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See How To Counter Group Manipulation Tactics

[COMMENT:  The items below are from Beverly Eakman's website.  She has been on the trail of mind-control in education (and other areas) for well over a decade, and is a good researcher and writer. 

Her book, Educating for the New World Order, put me onto this dimension of mind-control by globalists who had gotten control of the American government.  It is the story of Anita Hoge who lived in southeastern Pennsylvania, near Ambridge where I lived from 1991-98.  Anita Hoge rang the bell on illegal psychological intrusion by both the state and federal depts. of education using psychologically intrusive questions on school tests, and won her case in court

The depts. of ed. changed the name of their policies and tests, and went right on doing what they had been doing.  Nothing has changed.  It will not change until Americans wake up to the fact that we are consistently being lied to by our "governors".  Unless we take action, we will be slaves on their plantation.  To a great degree, we are already slaves, we just do not know it because they have sold our slavery as necessary for our welfare.  Right. 

The book, Educating for the New World Order (yes, our globalist friends again), was replaced by Cloning of the American Mind, and now followed up by Walking Targets which has just come on the scene (see below). 

If you have any doubts about, or want to get information on, government mind-control through education, Beverly Eakman's website is the place to go.    

See also my Dialogue in Darkness - a study in mind-control in the sexuality dialogues of the Episcopal Church (and others).  Nothing has changed.   See also at the bottom of the page, other articles on the Road to Emmaus concerning Eakman.   E. Fox]

The following is from Eakman's website.  A good place to start is her "Position Statement": 




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    My seminar/workshop manual is now available: "How To Counter Group Manipulation Tactics." Non-participant cost: $16 + $4.60 postage and handling. Make personal check or United States Post Office (only) money order out to: B. K. Eakman. Mail to me at PO Box 675, Kensington, MD 20895 or send a fax to my office at 301/946-2412.

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    Items on the Road to Emmaus by or concerning Eakman:

    ** On Eakman's seminar/workshop manual (see above), see also Dialogue in Darkness

    ** Have We Lost the Culture War?  -- E Fox commentary on article by Beverly Eakman 

    Catch It If You Can -- Beverley Eakman -- on the control mechanisms and privacy invasion in our government-run schools and elsewhere.  

    Crime, Chaos, & Control: the Legacies of Liberalism -- Beverley Eakman -- the evil logic of pseudo-liberalism, which feels sorry for the criminal and criminalizes the population. 

    WALKING TARGETS: How our Psychologized Classromms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks --  new book by Beverly Eakman on government mind-control in the school room. 

    Education's Armageddon - Beverly Eakman -  IF you think education has improved (as of Nov. 2011) with the massive amounts of money thrown at it, and the massive amounts of time spent in school seats, think again.  NOTHING has improved substantially, and most things have improve not at all.  The break date was 1962 with the Supreme Court decision, Engel vs. Vitale, illegally outlawing prayer in schools.    SAT scores began plummeting, and have not regained their ground.  Get your children OUT of government run schools!     This kind of education is treason -- if a foreign power had done this to us, we would consider it an act of war....  Bureaucrats do NOT love your children.  You do.    E. Fox  

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