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        [COMMENT: The drift toward UN control of worldwide education is one of, if not the most dangerous, of trends afloat today.  It is far more scary, over the long run, than the radical Muslim threat. 

        It comes from the same control mentality that spawned our own American public education system (which is neither education nor public).  The only thing which can turn this around is a renewal of Biblical sacramental spirituality, Biblical creation theology, and Biblical politics.   They all go together. 

        If you doubt my assessment of the origins of American government-controlled education, read Is Public Education Necessary?  and  NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education by Samuel Blumenfeld.  I know of no substantial response to his assertions that the public education system was meant, right from the beginning, not to educate children, but to control them, to turn them, not into freely educated adults, but into controllable workers for industrial tycoons and/or socialist-minded folks, such as John Dewey.  Why else would the whole idea have been inspired by the most militaristic, over-controlled nation in the world at that time, Prussia (remember the Junkers?)? 

        American public schools are not dysfunctional, they have done their job extremely well -- dumbing down students so that they can no longer reason for themselves.  That is an epidemic in America today (and all over the West -- look at France and the rest of Europe).  Honest education is always a threat to those who think they know how to run everyone else's life.  On that score, there is no difference between religion and politics.  

        Two principles are important:  (1) the principle of subsidiarity, that government should be put at the most local level possible, not top down, but bottom up -- the people tell the government what to do, not vice-versa; and (2) the principle of the separation of powers, that he who holds the gun of enforcement (executive power) should not decide how the gun will be used.  Government should never be in control of education because education is inherently on the "deciding" side of the fence.  Government should never control the electors, which is does when it controls education.  Mind-control. 

        The philosophy in schools today will be the philosophy in government tomorrow (Abe Lincoln?).  So, when government controls education, the philosophy in government is locked into a closed circuit, and education will be structured and guided to keep the present government in power.  Government control of education prevents new or contrary ideas from fertilizing the educational or political ground.  He who controls education controls the future -- as every tyrant knows.  Why do Christians not know it???  The process is well down the road -- because Christians have fallen asleep in the socialist poppy fields. 

        This globalist/UN intrusion goes back several decades (actually back to the early 1800's in Europe and America), but more recently, to a conference held in the late 1980's somewhere in Southeast Asia, under the auspices of UNESCO, same outfit mentioned in the article below.  It was an attempt to pull all UN members (and eventually the world) under one educational umbrella and philosophy. 

        The representatives from the UNESCO conference returned to their respective countries to implement the policies developed there.    Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, chaired the American version of the preceding UNESCO conference (probably helped get him the democratic nomination).  At Clinton's conference, the UNESCO education philosophy was handed down to governors and state department of education officials. 

        So the sluiceway goes from the UN to our Federal Department of Education, and then by funding incentives into the State Departments of Education.  At no point is there local input.  This evil education philosophy is buying out our state departments of education with funds taxed (essentially stolen through an iniquitous tax system) from the people themselves to enslave those very people.  We are paying for our own captivity. 

        The illusion is created, however, through manipulation of local meetings that the local people are actually participating in the decision-making.  The process used is called "dialogue to consensus" or the "Delphi" technique, a sneaky way of fooling attendees into believing that they are making the decisions.  Pseudo-liberals use it everywhere, especially in the Church.  It is a lie from top to bottom.  There is no local control.  The program is already decided and being imposed by the same kinds of mind-control techniques that were used by Mao Tse Tung in China to control his own people.  We are being persuaded to vote ourselves into a tyranny -- from which we cannot vote ourselves out. 

        (This is discussed more fully in Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?  The homosexual agenda is part of this nonsense.  See index on 'brainwashing' and 'education'.)  

        The Bush administration is clue-less about this matter, as has been every preceding president.  We Christians will either do our homework, or find ourselves under a 1984 tyranny worldwide. 

        The UN is inherently anti-democratic, anti-Christ, and anti-American.  (See UN Charter of Rights.)  It thinks from the top down, not from the bottom up.  It rejects the law and grace of God, putting itself in the place of God as the Ultimate Decider of Right and Wrong.  That is always a prescription for tyranny. 

        God in Jesus comes in at the bottom (Incarnation) and works upward.  Caesar works by manipulation or by forced from the top down to control the bottom.  Bill Gates has, sadly, joined Caesar.  Jesus started with 12 and took over the Roman Empire.  We can do the same with the Globalists. 

        But the only thing which can turn this tide of corruption is a major spiritual renewal in America (and elsewhere) among Biblical folks to restore our intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility.  Everything else will be just more of the problem.  Until the bottom-up base is changed, nothing much will change.  But if that changes, everything else will change.

        Christians MUST learn to speak out loud in public about God -- truthfully and gracefully, and with absolute persistence and at any cost to ourselves.  God will have it no other way, so we might as well get crackin'.  And protect  your children and grandchildren by getting them out of "public schooling".  

        See Free Market Education....  and Education Library E. Fox]

On August 23, 2005 Governor Kempthorne, the State Board of Education, representatives from the National Governors Association, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Microsoft), and the US, Department of Education launched their plan for Education Reform in the State of Idaho. Citizens should be concerned when a major education reform program, which has national and international implications, is once again presented to the State of Idaho, ostensibly as an Idaho program.

Following this meeting, as required by state code, six public hearings on the proposal were held throughout the state. Public opposition was overwhelming. This resulted in the State Board of Education making several needed changes in the program. All of theses changes were welcomed. Unfortunately, not one of these changes hit at the “heart” of the problem.

Statement of the Problem

  • The State Board of Education is entering into an agreement with Microsoft that threatens state and local control of the schools of Idaho.

  • Microsoft, under the leadership of Bill Gates, operates under a Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO. This agreement gives UNESCO educational control over teacher training, curriculum, and assessments—all to meet the goals of UNESCO in every country and community in the world.

  • The basis for these alarming statements come from two sources:

    1. On November 17, 2004, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, a twenty-six page Cooperative Agreement was signed by the Director General of UNESCO and Microsoft, in which Bill Gates’ handwritten initials appear on the pages of the agreement. (A copy of the agreement can be found on the web:

    /b7f2222250ce9411b5420c2b296e28adUNESCO+MS+Agreement.pdf. Microsoft has locked out the capability to print this PDF file, but FWR has a printed copy of the agreement, now available upon request).

    2. Following the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between UNESCO and Microsoft, UNESCO Director General Koichiro made a speech in which he explains the agreement. The following are selected quotes from his address: “UNESCO and Bill Gates signed a Cooperative Agreement that gives an opportunity for UNESCO to put into practice the international strategic partnership advocated by the United Nations to bridge the digital divide.” “The agreement defines eight areas in which UNESCO and Microsoft will work together.” Area 6 is, “fostering web-based communities of practice including content development and worldwide curricula (underline added), reflecting UNESCO values.” (See ABC news article: Gates and UNESCO: ).

    [Bold face added to quotes. E. Fox]

    F. Willard Robinson, Ed. D.

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