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[COMMENT:  This "excellent" article is an "exhibit A" of the travesty of American thinking capacity.   See comments below.    E. Fox]

Mission America's Risk Audit is mentioned in this excellent article.

Nicholas Jackson
September 4, 2006
"The fear of the religious right is that the schools of today will be the
governments of tomorrow. And you know, they're right. If we do our jobs
right, we're going to raise a generation of kids who don't believe the
claims of the religious right." [Speakers at the 1999 Gay, Lesbian, Straight
Educational Network (GLSEN) conference.]

        [COMMENT:  Abe Lincoln once said that the philosophy in schools today is the philosophy is government tomorrow.  Homosexual activists (and every tyrant) know that.  Why do American parents not know it?] 

Labor Day has just passed and all the back yard barbecues signal that our
young children have headed back to start a new school year. Roughly 48
million children have left their summer memories and with both hope and
angst have set out to make this school year a year to remember. However,
with our escalating anti-Christian culture, Christian parents are finding it
increasingly difficult to be optimistic that their Christian underpinnings
will remain intact especially with 35 hours of anti-Christian education a

        [COMMENT:  What possible reason can parents have for keeping their children in anti-Christian schools? ]

As we head into the new school year, we will likely see some small victories
for Christianity. We will see students allowed to wear T-shirts with their
faith, after school Bible clubs being vindicated, and the annual gathering
around the flag pole. Concurrently, we will also see more attacks on
intelligent design, less parental rights, an increasing tide of
teacher-student sex, and more valedictorians and Christmas carols being

Perhaps more frightening and beneath the radar is the slow and steady
indoctrination in the homosexual agenda, which is enough to give even the
most ardent school reformers pause. While we are sending our young people
off to be salt and light we are increasingly seeing their light being
extinguished and their salt losing its savor. Part of this reason is the
escalating rise of homosexual activism and concurrent rise of hostility to
Christianity in the public (government schools).

        [COMMENT: The problem is not homosexuality, that is a symptom of the much deeper problem of brainwashing, and the effects it has had for about 40 years now, subverting the capacity of most adults today to think critically and logically. ]

How might schools be complicit with indoctrinating your children into

The following are examples of ways in which schools can promote the
homosexual agenda in your children:

-Anti-harassment, anti-bullying or "safe schools" policies that include the
category "sexual orientation, " hence equating sexual orientation (mutable)
with race (immutable).

-Requirements for teacher/ staff training on "diversity," "tolerance," and

=Objectionable material in library books which contain homosexual

-Local or state laws: There may be local or state laws that determine or
influence what is taught at the school level. Homosexual curriculum is
offered under the guise of safe sex, or anti-bullying programs.

-Lessons on different types of families: "Love Makes a Family" is one video
which combines worthy messages of accepting families headed by grandparents,
single moms, or multi-racial families, with the unacceptable message of
accepting two lesbians or two men as heads of families.

-Pro-homosexual stories/novels on suggested reading lists in literature

-Political Science/ History/Civics classes: Houghton Mifflin's A History of
Western Society, is used in some high school Advanced Placement courses and
instructs children that homosexual behavior was acceptable to early

-A homosexual student club. The most common term is "gay/straight alliance"
or GSA. It may also be called a GLBT club (for "gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgendered )

-Diversity day, day of silence, "gay" pride celebration day (or week). Any
special day or week set aside to "celebrate" or honor (even through silence)
the idea that homosexual behavior is acceptable. (Linda Harvey, Mission

The numbers show that these methods are being successful. In 1998, 74.9
percent of the American public thought that sex between two people of the
same gender was always wrong. By 1998, the percentage was 54.6%.

A 2001 Zogby Poll of high school seniors found that roughly 2/3rds of the
sampled seniors believed that homosexual marriage and adoption should be
legal. Even higher percentages supported "hate crimes" legislation to give
special status to homosexuals and effectively silence the church. Who would
want to support hate?

This rising tide of homosexual indoctrination has caused major Christian
denominations in the United States to take action.

In May and June 2005, over 50 state pro-family groups formed an alliance to
encourage the Southern Baptist Convention to use its influence to protect
children from school districts that are promoting acceptance of homosexual
behavior. As a result, a resolution was passed that encouraged local SBC
churches to investigate whether their school district is betraying parents,
children, and the community by collaborating with homosexual activists. In
cases where the school district was found to be collaborating, the
resolution also urged parents to hold the school districts accountable and
demand discontinuation of such morally offensive programs and materials.

Now there is a tool to hold those schools accountable, and it is for
everyone, not just Baptists.

The "Risk Audit" project was developed by Linda Harvey of the Ohio-based
group Mission America following last year's approval of the Southern Baptist
Convention (SBC) resolution.

Harvey says, "Based on my ten years of tracking and researching the growth
of homosexual activism in public schools, I know that very few parents are
aware that the majority of public school districts are selling our children
the dangerous and false notion that homosexuality is a normal and acceptable

        [COMMENT:  They are not aware because they their thinking capacity, their truth-seeking capacity has been systematically eroded.  It hardly exists anymore.  We have been taught to feel our way through life, not think our way.]

Steve Crampton is chief counsel at the American Family Association Center
for Law & Policy (AFA Law Center). He says far too many parents are simply
unaware of the radical agenda homosexual activists are pushing on school
campuses across the U.S. today.

"The overwhelming majority of Christian parents who even have gone out of
their way to become involved and to try to determine what's going on in
their local schools will be surprised at how extensive the pro-homosexual
agenda is in every government school in the nation," Crampton observes
(Agapepress, April 27, 2006)

        [COMMENT:  Well, indeed.  This news has been out for at least fifteen years.  No one, including our spiritual leadership, our political leadership, and by far most parents, have been willing to listen or pay attention.  This is a fact which need explanation.]

Dr. Bruce Shortt, founder of Exodus Mandate, said such an audit offers a
systematic approach to investigate and measure what's being taught behind
school doors.

"As Christian parents, we only have one chance to get our child's education
right, there are no do-overs. And it's absolutely imperative that we know
what's going on," he said. "If the school district is, in any way,
collaborating with homosexual activists, we need to take our children out."
(citizenlink.org, April 26, 2006)

Certainly, Most of us want to do what is best for our children. We would
like to think somehow our schools are different. Some of us just might need
a little push.

        [COMMENT:  I fear that most parents are NOT interested in doing what is best for their children -- not at the cost of being ridiculed, not at the cost of giving up some of their lavish (by world standards) lifestyle, not at the cost of doing some intensive research. 

        For several decades now, we have been driving in the dark believing we needed only our parking lights.  Our intellect is like our headlights, allowing us to see far down the road.  Our feelings are for close up information.  If we do not have our long-distance vision working, we will engage objects in the road before we know what they are.  Our intellect allows us to ***think ahead*** in order to see ahead what we are getting into.  Then we can take defensive or offensive action, or avoid the situation all together.  Take another road.

        But our intellectual capacities have been so taken from us that we cannot think ahead anymore.  So we go for three or four decades thinking that things are OK, that we can handle the sexuality issues, that our children are safe.  But now we are running into a brick wall.  Our children are deserting in mass our family and family beliefs, and our whole culture is drifting toward being an enemy of Christ.  Not because our beliefs are wrong, but because they do not major in "feeling good". 

        But we ourselves have been seduced, and are now all but helpless to help our children.  We change only when it hurts too much to do anything else, long after when it has made logical sense. 

        If a foreign power had done this to us, we would consider it an act of war.  Our own treasonous people have done it.  Treasonous???   Yes, people are traitors who have deliberately and without conscience subverted truth in the public arena, who have used truth for their own evil ends of control and domination.  And they are succeeding.  Our democratic republic can survive only with a Godly people. 

        Please note that the homosexual activists are only cannon fodder for those in the background who are rich enough to have bought out most of the controlling levers of society.   The folks known affectionately as globalists.

        The one thing these people fear is a renewal of intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility among Christians.  A "risk audit" will be helpful only if we are intellectually, morally, and spiritually equipped to know what to do about it.  E. Fox]

The "Risk Audit," may be just the push we need.

[Go to www.missionamerica.com to view the "Risk Audit" which may be used for
your local school. Coming up in Part 2, I will walk you through a Risk Audit
of a local school district. ]

C 2006 Nicholas Jackson - All Rights Reserved


Nick Jackson is a physical therapist from Ohio who assists pro-life and
pro-family ministries in the Central Ohio area. He is executive director of
Reform America, a Christian Activist organization based in Columbus. For
more information on Reform America go to www.reformamerica.com

E-mail: nick@reformamerica.com 

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