Montgomery County School Board
Earle Fox Testimony

[NOTE: the following was an email sent out to report on the event.  My testimony here was similar to that given at the consecration of Gene Robinson.  E. Fox]


Fellow Christians,

The school board event went as well as could be expected. The presenters are lined up like robots, given two minutes, and then promptly dismissed. No discussion, no questions. Talk and walk.

There was a TV monitor there which was not on, but I learned that it was televised, by PBS, I think, and will be aired locally numerous times over the next month. My speech is below, and should provoke some commentary. We shall see.

There was high school student on the board, who is, I am told, homosexual, and very much supportive of that agenda. There may not be anyone at all on the contrary side. But they were polite, within the constraints of the above.

Before the public was allowed their two minutes each, they had a couple of dog and pony shows concerning some of their pet projects, like food for the hungry, and a mentor's program for black boys. These folks had plenty of time to tell their stories, etc.

All of which had little to do with honest education -- not that such things should not happen, but welfare is not the business of the school system -- especially one which cannot educate its students to think their way out of a wet paper bag. It was a good example of the school system being merged with the rest of the welfare system.  (Well, public education is welfare education.)  It provides a powerful tool for the government to control the lives of its citizens. A sad story in many more ways than just the homosexual nonsense.

So the board is interested in subjects over which they have control. They are not interested in being challenged and show little respect for the public. As with most such meetings, they are good at control, not at real dialogue. I was not the only one questioning some aspect of their program. But there was no hint of anyone being interested in listening to any of us. We did each give them a printout of our comments, so perhaps some of them will read the material.

There is a "health" something-or-other committee which has two members who are "on our side" of the homosexual issue, which reports to the school board. Regina and PFOX is involved in this. I am hoping to get some of the churches mobilized, as I attend a prayer group of clergy in Silver Spring (in Montgomery county) once a month. Pray that these clergy will move off dead center and get activated to protect their children.

With our Virginia legislators and this arena in Maryland opening up, the Lord may be about to do something that will wake up the troops. Let's keep these things in our prayers. For our own wisdom and courage and persistence.


To the Montgomery County School Board:

I am Earle Fox, an Episcopal priest, and have worked since 1989 with people coming out of the homosexual lifestyle. Thank you for this chance to speak

It is wrong to judge persons, but every law is a requirement to judge some behavior. It would be reasonable, therefore, to inquire into homosexual behavior.

Research on homosexual behavior is in substantial agreement from both sides of the fence. The following figures come from perhaps the largest (850 pp.) study on the subject, The Gay Report, by Karla Jay and AllenYoung, two homosexual researchers. They report that:

For males, almost all engage in oral sex (p. 456). Approximately 85% engage in anal sex (p. 464). 70% engage in "rimming", touching the anus of one's partner with one's tongue (p. 491). 18% engage in "fisting", inserting one's fist into the rectum of the partner (p. 555). 14% engage in "golden showers", urinating on each other (p 555). 2% engage in "scat", the eating of feces, and in "mud rolling", rolling on the floor where feces have been deposited.

Note that in Massachusetts public schools, fisting is being taught to students as young as 14.

The consequences are devastating. Persons active in the homosexual lifestyle lose 30% - 40% of the average American mid-70's lifespan. When warned against the lethal dangers, homosexual persons typically continue their behavior. The HIV rate went up over 17% just last year. These facts indicate that homosexuality is a compulsive, lethal addiction.

Both reason and compassion would say: students should not be encouraged to engage in such behavior. Promoting such behavior amounts to criminal sexual abuse of children. [At this point, my two minutes ran out and I was cut off, but they all received printed copies.]  I trust that the School Board will check my figures and make appropriate decisions.

Thank you for, in a very difficult situation, listening.


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