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How Our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks

by Beverly Eakman

[COMMENT:   An email from a colleague whose scholarship and dedication to the truth in public (government-coerced) education has been a blessing to me.  

Get the book and read it.  We MUST get our children out from under the mind-control efforts of our government.  Their minds are being destroyed and their wills captivated.  If you love your children and respect the truth, you will seriously look into this.    E. Fox]

Dear Colleague and Education Advocate/Activist:

You are receiving this note because you e-mailed me awhile back asking to be placed on my mailing list, or otherwise alerted, in the event I published another book. Your e-mail may also have responded to one of my columns on some education or parent-advocacy position that I outlined at the time. So, I am contacting you personally, instead of through my publicist, since you were so kind as to take your precious time to convey your opinions and experiences to me.
I am happy to report that my fourth book is rolling off the presses as I write this. It is entitled WALKING TARGETS: How Our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks, published by Midnight Whistler Publishers. The title pretty much speaks for itself. It picks up where my previous book left off (Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education, now considered “the classic” on education policy), and shows just how much of what I predicted in 1998 has already occurred.
As you may be aware, data-mining is presented to the public as strictly for security purposes.  Not exactly:  These screening instruments, which I first exposed as “psychographics,” are calculated to predict attitudes through invasive surveys and questionnaires masquerading as “tests” and, if possible, to modify opinions early on via left-wing school curriculum, “enrichment” activities and textbooks.
In 2003, the Education Department, among others, continued to deny that it was collecting, sharing and storing psychological (“politically sensitive”) data on schoolchildren and families.  Today, federal agencies actually brag about their data-collection activities — the same psychological evaluations and lesson plans I described in my 1998 book. With new legislation recently passed, there is nothing now to stop these assessments of political correctness, under the cover of "mental health," from landing on the desktops of company executives, law enforcement agencies or university admissions officers. This gives new meaning to the term "career screening," and it can prevent your child, whatever his or her grades, from aspiring to a position of leadership or influence.
With the election year in full swing, I wanted you to be among the first to know about this book and get your copy. A few reviewers and talk show hosts apparently already have gotten wind of it and have requested interviews. Consequently, I am sending this e-mail now to individuals like you who have expressed an interest in my work, before my schedule precludes my doing so.
Thank you again for your previous e-mails and letters of support. Feel free to forward this message to people you know. As the Honorable Samuel Rohrer, Pennsylvania House of Representatives commented:

“Beverly Eakman has opened doors to truth once again. No one has conducted more thorough research exposing that broad attack on our children than Bev. Walking Targets is a must-read for every parent, educator, and public policy analyst.”

You can order a copy today directly from the printer at www.lulu.com/midnightwhistler for $24.95, plus shipping and handling. It will soon be available via all the usual outlets, but this link is quicker.

I hope you are motivated by Walking Targets to save what is left of the freedoms that previous generations of Americans once took for granted.


Beverly K. Eakman

Author, Columnist and Lecturer


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