...  There is essentially no conservative movement alive, and America is spiritually leaderless.  That means (IF WE DO NOT REPENT) the end of Western Christian Civilization -- and return to pagan autocracy.    E. Fox]

The following is an email I sent out responding to the news of Communism being promoted: 

        RE communism being taught in our noble California schools, I would take a different direction on two points:

         (1)  The real issue is not the devastation which is taking place in government schools, it is that we have government schools at all.  Our first priority so far as our government system is concerned should be to get children out of government schools -- and government out of education, from top to bottom.  No truancy laws, no taxes for education, no rules about teachers standards, no nuthin.   Until we have a freemarket education system again, we will never have a freemarket of ideas. When we had a freemarket ed system, we had the best educated citizens in the world.  Now look at us.  Just maybe with a freemarket system of ed, we Christians would be forced to actually learn how to think again, and to present our beliefs both passionately and intelligently. 

         (2)  Evil as it is, Communism is not the real enemy.  The real enemy is our own incompetence to share in public the Lordship of Jesus Christ, intelligently and gracefully.  We have not done that for at least two centuries, so we are getting what we deserve. 

         An intellectually, morally, and spiritually mature Church is more than a match for anything the world, the flesh, or the devil can throw at us.  Satan has succeeded not by having a better case then the Bible, but by dividing and conquering those who claim to stand on the Bible.  We have shot ourselves in the foot over and over by alienating ourselves from both science (intellectual credibility) and from the arena of political freedom.  Both of those were specifically gifts from God, but we have made enemies of both of them.  Neither science nor political freedom will retain their integrity apart from a Biblical foundation.  Time we changed all that. 

         The Christians are winning in China of all places, because they are still willing to lay down their lives for their relationship to Jesus.  Just like the early Christians did.  We are not famous for either loving each other or our enemies.  We are the problem, not those pagan and secular folks.  With just a little trust and obedience, God can change all that.  Well, OK, a lot of trust and obedience.

         But it will mean some powerful paradigm shifts away from how we presently think of the relation between Christianity, science, and politics.  Jesus is Lord over all of them, and can hold that high ground quite handily. 

         And, yes, in the meantime, lets go after the governor for his crimes against the people -- enforcing laws with no statutory or constitutional foundation.  If that is not tyranny, what needs to be added to make it so?  

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Date Posted -  08/21/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012