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Why Students "Drop Out"...
Clinical Depression... or Philosophical Depression

[COMMENT:   Speaks for itself....  Dysfunctional societies breed dysfunctional citizens.  Societies which promote a warped worldview, such a secular materialism will breed citizens who have little or no hope about their lives.  Philosophical depression is different from psychological depression, and is caused by thinking that one lives in a cosmos in which there is no meaning, no good ending, no reason for the stupidity and ugliness, no light at the end of the tunnel.  Only the Biblical Gospel is a secure antidote for this.  

Some people think life was always like this.  These conditions would have been unthinkable in my childhood. The loss of moral consensus in a  society leads always to moral chaos and toward a social nervous breakdown.  We are in the midst of that right now.   E. Fox]

Trying to get an education in the L.A. public schools is starting to feel a lot like attending class at the O.K. Corral.
A survey of 6,008 South Los Angeles high school students shows that many are frightened by violence in school, deeply dissatisfied with their choices of college preparatory classes, and -- perhaps most striking -- exhibit symptoms of clinical depression.

"A lot of students are depressed because of the conditions in their school," said Anna Exiga, a junior at Jordan High School who was one of the organizers of the survey. "They see that their school is failing them, their teachers are failing them, there's racial tension and gang violence, and also many feel that their schools are not schools -- their schools look more like prisons."....
In fact, the student organizers said they don't like to use the word "dropout" to describe their many peers who leave school. They prefer "pushout," because they believe the school system is pushing students to fail....
Cheryl Grills, a professor of clinical psychology at Loyola Marymount, said that she was struck by how many students volunteered answers to one question about why they sometimes skip school. More than half hinted at depression, saying they were tired, had trouble sleeping, felt helpless or hopeless, were bored or felt lazy, among other responses.

She compared those responses to the symptoms of clinical depression from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. "Much to my horror and shock, they almost completely matched up," she said.

That led her to conduct a follow-up survey among 52 students. Of them, 67% reported that they had "felt sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks or more," and had "stopped doing some of their usual activities" as a result.

"That's clinical levels of depression," she said....


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