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What's a Dangan?

[COMMENT:  This email below came from a friend.  I had been writing about this systematic control of our minds by government over ten years ago.  The information is collected largely through the pseudo-public and pseudo-education system.  The government has no right or business to be collecting information like that.  Only a totalitarian mindset would do such a thing.  It could only have gotten worse since then because the population refuses to believe it is happening.  See Education library, "Government Control" section.

Our government has long ago sold out America to forces which can be described only as evil.  And the PR program is so good that Americans are oblivious.  Eakman and Iserbyt (see below) woke me up.  The government probably knows how may teeth you still have, and how many fillings in them.  I kid you not. 

We are just "human capital" to the globalist state.  That is why we hear of "human resources" departments in commerce, etc.  We are resources for the economy, not human beings with infinite worth before God. 

But more and more are catching on.  As I said in a recent sermon, "There is no force on earth, no totalitarianism, no mind-control, no misguided religion or government which can stand against an intellectually, morally, and spiritually mature Judeo-Christian community."  The totalitarians fear nothing more than a renewed Christendom.  Our problem is getting Christians to be faithful, obedience, and courageous enough to be used by God.     E. Fox]

I just quickly found some great info on the "DANGAN" by googling "Dangan"
plus "Gatto," "Cuddy" or "Brannon Howse."   They all say this--it's a
personnel file exposing every student's intimate life history from birth
through school (and beyond?); In communist China the file is called a Dangan
and describes the values of the individual (human capital) to the state.
It's called a "Chinese universal tracking procedure."  A poll on the
Tuscaloosa newspaper's website will show 1/3 of voters disapprove and 2/3
want the unique student identifier. 

Beverly Eakman and Charlotte Iserbyt were two of the first of the leading
authors who covered this in the late 1990's in their books.  I also remember
Anita Hoge discussed this in Womb to Tomb and referred to the SPEEDEExpress,
which is still being used in some states, according to what I have seen.
Three years ago when Ala. voted to implement the "state accountibility plan"
with the "unique student identifier," I could not get anyone excited about
this.  I was told that FERPA would take care of all potential problems and
that we were okay as long as there was not a "key" to connect different
databases.  So, am I being paranoid or a "worrywart?  If not, how do I
explain this so people will contact their other board members and the
governor to say not to vote for this?

  Obviously those who voted on-line with the Tuscaloosa News (2/3 approved)
either like having their children tracked and privacy destroyed or else they
just don't understand what this means.

Anyone know the status of "the unique student identifier" process in other



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