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Sexual Brainwashing in California Schools

        [COMMENT:  This newsletter below arrived from a friend who runs the Alliance for the Separation of School & State.   People who have no use for truth and who are very good at deceit and manipulation are now bold enough to challenge the Christian community to its face.  Christians are being drawn into the "endgame", but are hardly even aware of the fight, just sitting on our hands -- or wringing them and having ain't it awful discussions.  We are waving a rubber sword with our pants falling down around our knees.  Not much of a testimony to the love, power, and majesty of God. 

        Read below the message from the Alliance for the Separation of School & State, and follow the links.  And then separate all of your schooling from the state.

        And see my extended Comment below.    See also Prisoners of Zelda...    E. Fox] 

Dear Earle,

The state of California has just passed two bills that directly impact public school children. One thing the bills effectively mandate is that all children be taught WITHOUT BIAS to accept and embrace as normal, lifestyles that many of their parents find wrong. 


Let me explain. Non-discrimination ("Don't say or do bad things to people because of their ___.") is already virtually universal around the country. What's different about this new law? Under this new "no bias" language, teachers and others will no longer be able to simply refrain from discriminatory language.  Teachers may have no choice as of January 2008 but to put gender-bending lifestyles in an equal and positive light whenever any family, gender, or relational topic is given school time.


This "no bias" law is no longer a defense of freedom but an assault on the very concept. 


It doesn't matter if you are for or against this issue as discrimination. The issue is use of power on innocent children against their parentsí wishes. This gender-bending (a term used by both sides) is now being coerced by force of law complete with appropriated moneys for retraining of teachers and non-conforming students and others. This California law seems to be the most aggressive, comprehensive, and coercive yet!

You may not be a teacher or a parent of school-aged children, but this affects you and the issues you care about just the same. You can help. 


Because this issue is covered very thoroughly by a California organization called Campaign for Children and Families [http://www.savecalifornia.com], we're including their bulletin for details. Youíll see that they also link back to the Alliance as a resource for parents who wish to remove their children and restore their families.


Please be sure to read our closing remarks as well as the bulletin below.



Alan Schaeffer






Campaign for Children and Families | Randy Thomasson, President

savecalifornia.com | saveamerica.net


Please forward to pro-family Californians and Americans



October 25, 2007


A Call to Action from Randy Thomasson


In This Week's CCF Bulletin:

Time to exit the public schools

Wake-up call for California public school parents

Turn "I can't" into "I can"

How to creatively do home schooling or private schooling

An important message to parents and grandparents:  Marketers have known for years that in most cases, the average person needs to hear a message as many as seven times before they buy a product or service. Well, this is message number two from Campaign for Children and Families on the topic of WHY California parents need to exit the public schools and HOW to do it successfully. (If you missed my October 18 letter, click here.)


This urgent CCF bulletin is streamlined information that is essential to forward to everyone you know whose children or grandchildren are in public school. It's critical that you forward this message, because you and I must do our part to reach as many parents and grandparents as possible...to rescue as many children and grandchildren as we can from the sexual indoctrination that's coming into the classroom.


Time to exit the public schools

Because of two new California laws (SB 777 and AB 394), you can guarantee that children in California "public schools" will be sexually indoctrinated starting in January 2008. In response to this disaster, Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) is urging all parents who care about their children's impressionable hearts and minds to exit the government-controlled school system.


In summary, SB 777 effectively requires all school instruction and every school activity to include positive promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality. AB 394 will push these alternative sexual lifestyles through school "anti-harassment" education for students, parents, and teachers. There is no opt-out for parents, schools, or school districts for either of these new laws affecting every public school in California.


Campaign for Children and Families is here to help parents to be responsible and take decisive action to protect and educate their children in a private school or a home school environment. Please don't say "I can't home school" or "I can't afford private school." Yes, you can, if you are part of a two-parent household that is determined to succeed. And some heroic single parents are prioritizing a private school education for their child. Please keep reading to be equipped on the best ways to educate your own children. Here's an example to encourage you: www.schoolandstate.org/Resources/affordstory.htm.


Here's a quick summary of what the new school sexual indoctrination laws will do:


> On Oct. 12, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two school sexual indoctrination bills, SB 777 and AB 394.

> SB 777 effectively requires positive portrayal of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality in "instruction" and "any activity" in K-12 public schools. Connect the dots to see how the bill does it.

> AB 394 promotes homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality to students, parents, and teachers in K-12 public schools under the guise of "anti-harassment" education and training.

> There is no opt-out for parents, schools, or school districts.

> SB 777 and AB 394 will go into effect on January 1, 2008, affecting more than six million children in California's government-controlled K-12 school system.

> SB 777 will affect all "instruction" (textbooks, a teacher's instruction, guest speakers, instructional materials, handouts, videos) and every school-sponsored "activity" (sex education, drama, music, school assemblies, sports teams, homecoming games, school proms, school clubs, etc.)

> Click here for examples of what SB 777 could easily look like in the classroom

> Click here to view a video clip of actual sexual indoctrination in Massachusetts elementary schools


Wake-up call for California public school parents

Right now, according to federal judges, you don't have any legal rights over what goes into your children's minds if they are enrolled in a government-controlled school, otherwise known as a public school, in California.


You see, two years ago, in a case out of Palmdale, California, the infamous Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that it was lawful for a public school to give children sex surveys without their parents' permission. This federal ruling, which applies to parents in California and other western states, basically says that when your children step on to public school property, you lose your rights to decide what theyíre "taught." Click here for a National School Boards Association summary of this terrible ruling


Now add to this SB 777, the school sexual indoctrination bill just signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. SB 777, along with AB 394, will turn every California public school into a sexual indoctrination center.


This means, as early as January 2, 2008, every California public school will begin sexually indoctrinating school children as young as five years old. The eventual effect of the law will be that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality cannot be excluded, and therefore must be included, in all instruction and every school activity. Because, for all practical purposes, under SB 777, exclusion of these alternative sexual lifestyles will be deemed "discriminatory bias."


This new sexual indoctrination comes on the heels of other government school problems:


> Openly homosexual and transsexual teachers for children as young as kindergarten

> Pro-homosexuality "days of silence" and "diversity days"

> Pro-homosexuality-bisexual-transsexual "Gay-Straight Alliance" (GSA) clubs that are already in 1 out of 3 public high schools in California


And then there are all the other disturbing practices affecting children in government-controlled schools:


> Evolution training promoting unbelief in God

> Distribution of condoms and birth control pills without parental consent

> "Confidential" abortion referrals and outside counseling without parental consent

> Widespread rejection of religious values

> No effective discipline

> Negative peer pressure

> Less safety and less academic success, on average, than private or home schools


These "public school values," in addition to the new school sexual indoctrination laws, should be more than enough reason to jump into action and exit the public school system for the love of God and family.


When you add SB 777 to this already-bad mix, you quickly realize that the laws governing public schools these days have turned public schools against parents and against the sexual innocence of children. Your local school is NOT the same school it was 20 or 30 years ago!


SB 777 and AB 394 will go into effect in January. Now that you know this, what will you do as a parent or grandparent? What will you do as a friend of a parent whose child is currently in the government school system? Rescue your children and urge parents you know to rescue theirs!


Turn "I can't" into "I can"

When you can no longer protect your children, you must remove them from a threatening environment. Please don't say that you can't...or you won't...save your child. Isn't your child's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being worth any sacrifice? Because the equivalent of mental molestation is coming to California public schools, CCF urges California parents to flee to home schools or church-operated private schools.


Don't think you have what it takes to home school? Think again.

> Am I qualified to teach my child?

> Home school options, ideas, resources

> FAQs about home schooling in California


Don't think you can afford private school? Think again.

> Yes, you can afford private school

> Can't afford private school?

> "Why money is never an issue"


How to creatively do home schooling or private schooling 


For assistance on rescuing your children or any children you know, here are key websites:


Alliance for Separation of School and State (California-based "help-you-leave-your-public-school" organization)


Exodus Mandate Project (encourages parents to provide their children with a Christian education through home schooling or private schooling)


Here are good sources of home-school programs and curricula to help you start home schooling on your own, or to help your church start a "one-room schoolhouse" co-op with several parents. Most of them are Christian-based, but you don't have to be a Christian to home school your children!


A must-read fact sheet on how to legally home school (from Private & Home Educators of California)

Alpha Omega Publications (professional home school curriculum through a dynamic distance-learning model)

A Beka Academy (excellent online home school program)

BJU Press Distance Learning (another very good online home school program)

CLASS: Christian Liberty Academy (very inexpensive, but fully supported, home school curriculum for parents and church co-ops)

National Association of University-Model Schools (low-cost elementary and secondary school education in half the hours)

First Class Homeschools (get help planting a church-based, parent-led home school co-op)

Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (get help setting up various models of Christian schools)

Association of Christian and Classical Schools (helps churches and parents to start classical Christian schools)

Escondido Tutorials (online classical education for junior high and high school students)

Discover Christian Schools (learn about starting or enrolling in a more conventional Christian schools)

Homeschooling Family to Family (helping you to help other families by introducing them to home schooling)



CAMPAIGN FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES (CCF) is a leading West Coast pro-family organization empowering citizens to live out their values. Sign up today for CCF's free email updates at  www.savecalifornia.com.   Your partnership empowers CCF's innovative work on behalf of children and families in culture, media and government. Please support CCF by making a secure online donation or by sending a tax-deductible gift of any size to:


Campaign for Children and Families

Randy Thomasson, President

P.O. Box 511, Sacramento, CA 95812

(916) 265-5650




To stop receiving CCF's email updates, send an email to unsubscribe@savecalifornia.com with "REMOVE" in the subject line. If you have been forwarded CCF's update and wish to be removed, please contact the last sender.


To update your email address, send an email to unsubcribe@savecalifornia.com with "UPDATE" in the subject line. Provide your old and new email addresses.





We at the Alliance are taking a very keen interest in this development because this law is no longer reactive, restraining negative discrimination. The actual wording and the programs that are slated to receive funding for implementation of this policy leave no room for silence.

What happens when you combine the power of the state with children?

Clearly, education in the hands of the government is a tragedy for children and parents and an opportunity for politicians and special interests (well-intentioned or not).

The Alliance has been spreading this message for fourteen years now. Children sitting captive in government schools are pawns in an armed game of chess. The various players - political parties, politicians, special interests, ideologues, social scientists, businesses, etc. - all lead at various times in the game. Sometimes several lead at once. They push the little pawns one way, then another, grab them up, slam them down.

We donít inundate you with examples of this tug of war, because we know youíre aware of it. But once in a while an especially egregious case surfaces, and we feel everyone should know about it. The use of such coercive power on innocent children is obscene, and the usurpation of parents' rights (not to mention teachers) is outrageous. 

Won't you take a moment to think who needs to know about this latest development (certainly parents, but also grandparents, pastors, and leaders) and help them by getting this information into their hands now? You might be just in time to catch that eroding faith in government schools and give good reason for another parent to remove their child NOW!

Remember, this is neither the first, nor will it be the last violation of children's innocence and usurpation of parentsí rights. While this is merely one of the inevitable consequences of the government common school, it may turn out to be an excellent opportunity to convince families to remove their children.

You may not be a teacher or a parent of school-aged children, but this affects you and the issues you care about just the same. You can help, at least by forwarding this message to anyone you think needs to know, and maybe by helping a family who is struggling to gain independence from government school. If you are not convinced the average family can do this, read about the Best Investment on Earth!


Now is the right time to remove our children from government schools. Now has always been the right time!



Alan Schaeffer



Alliance for the Separation of School & State

1071 N. Fulton Street, Fresno CA 93728

559-499-1776 office

559-499-1703 fax



California Parents - you are not alone!  We have some wonderful resources available for you at our Home Education Options page and California resource page.


Earle Fox's Comment

We are in the midst of a very winnable battle, but where are the troops?  Where are the spiritual leaders? Where are the fathers defending their children?  Where are the churches defending their faith? 

When I talk to men about these issues, I meet almost universally puzzled, scared, wimpy struggling-to-smile faces.  Are there no men left who can wield the Sword of the Spirit?  speak the truth in love?  

Where are the clergy?  If your pastor is not working to rebuild Christian education with some backbone (rather than entertainment), ask him why not.  If your pastor is not promoting home schooling and developing a church resource center for home schoolers, ask him why not.  A home schooling center in a church of any size should quickly develop into a new parish school. 

And if you are not making plans to get your children out of the public school system as quickly as you can, ask yourself why not.  Yes, it may take a along time, but it will take longer if you do not start making plans.  And if you must leave your children in public schools, make them (at age appropriate levels) aware of the faults of the system, and teach them at home Godly values (the first and fundamental of which is truth-seeking and speaking), and how to deal with the undermining of parental authority going on in schools almost everywhere.  You love your children, bureaucracies do not. 

Our so-called public education system is neither public nor education.  Families are routinely rebuked and told that their rights to govern their children's education ends when the children cross the line into government schools.  It has become psychological sexual abuse of our children.  That is criminal behavior.  There must be a recall of Governor Schwarzenegger and of the legislators who promoted this travesty. 

Either parents take back the education of their children, or we can kiss our God-given (not state-given) freedoms farewell.  It is that important.  Lincoln said, "The philosophy in schools today is the philosophy in government tomorrow."  The homosexual agenda, as any pleasure-centered rather than truth-centered agenda, is inherently totalitarian, and they are using the government control of education to control the minds and hearts of the people.  If that is not evil in raw form, what needs to be added to make it so?  And these people want to control the way your child thinks and believes.   

Get aggressive about this matter.  That does not mean impolite or hostile.  It means that you get educated, get spiritually stabilized (pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus...), and refuse to let lies, ignorance, and deceit go unchallenged.  Refuse to let the truth go unspoken -- at any cost to yourself.   Like Jesus. 

You will fail, you will lose your cool, you will chicken out -- never mind, pick yourself up, dust yourself off (repent), and start all over again. 

Because we have let ourselves get so far behind the 8-ball, this will be a long, long battle, and you will need to spend a lot of time getting prepared.  For further information, go to the Homosexuality Library , to the Win the Sex & Gender Wars Page, and to the Brochures Page.  Also to the Apologetics and the Education Libraries.  Peruse others as well.  

Begin with simple stuff, like the brochures, talk with your family and friends about the issues.  Then pursue more deeply, read the books at the "Win the Sex & Gender Wars" page and articles in the Homosexuality Library.  Join God, get educated....  or get subverted. 

Unless we are willing to force homosexual advocates to admit publicly that they want we, the people, to approve of specific homosexual behaviors, specifically described, we will continue to lose this war for sexual sanity.  Homosexual behavior is the ONLY relevant issue.  They want their pleasure-giving behavior, not marriage, not compassion, not inclusiveness.   Until that is clarified, all other issues are smokescreen and diversions.  Once homosexual behavior and its consequences are put in the light, it will be perfectly clear why God says "No!"  And that is why they have struggled (successfully) to keep their behavior out of the discussion.   We MUST reverse that. 

Homosexual behavior is not benign, it is not human-friendly, it is not an identity -- it is a compulsive, lethal addiction.  However loving their personal motives might be, there is nothing loving about the behavior.  It is terribly destructive of life and of community.  That our so-called conservative leadership has allowed this travesty to take place is inexcusable.  They have been warned over and over (at least the Episcopal leadership has), and have studiously ignored the warnings.  They did not want to hear them. 

Stand up and force truth onto the table, or answer to God for your failure.  That is what we face.  Do we fear the homosexual lobby or the States of California/Massachusetts more than God?  Do we not fear judgement day?   Unless your relationship to God is more important than whether anyone likes you, or whether the government approves, unless you anchor yourself in the law and the grace of God, you will be ineffective, and ultimately lost.

We are in a winnable battle, but only if we are willing to risk our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to force an open, honest discussion of the facts.  E. Fox 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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