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The Underground History of American Education

John Taylor Gatto

[COMMENT:   This is not a review of Gatto's book, just a quote from it.  But I want to draw attention to it.  Every American concerned about the future of America needs to read this book.  For more info, Google the title.  Also, see other references to Gatto, Charlotte Iserbyt, and Anita Hoge,  in the Education Library.  And also the Beverly Eakman Page

As the writers noted above have shown, these terribly destructive education takeovers began with the first peep of government control of education in early America, but got going in earnest in the 1960's with the Fed. Dept. of Ed. led by Globalist treason. 

If a foreign power had done this to the US, we would have considered it an act of war.  Why sit we here idle?  Read Patrick Henry's speech.  E. Fox]

The following is quoted from The Underground History of American Education, on the trampling of the freemarket of ideas and just about every other form of freedom in America. 

From p. 352:

Local schools and school boards began to behave as foreign intelligence bodies planted in the cells of a host creature, parasitic growth on a local life, remote-controlled from state and federal offices which dissolved local integrity by overriding its imperatives.  Managers of this simulated "local" schooling descended on towns out of Stanford, Chicago, or Columbia Teachers almost on a status and income level with the ranking local leadership.  As the century wore on, even the lowliest pedagogues were surprised to find themselves near the top of local wage scales. 

By the 1970s, schools were plunged headlong into a political campaign to redefine national purpose as international purpose, and to formally redefine Democracy as the ritual democracy allowed by the democratic elites.  Control of schooling by then was so dispersed that power could hardly be located at all in the hands of local administrators and school boards.  The world designed by Plato and Thomas Hobbes had become reality.  If you could not locate power you could not tamper with it.  Local control passed into the realm of fiction as distantly prepared instruction entered schooling from state and federal agencies; the inner reality was that it had not been prepared even there but in colleges, foundations, and corporations and also -- a noteworthy new development -- in the offices of various United Nations agencies.  [Note: For information on the Globalist/Internationalist takeover of education, see America 2000 / Goals 2000 - Moving the Nation Educationally to a "New World Order", by James R. Patrick, a 400+ page documentary of Globalist control of education.  Probably out of print, but you may find a used copy somewhere.] 

The Great Transformation

One of the finest academic studies of the origins of our time and its economic antecedents is Karl Polanyi's The Great Transformation, Published in 1944, it has been kept in print ever since.  Polanyi's explosive conclusion states unflinchingly that we must now become "resigned to the reality of the end of our liberty."  How die he figure this out in 1944?  By extrapolation from the track of modern history which he regarded as unidirectional and which teaches us that the end of liberty is "a necessary evil."  At the end of his book, Polanyi offers a perfect pubic relations solution to the anguish of losing freedom.  By cleverly redefining the word to mean "a collective thing," the loss of liberty will not hurt so much, he says.  This kind of therapeutic Newspeak has been a dominant element in national life for most of the t23ntieth century, infecting every schoolroom.  Professional manipulation of attitudes by control of language and images, once the stock in trade of a few men of bad character like Edward L. Benays, is a common tool of leadership.  Polanyi's wish for us to be deluded (in our best interests) has become the daily bread of everyone.

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Date Posted -  05/10/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012