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Prisoners of Zelda...

[COMMENT:  Generally speaking, we Christians have no one to blame but ourselves.  We are reaping the harvest of our studied ignorance, cowardice, and obsession with comfort.  Yes, there are exceptions, but the chances are pretty high that you, dear reader, are not one of them.  Where are the men who will stand and defend their families.  The Christian men to whom I talk about this information below stand incapable of responding with courage, intelligence, or Godly common sense.  That is appalling, and a large part of the reason we are where we are.  We men have been, for all practical purposes -- shall I say "tamed"?

Some of the language below is unfortunate.  The use of 'faggots', etc., is a slur, and an attack on persons rather than behavior -- which is the legitimate target.  Much of the language is more angry than helpful.  We need to be direct and to the point, but always respectful of persons as such.   If we do not, we only end up becoming like the people we criticize. 

But the message below is factually on target so far as I can determine. 

See Sexual Brainwashing in California Schools...


 "Doing the Education Research that Illegal Aliens Won't Do Since 1997"
In a time culturally very distant there was a television program about "Dobie Gillis", a teenage boy who was normal - he liked beautiful girls and fast cars. http://www.timvp.com/dobie.html 
In any event, Dobie had a beatnik friend, Maynard G. Krebs, who was terrified of work, and a female friend, Zelda Gilroy, whose passion to marry Dobie was unrequited because she was very - shall we say - "plain". Eventually the program passed from the television scene and the actors who played the "Maynard" and "Dobie" characters went on to other things. Sheila Keuhl, who played "Zelda", however, seemed never to overcome the rejection she suffered as "Zelda" and became an angry lesbian.
Now she sits in the California State Senate and has finally succeeded in getting signed into law a package of bills that will transform California's government schools into an engine for promoting a radicalized sexual culture never before in history foisted on schoolchildren. Think of it as Zelda's revenge. Here is WorldNetDaily's description of what Zelda hath wrought:
"Mom and Dad" as well as "husband and wife" have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose.
"We are shocked and appalled that the governor has blatantly attacked traditional family values in California," said Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute.
"With this decision, Gov. Schwarzenegger has told parents that their values are irrelevant. Many parents will have no choice but to pull their children out of the public schools that have now become sexualized indoctrination centers....
Analysts have warned that schools across the nation will be impacted by the decision, since textbook publishers must cater to their largest purchaser, which often is California, and they will be unlikely to go to the expense of having a separate edition for other states.
The bills signed by Schwarzenegger include SB777, which bans anything in public schools that could be interpreted as negative toward homosexuality, bisexuality and other alternative lifestyle choices.
For those who can handle stronger prose and some additional background on Governor Schwarzenegger: http://www.alanstang.com/index.php?/site/comments/faggots_the_governator_gives_them_california/
Because The Continuing Collapse's readers always like to see primary source material, here is a link to one of Zelda's bills: http://info.sen.ca.gov/pub/07-08/bill/sen/sb_0751-0800/sb_777_bill_20070223_introduced.html  BUT please don't attempt to read the soporific legislative prose unless you are thoroughly caffeinated. I also recommend that you not read the bill if you are operating heavy machinery or driving.
For those willing to subject themselves to reading Zelda's legislation, please be aware that WorldNet is writing about what the legislative language can be used to do, not about the actual language of the bill. So, for example, if you read the definition of "gender" (Sec. 210.7) carefully, you will realize that it brings under the protection of the bill just about any sexual perversion or psychosis imaginable. Moreover, not only does the legislation prohibit "discrimination" against sodomites, multilated males and females (transexuals), it also prohibits activities, textbooks, and materials that "reflect adversely" on such wonderful folk. 
Mind you, all of this is written in mindnumbing prose, but through new school policies and litigation the things discussed by WorldNet Daily will come to pass.
While many public school parents will dismiss Zelda's revenge as merely a California phenomenon, it isn't. Every state has curricula that seek to normalize homosexual sodomy and other deviant sexual practices. Most parents just don't know it, and most of those who do know it don't really care. Now that California "educators" have come out of the closet, Massachusetts, Vermont, Wisconsin, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, New York, and Michigan homosexual activists and "educators" will start insisting that their states follow California's lead.
Now, here is an exercise you can go through with California pastors, Christian leaders, and parents: Ask them whether this legislation is enough for them to finally go to work on getting their children and other children out of California's government schools. Because you understand how the legislative language works, you will be able to brush aside any response that argues that the legislation doesn't do anything all that radical.
If, for example, a pastor still thinks that Christian children need to be "salt and light" in government schools or that the focus ought to be on yet another round of "school reform", ask if there is any line that the schools could cross that would move him to recommend to parents that they give up their government school habit. If indoctrinating children in a sodomite, transsexual, transvestite, or bisexual lifestyle doesn't move him, would school-promoted child sacrifice, polygamy, group marriage, pedophilia, or zoophilia? How about ritual cannibalism in the school lunch room? Would it matter to pastors and parents who still want to defend their government school habit if only someone else's children were being eaten?
What does THE CONTINUING COLLAPSE have to say to Governor Schwartzenegger? "Arnold, you ignorant slut, we told you to promote homeschooling, not homoschooling."
Homosexuals Are Just Like Everyone Else...Really
A survey of news stories in seven English-speaking countries conducted by the Family Research Institute shows that incidents of teacher-pupil sex are most often perpetrated by male homosexual teachers. Overall, 43 percent of teachers who made the news for having sex with their pupils over the last 27 years were homosexual.
So as government school become more sodomite friendly, they are becoming vastly more dangerous for children. Pointing this out may soon become criminal "hate speech".
Students who have parental permission to be treated at King Middle School's health center would be able to get birth control prescriptions under a proposal that the Portland School Committee will consider Wednesday.
The proposal would build on the King Student Health Center's practice of providing condoms as part of its reproductive health program since it opened in 2000, said Lisa Belanger, a nurse practitioner who oversees the city's student health centers.
If the committee approves the King proposal, it would be the first middle school in Maine to make a full range of contraception available to some students in grades 6 to 8, said Nancy Birkhimer, director of teen health programs for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Most middle schoolers are ages 11-13. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1911867/posts  

Administrators in Argyle asked parents to meet Sunday night to discuss the way students were dancing together at a recent school event....“These students are simulating sex to the point that in some cases it constitutes sexual assault.”

The district chaperones said couples had to be pulled apart and the music had to be stopped several times because of what some teens were doing on the dance floor.

Some students said the district is overreacting, and that only a few couples went too far.

“It’s just the way teens dance,” said student Morgan Morrison. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

Parents have come down on both sides of the issue. Some said it’s time for the sexually suggestive dancing to stop. Others said the district is out of touch with the times.

“When I was a teenager, my parents didn’t approve of the way we danced and I’m sure their parents didn’t like the way they danced,” said parent Samantha Barnes.
"Parents come down on both sides of the issue.." ??? Yep, the children of those parents who think there is nothing particularly wrong with "dirty dancing" are just the kind of kids who make government school socialization such a wonderful thing.
By the way,  I found this story about "dirty dancing" on a forum that allows comments. Here's what one teacher had to say in response: "
I’m a middle school teacher and I flatly refuse to “chaperone” any more lunchtime dances, because they aren’t dancing. They simply line up and grind their hips against each other’s butts. In large groups. It’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. And you can’t really stop them because they are ALL doing it. It’s the ONLY thing they know how to do. It’s horrible. I can’t stand to watch.
Australia's Education Establishment
is More Candid than Ours
IN her address to her union's conference in 2005 the Australian Education Union president Pat Byrne openly acknowledged the ideological bias that dominates the school system. As she put it: "We have succeeded in influencing curriculum development in schools, education departments and universities. The conservatives have a lot of work to do to undo the progressive curriculum."
This bias is the consequence of historical factors originating in the politics of the 1960s that led to a domination of school curriculums by the ideology of the politically correct Left.
But, of course, the American government school establishment is different...They don't gloat in public about how they are able to pursue their agenda with such ease in the public schools.
The Associated Press On Passing the Trash: How Public School Children are Endangered by a Desire Not to "Disparage" a "Vital Profession"
Sensational cases make headlines, but the scale of sexual misconduct by teachers in America's schools gets little attention. The Associated Press has spent months digging through public records to document the problem in every state, revealing a disturbing national picture....Students in America's schools are groped. They're raped. They're pursued, seduced and think they're in love...
Most of the abuse never gets reported. Those cases reported often end with no action. Cases investigated sometimes can't be proven, and many abusers have several victims.
And no one - not the schools, not the courts, not the state or federal governments - has found a surefire way to keep molesting teachers out of classrooms....
The AP discovered efforts to stop individual offenders but, overall, a deeply entrenched resistance toward recognizing and fighting abuse. It starts in school hallways, where fellow teachers look away or feel powerless to help. School administrators make behind-the-scenes deals to avoid lawsuits and other trouble. And in state capitals and Congress, lawmakers shy from tough state punishments or any cohesive national policy for fear of disparaging a vital profession...
They point to academic studies estimating that only about one in 10 victimized children report sexual abuse of any kind to someone who can do something about it. When it is reported, teachers, administrators and some parents frequently don't - or won't - recognize the signs that a crime is taking place....
Another problem: Because teachers are often allowed to resign without losing their credentials, many never show up on the list....
It's a dynamic so common it has its own nicknames - "passing the trash" or the "mobile molester."
Even in this story the Associated Press is tip-toeing around the magnitude of the problem. As I pointed out in The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, the problem of sexual abuse of children in government schools is probably vastly larger. A Hosfstra professor did a study and estimated that at least 10% of public school children are sexually abused or harassed by school employees sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade. A Winston-SalemState University professor has found that 12.5% of girls reported having had sexual intercourse with teachers.
The Pacific Research Institute has done a favor for those tired of smug suburban parents and pastors who like to claim that "our schools are different". In its recently published study, Not As Good As You Think, PRI shows that educational achievement in high wealth school districts is not quite what people assume:
Not as Good as You Think: Why the Middle Class Needs School Choice... found that in nearly 300 schools in middle class and affluent neighborhoods, more than half of the students in at least one grade level performed below proficiency on the 2006 California Standards Test (CST)—the statewide test that assesses student grade level knowledge. Many of these schools are located in California’s most affluent areas including Orange County, Silicon Valley, and the Los Angeles beach and canyon communities.
Studies show that parents are willing to purchase houses well beyond their means for what they believe is an opportunity to send their children to "good" public schools. Not as Good as You Think shatters the myth that buying a home in an expensive neighborhood also buys a "good" public school.
"While many middle class parents recognize the need for reform in schools located in poor, urban neighborhoods, they are often under the mistaken impression that because they live in safe, well-to-do suburbs, the schools attended by their own children are very good," said Lance T. Izumi, director of Education Studies at PRI and co-author of the book.
The authors defined a "middle class" school as one in which less than one-third of the students qualify for California’s free or reduced lunch program. The study provides school-by-school data on the percentage of students that performed below proficiency in the CST English, elementary math, algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2 exams; the median price of the homes in the neighborhood; the percentage of parents who attended college; and the percentage of teachers who have full teaching credentials. For example:
  • In Orange County, California—where home prices range from $600,000 to $1 million—in more than a dozen schools located in areas such as Newport Beach, Capistrano, and Huntington Beach, 50% to 80% of students failed to test proficient in math at their grade level.
  • In the Grossmont area of San Diego—where the median price of a home is approximately $500,000—in seven high schools, 50% to 70% of students failed to test proficient in English at their grade level.
  • At Prospect High School in Saratoga California—a Silicon Valley community where the median price of a home is $1.6 million—less than half of 10th and 11th graders scored at or above proficiency in the CST English exam. Only 12% of students taking the CST algebra 1, 23% of students taking the CST geometry exam, and 37% taking the CST algebra 2 exam scored at or above proficiency.
College Readiness
The authors also compared proficiency rates on the 11th grade standards tests with the California State University system’s 2006 Early Assessment Program (EAP). The EAP is a voluntary exam taken by 11th graders designed to assess their readiness for college-level English and mathematics. The impetus for this part of the study was to understand why a very high percentage of freshman—up to 60%—entering the California State University need remedial courses. In many "middle class" schools, the gap in what the state considers "proficient" and what Cal State University deems "college-ready" is more than 40 percentage points.
"The disparity between the two tests underscores the failure of schools to prepare students for higher education and suggests that an alignment of standards is necessary to close this gap," said Mr. Izumi. He added, "Parents at these schools have no problem paying for a college education, whether the kids can succeed past freshman year is the bigger question."
For example:
  • Only 24% of 11th graders at Newport Harbor High in Newport Beach, Orange County, tested college-ready in English on the EAP, even though 52% scored at or above the proficiency on the CST English exam—a 28-point difference. Newport Harbor High was designated a California Distinguished School in 2007.
  • Only 28% of 11th graders at Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara tested college-ready for English on the EAP, even though 59% of the students scored at or above proficiency on the CST English exam—a 31-point difference.
  • Only 23% of students in San Marin High School in Marin County tested college-ready for English, even though 47% of students scored at or above proficiency on the CST English exam—a 24 point difference. http://special.pacificresearch.org/pub/sab/educat/2007/Middle_Class/index.html
(Hint: It has nothing to do with how we train up our children)
Having correctly discerned that men tend to be repelled by the effeminate brand of Christianity most churches are peddling these days, our fearless Christian leaders do what they do best - implement preposterous "solutions":
Imagine you are a man who hasn’t attended in church in years. You enjoy such activities as golfing, hunting and fishing on Sunday mornings. You think it’s more beneficial to spend time outdoors with a few of your closest friends than it is to be cooped up in a church building.

Now imagine that your wife has asked you to try going back to the local Southern Baptist church one more time. Do you think the average worship experience will entice you to come back?

Upon entering the service, worshippers sing what sound like sappy love songs to Jesus. The lyrics say things like, “Hold me close, let your love surround me,” “Jesus, I am so in love with you” and “I’m desperate for you, I’m lost without you.”

After the singing, church attendees hold hands for prayer and hear a sermon emphasizing concepts such as a “personal relationship” with Jesus, having “intimacy” with God and “sharing” their feelings with other Christians....
Never fear, we have solutions. Christian fishing trips and redecorated restrooms...
Sagemont strives to gear evangelism and discipleship programs uniquely to men....  A recent fishing tournament was designed to reach lost men and served as an entry point through which at least one lost man started attending the church regularly. Sagemont has even decorated its men’s restrooms according to themes that might interest some men—including bass fishing, duck hunting and golf....
[Perhaps the Christian fishermen were singing Christian fishing hymns (you know, like "Fishing for Jesus", sung to the tune of "Living for Jesus)]
Glenview Baptist Church in Fort Worth ...In addition to Men’s Fraternity, the church tries to make sure some of the congregation’s décor is friendly to men. When a deacon recently enlisted his wife to help decorate the men’s ministry bulletin board, Kendrick objected, telling the deacon the bulletin board needed to be designed by a man....Ridgewood Baptist Church in Port Arthur averages 180 in worship and has launched a thriving men’s ministry....

Taking a page from Sagemont, Ridgewood is remodeling its men’s restroom in a Western theme.
This is one small step we’re taking right now to make it feel more manly.”

There you have it. Manly bulletin boards, manly bathroom decor, and manly fishing trips. More manly? No.. How "gay".
1. Feel free to circulate The Continuing Collapse.
2. If you aren't hearing about at least some these government school problems from your pastor, why is he your pastor?
“Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm – but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.” T.S. Eliot

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