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The Continuing Collapse
of Govt. Ed

[COMMENT:   This is nothing less than a horror story, and a criminal offense against our children.     E. Fox]

"Doing the Education Research that Illegal Aliens Won't Do Since 1997"
Home of the Anti-Shahada: There is no god called "Allah", and Mohammed, barbecue sauce be upon him, is his false prophet.
The Continuing Collapse is pleased to inform both its devoted and its not-so-devoted readers that a new feature has been added - The Video Corner. 
In this issue's Video Corner we feature a not-to-be-missed two video clip example of how the mainstream media lies through editing. It might be very instructive for friends, relatives, and others you know who base their opinions in whole or in part on cable and broadcast television "content". Think of it as therapy for the naive.
In a lighter vein, don't miss "Night of the Living Democrats" and "Miss Teen South Carolina Calls 911".
As The Continuing Collapse's audience knows, government schools lie about everything - academic achievement, dropout rates, course content, and, if it would increase school funding, the time of day.
One of the entertaining parts of the No Child Left Behind Act is that it requires states to formulate standards for identifying "persistently dangerous" schools.  Leaving this to the states, of course, is like asking Bill Clinton to protect Whitehouse interns from sexual molestation. 
The results of leaving the definition of "persistently dangerous schools" have been predictably hilarious. Even journalists at the Washington Post recognize that the "reporting" by states on persistently dangerous schools does not pass the red face test:
A little-publicized provision of the No Child Left Behind Act requiring states to identify "persistently dangerous schools" is hampered by widespread underreporting of violent incidents and by major differences among the states in defining unsafe campuses, several audits say. Out of about 94,000 schools in the United States, only 46 were designated as persistently dangerous in the past school year.
Maryland had six, all in Baltimore; the District and Virginia had none.
At Anacostia Senior High School last school year, private security guards working under D.C. police recorded 61 violent offenses, including three sexual assaults and one assault with a deadly weapon. There were 21 other nonviolent cases in which students were caught bringing knives and guns to school. Anacostia is not considered a persistently dangerous school.
One high school in Los Angeles had 289 cases of battery, two assaults with a deadly weapon, a robbery and two sex offenses in one school year, according to an audit by the U.S. Department of Education's inspector general. It did not meet the state's definition of a persistently dangerous school, or PDS. None of California's roughly 9,000 schools has.
The reason, according to an audit issued by the Department of Education in August: "States fear the political, social, and economic consequences of having schools designated as PDS, and school administrators view the label as detrimental to their careers. Consequently, states set unreasonable definitions for PDS and schools have underreported violent incidents."...
The District's definition counts only severe offenses -- generally felonies -- that have been officially verified by police. But many incidents are not formally reported by police. An investigation of the District's schools by The Washington Post this year has shown that more than half of teenage students attend schools that would meet the city's definition of persistently dangerous.
The problem is not confined to the District.......
Ah, but liberals have a solution to violence in the schools and the schools' dishonest reporting of crime - change the label from "persistently dangerous" to "schools which do not have a safe climate for academic achievement." That's the ticket...
Absurd, you say? Well, you just don't spend enough time in Washington, D.C., and New York:
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) has introduced a bill that changes "persistently dangerous schools" to "schools which do not have a safe climate for academic achievement," on the grounds that the name alone was causing anxiety over the policy.
"It's not going to be as threatening for schools," she said. "This will remove the stigma associated with high violence."
Chuck Buckler, Maryland's director of student services and alternative programs, said the original term is unpleasant -- akin to telling parents that they were sending their children to a war zone.
"I don't like the title at all," he said. "When this all came about, I said, 'This is something that's going to be a death knell for a school. Everybody will transfer out.'"
Two Fayette County fifth-graders were each charged Thursday with conspiracy to commit attempted first-degree murder after drafting an "assassination list" containing the names of 14 classmates.
The 10-year-old boys, who told police they were being bullied, were also charged with assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and unruly behavior...
However, questions remain about how and when local law enforcement agencies were notified of the potential threat.
The Oakland police were not made aware of the incident until a parent of one of the targeted children came in to ask about the investigation.
"That was when we were notified. We were not called by the school," Presson said. "We immediately had three officers sent to the school."
I'm sure that school officials would report incidents like these if Congress will just listen to Rep. McCarthy and change "Persistently Dangerous" to something more sensitive to the public relations needs of our highly trained education professionals.
Samira Ramirez worried that police wouldn't believe that classmates at Plano West Senior High School beat her up near their neighborhood bus stop this week.

Footage from a cell phone camera could bolster her case....

The incident was captured on another student's cell phone and posted online on a password-protected media site. It shows a large girl knocking Samira to the ground, straddling her, and then punching her about a dozen times before Samira's body went limp.
The phone also recorded the voices of onlookers, who shouted expletives at Samira, a petite brunette.
Samira said about a half-dozen students stood by and watched the girl beat her in the parking lot of a community pool, about four blocks from her upscale west Plano home...
[She had previously had] problems with the boy, who she said slapped her at school once and threatened her on a bike trail as she walked the dog in their neighborhood
"He has problems with a lot of people," she said. "It's not just me."
Samira said she reported the earlier problems to both police and school officials, but her case lacked evidence.
If only government schools were even more "culturally sensitive", calculus and particle physics would flow into children's heads virtually unbidden. From Neal Boortz's website:
In California, a summit has been called to "close the achievement gap" in government schools. California government school warden Jack O'Connell thinks that minority students are performing poorly because of teachers' "widespread cultural ignorance." In other words, the white teachers can't relate to the black and Latino students.
Now enters a man by the name of Glenn Singleton, who runs the Pacific Education Group in San Francisco. He is a consultant for government schools. They take thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds and give those dollars to this man in return for his words of "wisdom." He is the ultimate propagator of "diversity training." He is being hired to teach the Education Department's racial sensitivity classes...
In 2002, Singleton got his hands on Seattle government schools. They hired him to indoctrinate students and staff about racism. So what did he do? He immediately attacked individualism and brands any form of individualism as a form of "cultural racism." He goes on to say that "only whites can be racist." There you go ... another warrior in the left's war on individualism.
Singleton also says that planning ahead is a white characteristic and it is racist to assume that minorities will do the same. This reminds me of the professor from a predominately black college in Atlanta who, many years ago, said that the use of logic in an argument was racist. There seems to be no end to this nonsense.
Back to the California schools, Singleton preaches the ubiquity of white privilege and race. He previously made this statement on the topic that California is currently facing: "White teachers (and minority teachers co-opted into the white power structure) stymie black and Hispanic students because they fail to understand their cultures and how daily racial oppression affects their outlook. They also push a curriculum tooled for whites, and are ignorant of the special ways that blacks and Hispanics communicate."
Now, it would seem that Mr. Singleton himself is in need of diversity training because black and hispanic activists don't always seem to see eye to eye. Here is an example from the Dallas school board:
A long and, at times, tedious Dallas school board meeting jolted to life Thursday when trustee Ron Price engaged in a harshly worded outburst that accused Hispanic trustees of targeting programs created to aid black students.
The tirade was a rare public showing of a racial divide that's been simmering among some board members for months. Over the last year, board members have split largely along racial lines over amounts of money each board member gets for personal projects, whether principals should be required to speak Spanish, and whether minorities were targeted for layoffs in a recent district reorganization...
Mr. Price's comments came as the board engaged in a long discussion about the value of the district's learning centers – small and relatively expensive school programs the district created as a condition of its release from a federal segregation order.
"It takes a lot to piss me off," Mr. Price said, his voice rising. "But I don't like the tone I hear around here. I've yet to see an African-American trustee question [a program that benefits Hispanics], but any time it's something that helps African-American children, it comes under question and smartass comments." ...
His comments came during a report to the board on the academic performance of the district's 16 learning centers. Some board members had asked whether the centers were providing results, given that they receive a total of nearly $15 million in extra resources. The report showed that, on average, the learning centers don't produce better student test scores than regular schools.
"This is something we need to look at," said trustee Nancy Bingham. "I just wonder if we're using our money wisely."
Similar comments were voiced by two other trustees, including Jerome Garza, who wondered whether a recent drop in learning center test scores might be related to a district crackdown on cheating...
"We're not wanted here; maybe we should move out of this school district," Mr. Price said, his voice rising while gathering up his papers. "If we need to leave, then let's leave." ...
What about Mr. Price's suggestion that the black trustees investigate seceding their voting districts from DISD?
"That would be interesting," Dr. Blackburn [another black trustee] said.
SAN DIEGO – Only 28 of the hundreds of San Diego eighth-graders who failed to meet middle school graduation criteria were kept from moving on to high school this year, according to a new report.
Under a policy adopted in January by San Diego Unified School District trustees, students who ended their eighth-grade year with two or more F's in math, English, history or science were supposed to be held back.
About 11 percent of eighth-graders, or 856 students, fell into this category as of June, according to the report that district staff members presented to the school board yesterday.
Most of those students – 97 percent – were not held back because their parents took advantage of a provision in the policy and filed appeals allowing their children to move on. Many of the students – nearly 230 – did not bother to attend summer school to make up failed classes before entering ninth grade....
The board developed the policy to crack down on social promotion – the practice of passing students to the next grade even when they are academically underprepared.
Trustees built into the policy the option for parents to appeal recommendations to hold back their children.
Not all agree that the best way to help struggling students is to retain them. Superintendent Carl Cohn had openly expressed concerns that holding students back may hurt more than help and contribute to dropouts.
Those unfamiliar with the government school industry might be inclined to think that Superintendent Cohn has some superstitious belief that children will magically absorb knowledge just by staying in school, even if they are demonstrably learning nothing.
Readers of The Continuing Collapse understand, however, that Cohn's nonsensical argument in favor of social promotion is just a smokescreen to cover his pursuit of his real interest. If social promotion reduces dropouts, it also helps maintain his budget. Dropouts mean lost funding. That's all this is.
In the wake of the passage of SB 777 and related legislation, Eagle Forum of California gives parents good advice:
Orlean Koehle, State President of Eagle Forum of California, and a teacher in the public schools in Santa Rosa, CA., is outraged by the recent signing into law (late Friday, October 12), by Governor Schwarzenegger of four pro-homosexual bills. 
Koehle states, “The governor speaks with ‘forked tongue.’ 
On one side he is supposedly protecting traditional marriage.  On the other side he signs into law SB 777, a pro-homosexual bill that will demand a redefinition of marriage, of parents and of what a family is. Anything that could be labeled “discriminatory” against gays, lesbians, and transgender youth will have to be rewritten or changed.”

In the words of the bill,  SB 777 would amend the Education code so “no teacher instruction” and no “school activity,” could “reflect” or “promote” a “discriminatory bias against any person… who is homosexual, bisexual or transgender. 
A textbook or a teacher’s instruction that mentions father and mother or husband and wife, or that your gender is determined at birth, could be considered discriminatory and the words will have to be changed or eliminated.

Because the words “school activity” is also included in the language of the bill, that could mean the elimination of homecoming king and queen, or a king and queen for any other dance, that could be called discriminatory.  Unless, of course, there could be also be included “a king and king” and “queen and queen.”
People are also very concerned because of the word “transgender” and how that is interpreted - to include cross-dressing and sex changes – as well as perceived sexual orientation.  Thus if a boy is having a transgender day and decides to come to school dressed as a girl, it is only right that he should have full use of the girl’s bathroom and locker room, otherwise he would be discriminated against.  Such are the words of the informational document published by the Gay-Straight Alliance Network and the Transgender Law Center: “If you want to use a restroom that matches your gender identity…you should be allowed to do so.” 
Whenever students are divided up into boys and girls, you should be allowed to join the group or participate in the program that matches your gender identity as much as possible.”
Koehle states, “How scary would that be for young girls to have some strange boy, dressed as a girl, to  come into their restroom or locker room because he feels ‘more inclined to be a girl for that day.’ And what a nice excuse for some pervert or “peeking Tom” to gain access to a girl’s locker room to stare at young girls changing in and out of their PE clothes.” 

The governor also signed into law AB 394, a bill that calls for “anti-harrassment” training for all teachers, demands monitoring of what is being taught in every school and withholding of state funds for any school that does not go along with the prescribed agenda.”  Any teacher who has anything unfavorable to express about the homosexual lifestyle, maybe even just the health risks of getting AIDS, would be silenced.

These bills would ban any Christian moral viewpoint contrary to the homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles.  They would demand that the lifestyle be portrayed as normal and acceptable. Not doing so would constitute a discriminatory bias and the teacher and the school would not get their funding from the state department of education.

The third pro-homosexual bill signed into law by the governor is AB 101, which essentially allows gay couples to share the same last name, bringing them one step closer to all the privileges of a married heterosexual couple.

The fourth bill (AB 14) prohibits state funding for any organization that tries to exclude or refuses to hire homosexuals.  This includes Churches, charities, private schools, day care centers, pre-schools, after school programs, food and housing programs, senior services, anti-gang effort, jobs programs, and hospitals, and non-profits.  Any group that receives state funding and refuses to go along with the pro-gay agenda and tries to exclude homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders from receiving services or seeking employment will have their funding cut and is grounds for a lawsuit...

What can students, parents and teachers do who object to these outrageous laws? 

Eagle Forum of California strongly advises that parents take a stand!  Let your principal and school board know how strongly you feel about these recent laws, and pull your children out of the public schools.  If there is a massive pullout, surely the schools will suffer so much, perhaps these laws can be rescinded by the state legislature....  
Please pass this information along to anyone you know in California.
[Hay muchos errores en las traducciones.]
It is interesting that parents don't recognize one of the most obvious hustles in the education world - the constant creation of new math textbooks.
In K-12 education, the math that needs to be taught hasn't changed in centuries. Moreover, there is no magic "learning strategy" that takes the place of the obvious and necessary strategy: memorizing math facts and doing lots of problems. Saxon Math and Singapore Math, for example, are quite adequate, and will continue to be adequate until the Second Coming because MATH DOESN'T CHANGE.
If this were recognized, however, it would cut into the revenues of the math textbook publishers. Consequently, the education establishment is happy to pretend that phony math fads represent something valuable that require textbook changes.
In fact, if one were to write the history of math education for the last 50 years, it would be a narrative of the educrats going from one failed math education fad to another. Good for the publishers, but very bad for children and society.
In this story we see that the new fad requiring new textbooks is the "need" to teach math in American schools in Spanish. Ay! Carrumba!
Sample copies of Texas elementary math textbooks for next fall contain more than 109,000 factual errors. While that sounds like a big number, it's not necessarily a big problem at this point in the process.
And it's not as if the publishers fouled up a ton of simple addition or subtraction problems, though there are some. One second-grade math book, for example, has 4 plus 7 equaling 10....
"The board has put such a rigorous process in place and a significant fine so there's an incentive for publishers to really do diligence and make sure that the final copy of subject material is error free," she said.
Many of the math book errors resulted in faulty translation from English to Spanish language textbooks, Givens said. Some of the student editions also improperly included answers to chapter quizzes.
"So every time there was an answer in the students' editions that shouldn't have been there, that's an error," Givens said.
The errors are spread out over 164 elementary math textbooks and online products that will be available for Texas schools to choose from next year. About 1.8 million Texas children attend elementary school this year.
Boston-based Houghton Mifflin Co. is responsible for 79 percent of the 109,263 factual errors in the math textbooks, including both student and teacher materials.
Isn't it rather cruel to call including answers to the chapter quizes "errors". Wouldn't it be better if we just called them a "self-esteem enhancement strategy"?
One of the arguments out highly trained education professionals use against any effort to break their funding monopoly is that private schools and parents won't be held "accountable" like they are.
The truth, however, is that government schools are never really held accountable for performance. If they were they would have been shuttered long ago. Moreover, when some effort is made to measure what our highly trained education professionals are accomplishing with hundreds of billions of tax dollars a year, the educrats inevitably whine, complain, and lie about measurement efforts.
In North Carolina, the educrats have again gotten the upper hand, as they always eventually do. A "Blue Ribbon Commission" is recommending that many tests be eliminated, most conspicuously the high school science and math exams.
No testing and reduced testing mean that North Carolina's highly trained education professionals will have an easier time concealing their educational malpractice.
Ah, the splendor of socialist schooling.
RALEIGH - A state commission agreed today on a draft report saying “there is too much time spent on testing” and that several exams should be eliminated or no longer counted in the state’s testing program.
The Blue Ribbon Commission on Testing and Accountability agreed to recommend to the state Board of Education that the fourth-, seventh- and 10th-grade writing tests and the eighth-grade computer skills tests be eliminated.
The commission also agreed that the number of end-of-course exams used to measure how high schools are doing in the state testing program be cut from 10 to five. They no longer want to count physics, physical science, chemistry, algebra II and geometry, which if adopted by the state could lead to those exams no longer being offered.
In addition, the commission is recommending not counting new science exams in fifth- and eighth-grades in the state’s testing program. The state is only offering the exams for the first time this school year to satisfy federal requirements...

A panel said $4.8 billion - a 28% hike - was required to remedy underfunding. Phila. would get $1 billion.

Pennsylvania is underfunding public education by $4.8 billion and it will take a 28 percent spending increase to remedy the problem, according to a study on school funding commissioned by the Pennsylvania legislature and released yesterday. http://www.philly.com/inquirer/education/20071115_Study__Pa__schools_need_cash.html

Here's a clue: You could give the entire US GDP to the Pennsylvania government schools, and most of the students would still not be able to find Chicago on a map.
AUSTIN – More than half of Texas' school districts have rejected an offer to participate in the state's new merit pay plan for teachers, leaving more money on the table for the 442 districts – including Dallas – that want a piece of the $148 million program...
Among the participants are most of the state's largest districts.
Under the state's criteria for the plan – which recommends a $3,000 bonus per teacher – there is enough money to reward nearly 50,000 teachers, one of every six in Texas, for improved test scores and other signs of student achievement...
Among the most vocal critics of the merit pay law are the state's teacher organizations, who have criticized the Legislature for setting up merit pay to avoid a more costly pay raise for all teachers. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnews/stories/DN-teacherpay_15tex.ART.North.Edition1.37483dc.html
WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) - Performance-based merit pay for teachers is a bad idea, Hillary Rodham Clinton told Iowa teachers on Monday. School uniforms for kids, however, is worth looking at.
Merit pay for teachers "could be demeaning and discouraging, and who would decide" who would receive it, she said in a meeting with teachers at Cunningham Elementary. "It would open a whole lot of problems."
Few sights are more risible these days than the antics of the school reformers. Any one capable of reasoning on the basis of evidence ought to conclude that school reform leaders are mostly people who somehow benefit from the school reform charade and that the people who respond to cries of "We're going to take our schools back!" are either simpletons or horribly addicted to the crack cocaine of "free" government daycare.
Well, here we go again. New York. A corrupt education establishment ousted. A 55% spending increase in 4 years. No results.
When Mayor Bloomberg took control of the city's schools, he made a solemn promise to raise student achievement and rein in a notoriously inefficient and money-wasting school system. In fact, in his January 2003 speech unveiling his administration's Children First reforms, the mayor suggested that the $12 billion then going to the schools was sufficient to bring about academic improvement. That's because he and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein were now going to "make sure we get the most value for the school system's dollar."
Five years later, we have new, unimpeachable data on the schools that allows us to assess whether the mayor's promise to deliver a much bigger education bang for the taxpayers' buck has been fulfilled.
The short answer: not by a longshot. First, let's examine the dollar side of the equation. The 2003 budget for the schools, Bloomberg's first, was $12.5 billion, including pension costs and debt service. About $1.2 billion of this total came from federal education funds, another $5.6 billion from the state, and $5.6 billion from direct city contributions. The current budget, including pension and debt service, stands at $19.7 billion. This represents an increase of $7 billion - more than 50% - in total education spending in five years...
The reality is that $7 billion in extra education spending has so far produced only pennies' worth of academic improvement in most grades. The sooner we all face up to that bottom line, the sooner we can start speaking honestly about how to remedy the situation.
Europeans have been much slower than America's highly trained education professionals to drug schoolchildren with psychotropic drugs. Although big pharma has made progress in Britain in recent years, Brits continue to be skeptical: 
The cost of pills given to children for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is set to spiral to £101 million by 2012, sparking fears that drugs could be used as an easy way of settling unruly youngsters, according to a report published today...
Dr Tim Kendall, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: "Just because a child is hyperactive it doesn't necessarily mean they need treatment."
For those who would like the more advanced course on how Big Pharma manufactures demand for its products: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/20851
One of the most insidious developments in government schooling is the "virtual charter" and government school-at-home programs. These have been deliberately designed to cause families to stop real homeschooling and rejoin the government system. This means not only that the government is back in control of the curriculum and the children, but the children also serve as highly profitable revenue units for the government schools. Why do parents do it? A free computer, free curriculum, maybe a few dollars. In all, less than a mess of pottage.
In Edmonds, Washington, Quisling homeschoolers got their comeuppance. The Edmonds "high school alternative school" (the ever-so-special government high school for druggies, violent students, and other assorted criminals in training) was co-located on the same campus as the Edmonds Homeschool Resource Center for the elementary and middle school homeschooling program.
The "homeschool" parents were upset. Apparently, for some of them, this wasn't exactly the socialization they had in mind for their children:
The home-school program in the Edmonds School District lost almost a quarter of its students over the past year in the wake of the district's decision to relocate its alternative high school to the same campus as the Edmonds Home-School Resource Center.
According to district figures, enrollment fell from 498 in October 2006 to 381 when school started this past September at the Edmonds Homeschool Resource Center, which provides classes and support to families who primarily educate their children at home...
"They voted with their feet. They felt fear and they felt betrayed," said Anne-Marie Lake, a parent who elected to keep her two children enrolled in the home-school program...
Last year, the district announced plans to relocate Scriber Lake High School for at least two years to the former Woodway High School campus in South Edmonds...
Parents at the home-school center held angry meetings last fall and went before the School Board to protest plans to share a campus with the alternative high school. They cited police calls to the alternative school that included two incidents involving weapons and five involving drugs. One family unsuccessfully sued the district, saying it hadn't adequately notified parents about the proposed move...
The security officer, Fred Bonallo, said it's appropriate to shelter elementary students at the home-school center from high-school kids' "language and craziness." He said he also relies on nearby merchants to let him know if Scriber students are out of line when they leave the campus.
Scriber students say they're aware of the controversy and the perceptions of alternative-high-school students as dropouts and drug users.
So, the Quisling parents are now going to have their children socialized by the most sociopathic element of the local government schools. Will the magic word "homeschooling" act as a talisman to protect their children from their own folly? Of course not. Here is what one of the "homeschooled" children had to say about the prospect of rubbing elbows with the FDDA (Future Drug Dealers of America):
"They're kids like us. If we could hang out with them, that would be cool," said Garrett Spesock, an eighth-grader in the home-school program.
There is foolishness bound up in the heart of a child...
[No, it's just a journalist who somehow manged to procreate]
One of the journalists writing for one of America's most prestigious papers removes all doubt. He's a twit... (the G-Rated nature of The Continuing Collapse prevents me from saying more).
Last month, a boy asked my 16-year-old daughter to his school's homecoming dance. She agreed to go, bought a new dress and made a hairdresser appointment.
The boy never bought tickets to the dance. Neither did his friends. They decided that attending homecoming wouldn't be cool, and instead planned to just dress up that night, go out for dinner and then hang out with their dates at someone's house.
My daughter was disappointed, as were her girlfriends. They would have loved to have been taken to the dance, to show off their dresses, to see and be seen.
At 6 p.m. on the night of the boycotted dance, about a dozen of these girls and their dates gathered in one boy's backyard so a mob of parents could photograph them. I found it dispiriting.
My heart went out to those girls -- all dressed up with no place to go. Couldn't we, as parents, have demanded that the boys take our daughters to the dance? Why did we stand there, clicking our digital cameras, saying nothing?
I live in suburban Detroit, but this phenomenon is playing out elsewhere in the country, too -- a telling example of the indifference with which young people today view dating, chivalry and romance.
Studies, of course, show more young people skipping romantic relationships in favor of "hooking up." As teens socialize in packs, forgo one-on-one dating and trade sex nonchalantly, it is no stretch to find that boys are asking girls to homecoming and not bothering to take them there.
"Why did we stand there, clicking our digital cameras, saying nothing?"
Well, let's see...could it be because these "fathers" are a gaggle of sissy-boys? T'is a pity that so many girls don't have men for fathers.
A Jefferson County Board of Education committee recommended yesterday that the district's harassment and employment policies be expanded to protect gay and lesbian employees, but not transgender workers.
The 2-1 vote will bring the policy changes before the full school board for approval at its Nov. 26 meeting.
The committee had been asked by the Fairness Campaign of Louisville, as well as by several gay, lesbian and transgender employees, to include both sexual orientation and transgender status in the district's employment and harassment policies.
Transgender includes transsexuals, cross-dressers and others whose appearance does not match their birth gender.
"This has been a big issue for a very long time," said board member Debbie Wesslund, chairwoman of the committee. "We decided to include sexual orientation at this time, but decided to hold off on making a decision about transgender because, as of right now, gender identification is both a new and broad definition."
The district already forbids recruitment or employment discrimination because of age, color, creed, disability, marital or parental status, national origin, race, sex, veteran status or political affiliation. The policy changes would also protect religious affiliation...
The boardroom was filled with supporters, who held up signs supporting "Gender Identity," and opponents, who raised signs that said, "No Special Rights -- Protect Children From Confusion."
Mike Slaton, organizer of the Fairness Campaign, said he is happy the committee voted to approve sexual orientation, but had hoped transgender employees also would be included.
Prospective transgendered Louisville school employees need not despair. I'm sure the school board is just waiting for parents to get used to the influx of sodomite school employees before they cave in to the demands of the "transgendereds".
There will be no money to bail out school districts if a few California parents will just rescue their children...
SACRAMENTO -- Saying spending is poised to grow more than 50% faster than revenues, the state's chief budget analyst called on lawmakers Wednesday to immediately begin cutting government programs or raising taxes to address a budget shortfall that has ballooned to $10 billion.

Nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Elizabeth G. Hill, whom lawmakers of both parties look to for guidance on fiscal matters, said the cooling housing market, high energy prices and a batch of overly optimistic assumptions in the last budget are hitting state coffers hard.

"The Legislature should start now" curbing spending and finding new revenue, she said. "All the easy solutions are gone."
OK. You know mainstream journalists lie. In fact, you suspect that they love doing it. But sometimes it is hard to believe just how brazen they are about it until you see it with your own eyes.
Below, CNN has been caught in flagrante delecto - as one wag put it, "with its pants around its ankles".

"The other night, CNN ran a special report “Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling,”.

During the program, they interviewed John Cena, WWE champion and asked him if he had ever taken steroids.

Watch video one.. the one presented in the program by CNN.

Then watch video two.. the unedited one."

What was your impression regarding Cena's use of steroids after that clip?
Now, here is what he really said.
And now for our double feature: "The Night of the Living Democrats" and "Miss Teen South Carolina Calls 911":
1. Feel free to circulate The Continuing Collapse.
2. If you aren't hearing about at least some these government school problems from your pastor, why is he your pastor?
“Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm – but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.” T.S. Eliot

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